Wow Your Employees with These Amazing Company Picnic Gift Ideas

Kind reader, are you looking for fresh and exciting company picnic gift ideas? Look no further! Whether it’s for a small or large group, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of fun and unique ideas that are sure to impress your coworkers and create lasting memories of your company picnic. From practical items to personalized gifts, there’s something for everyone on this list of company picnic gift ideas.

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Popular Company Picnic Gift Ideas

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Company picnics are a great opportunity for team building, employee appreciation, and having a good time with colleagues outside of work. Choosing the right gift can further contribute to the merriment of the occasion. Below are a few popular company picnic gift ideas:

1. Insulated Tote Bags

Insulated tote bags are a great gift idea because they are practical, reusable, and can be personalized. These bags can be used to carry food and drinks to the picnic making them both functional and an ideal way for the company to advertise their brand.

2. Travel Games

Gifts such as travel size games can be a great source of entertainment and can also help to build team morale. Games can range from simple and traditional ones like card or board games to more elaborate ones.

3. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

In summer, the sun can be harsh, and prolonged exposure can cause sunburn and other ill-effects. Other than dressing appropriately, providing colleagues with sunscreen and sunglasses can be useful. Companies can also opt for those that are eco-friendly or cruelty-free for a more sustainable gift option.

Gourmet Company Picnic Gift Ideas

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Gourmet Company Picnic Gift Ideas,thqgourmetcompanypicnicgiftideas

Picnic tables overflowing with mouth-watering delicacies are a sight to behold. Gourmet gift ideas not only extend the picnic but also give a taste of the company’s culture, mission, or locality. Below are some gourmet company picnic gift ideas for your next outdoor event:

1. Artisanal Food Platters

Artisanal food platters comprise of a selection of gourmet foods that can be easily shared among picnic-goers. The platter can include fresh fruits, chic charcuterie, artisanal cheese, exotic dips, and nuts.

2. Personalized Cookies or Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets or cookies are great gourmet gift ideas. The cookies can be in the shape of the company logo or label, while fruit baskets can be curated to the company’s mission. Providing personalized cookies or fruit baskets can go a long way in making colleagues feel appreciated.

3. Custom-Engraved Wine Bottles and Glasses

Wine bottles and glasses can be custom engraved with the company logo or a special message. Companies can choose wine bottles and glasses from their own locality to provides a taste of where they are based or opt for international wines for a taste of the world.

Corporate Picnic Gifts for Employees

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Corporate Picnic Gifts for Employees,thqCorporatePicnicGiftsforEmployees

Corporate picnic is an exciting and fun way to relax and bond with colleagues outside the workplace. The perfect gift for employees attending a company picnic should be something engaging, entertaining, and practical in use. Here are some Corporate picnic gift ideas for employees that would surely make them appreciate their employer:

Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Gift your employees bamboo cutting board set as an excellent addition to their picnic basket. It is practical, durable, easy to clean, and is eco-friendly. It comes in a set of three, different sizes, and can be engraved with the company’s name.

BBQ Grill Kit

A BBQ Grill Kit is a perfect Picnic gift to give to employees who love to grill. The kit includes a spatula, tongs, a grill brush, and a fork, all in a convenient carrying case. It will make an excellent addition to their picnic basket, and they will always reach for it on their next grill out.

Insulated Tote Bag

During a Picnic, keeping food and drinks fresh and at an ideal temperature is a priority. An insulated tote bag is an ideal corporate picnic gift for employees. It is perfect for carrying food, drinks, plates, and utensils. It is durable, easy to clean, and comes in different sizes and designs.


A picnic blanket is an excellent gift for employees going on a company picnic. It is perfect for lying on while enjoying the sun or can be used as a wrap for the colder nights. It is easy to carry and comes in different designs, making it ideal for corporate gifting.

Corporate Picnic Gifts for Clients

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Corporate Picnic Gifts for Clients,thqCorporatePicnicGiftsforClients

Corporate picnics provide an excellent opportunity for clients to mingle and bond with their business partners outside the corporate setting. Giving your clients a gift after the event is a great way to strengthen your relationship and make them feel valued. Here are some corporate picnic gift ideas for clients

Portable Picnic Table

A portable picnic table is a great picnic gift idea for clients. It is easy to carry, sturdy, and offers a comfortable seating option for people to enjoy their picnic. It can be folded and stored conveniently and can be personalized with the company’s name and logo.

Wine Tasting Set

Impress your clients with a wine tasting set gift. It comes with a wine jug, glasses, and a corkscrew that will make their wine tasting experience enjoyable and memorable. It is the perfect gift for wine lovers, and it can be customized with the company’s logo.

Travel Cup

A travel cup is an ideal picnic gift that clients would love. It is convenient, reusable, and can keep drinks hot or cold for hours. It comes in different materials, such as stainless steel or ceramic, and can be customized with the company’s name and logo to serve as a reminder of the event.

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is an excellent corporate gift for clients attending a picnic. It will provide a perfect sound system for music and fun outdoors. It comes in different sizes and designs and can be customized with the company logo to remind clients of the event.

