Evernote Alternative – Top 5 List

Are you looking for a reliable Evernote Alternative which provides synced storage for all kinds of document, available everywhere, powerful searching, offline document writing, not limited to the number of documents you can sync., in-image text recognition (OCR) and collaboration/sharing features, where you do not need to

Demonoid Alternative – Top 5 List

This is a very popular torrent website and torrent tracker. It is one of the oldest torrent sites that was launched in the year 2003. As a result of its fame, demonoid has attracted many users and currently started experiencing slow loading and downtime. On a normal

Pandora Alternative – Top 5 List

Pandora is a time constant radio service that gives room for superb music in all ramifications. its enables the listener create a radio station, select artists or genre and a lot more other things including advertisements without subscription. Recently, the radio service has affected listeners on mobile

Installous Alternative – Top 7 List

Though Installous may have been long gone, but there are several Installous alternatives that are currently providing mobile users all over the world with millions of free apps. At a time when mobile apps are getting more complicated and pervasive every day, the outlined Installous alternative have

Thunderbird Alternative – Top 5 List

Thunderbird Alternative : Thunderbird is an email client and has alternatives that will suit one’s computer very well. Ever since Mozilla has stopped development on the thunderbird desktop, this software users have been rushing to thunderbird alternative that could still serve them well in a way that

Skype Alternative – Top 5 List

Skype Alternative : Skype is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application that has got so many users. This is because this software has enhanced communication by allowing free calls via the internet. Irrespective of one’s location Skype has remained an interesting tool for communication, because of its

Hotspot Shield Alternative – Top 5 List

Hotspot Shield Alternative : If you have always desired the best and most reliable VPN software solutions that will protect you against online identity thefts, secure your web sessions, hide your IP address, as well as secure your access to web contents without any kind of censorship, here

JDownloader Alternative – Top 5 List

There is nobody that can say that he or she does not like having options presented to him or her.Here are some of the best JDownloader Alternative. Download managers just like every other thing have options and below are the best 5 alternatives that are very viable

Teamviewer Alternative – Top 6 List

Teamviewer Alternative : Have you ever desired to connect your computer with that of your partner, friends or family member? Then here is software that does all that. Teamviewer is one of the great software that allows the user to start a connection between his or her computer

Fraps Alternative – Top 4 List

One of the hottest trends today is online gaming and video capturing. As seen in YouTube, online gaming and video capturing has become a way to have fun and when done right can earn the user cool money. As a result of this, many companies have designed