No Gift Ideas Price Range
1 Custom T-shirts or hats with Company Logo $10-$20
2 Insulated Tumbler with Company Logo $15-$25
3 Bamboo Cutting Board Set $20-$30
4 Portable Grill Set $25-$40
5 Set of Wine Glasses or Beer Mugs with Company Logo $30-$50
6 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers $40-$60
7 Personalized Leather-bound Journal $50-$80
8 Travel Duffel Bag with Company Logo $60-$100
9 Grilling Tool Set in Aluminum Case $75-$150
10 Portable Camping Hammock $100-$200

Personalized Picnic Baskets

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Personalized Picnic Baskets,thqpersonalizedpicnicbaskets

Looking for a unique gift idea for your employees? Give them a personalized picnic basket that has everything they need for a great day out with family and friends. Not only is this gift practical, but it’s also thoughtful and shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing.

What to include in a personalized picnic basket?

There are different ways to personalize a picnic basket according to your employees’ tastes. Consider adding a monogram or design that represents your company to make it special. Here are some ideas of what to include:

No Items
1 Reusable wine tumblers and a bottle of wine
2 Cheese board and charcuterie set
3 Cooler tote with picnic blanket and table setting for two or four
4 Books, magazines, or outdoor games like frisbees, Kan Jam, or cornhole

Where to buy personalized picnic baskets?

Order online from retailers such as Etsy, GiftTree, or Harry & David for great options. Alternatively, try finding a local vendor for personalized options and adding a local touch to your gift.

Customized Grilling Tools

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Customized Grilling Tools,thqcustomizedgrillingtools

Another great gift idea for a company picnic is customized grilling tools. These are not only practical but also a great way to show appreciation to your employees. Every time they will use these grilling tools, they will think of the fun times they had at the picnic.

What are the best options for customized grilling tools?

The options for customized grilling tools are endless, but some ideas include:

No Items
1 Customized BBQ sets with tongs, fork or spatula, and carrying case
2 Customized apron, chef hat and cooler bag set
3 Customized grill branders for meat, fish or vegetables

Where to buy customized grilling tools?

You can order online from Amazon, Etsy, or Personalization Mall. Alternatively, try finding a local vendor for more personalized options and supporting local businesses.

Personalized Gifts

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Personalized Gifts,thqPersonalizedGifts

Personalized gifts are crowd-pleasers, especially when it comes to company picnic gift ideas. It makes the gift more special, as it adds a personal touch that shows that you put some thought and effort into the present. You can opt for personalized picnic blankets, water bottles, tumblers, or tote bags with your company’s name or logo to make them feel appreciated and valued by the company. These gifts are not only functional but also act as walking billboards for your brand.

Picnic Blankets

A picnic blanket is a must-have in any picnic. You can add your company’s logo or name to it, which will undoubtedly be a fantastic way to showcase your brand. It is also relatively affordable, making it an excellent option if you are on a tight budget.

Water Bottles and Tumblers

Employees want to stay hydrated, especially during the summer. Personalized water bottles and tumblers with your company’s name or logo are a fantastic option. You will keep your employees hydrated while subtly advertising your brand.

Camping Gear and Hiking Accessories

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Camping Gear and Hiking Accessories,thqCampingGearandHikingAccessories

Company picnics are a perfect chance to bond with your colleagues and enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, giving camping gear and hiking accessories as gifts will fit the theme. Employees can use them on the company picnic, home, or during their leisure time. Camping gear and hiking accessories, such as tents, sleeping bags, and first aid kits, are practical gifts that will make your employees feel appreciated.

Camping Tents

If you want your employees to enjoy the great outdoors, giving a camping tent or a canopy tent is an excellent gift. It is an affordable option and allows employees to have some fun with their families or friends on their camping trips while promoting your brand visibility.

Hiking First Aid Kits

When it comes to hiking, safety should always be a top priority. Giving a hiking first aid kit to your employees will make them feel valued, knowing that you care for their well-being. Get a high-quality first aid kit that includes the essentials for your employees’ emergencies or minor injuries.

Food and Beverage Treats

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Food and Beverage Treats,thqFood-and-Beverage-Treats

Who doesn’t love some delicious snacks and drinks to munch on during company picnics? Consider having custom-made gift baskets filled with an assortment of treats for each employee to take home. Some popular options include gourmet popcorn, assorted nuts, artisanal cheeses, chocolate-covered pretzels, and gourmet chocolates. Another option is to have personalized reusable water bottles or tumblers that employees can take home and use. Not only will it encourage employees to stay hydrated, but it also reduces waste by eliminating disposable cups.

Reusable Water Bottles or Tumblers

Having personalized reusable water bottles or tumblers with the company logo is a great way to promote sustainability while also providing a useful gift. Employees can use them at the picnic, then take them home to use every day, reminding them of the fun day they had with their colleagues.

Custom-Made Gift Baskets

Gourmet gift baskets are a classic corporate gift idea, and they work well for company picnics too. Choose high-quality, artisanal products for maximum impact. Think about the tastes and preferences of the employees. For example, if there are many health-aware individuals, focus on organic, keto-friendly, or low-carb treats.

Outdoor and Recreational Gifts

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Outdoor and Recreational Gifts,thqOutdoor-and-Recreational-Gifts

Outdoor and recreational gifts are perfect for company picnics, as they encourage employees to get outside, have fun, and enjoy the fresh air. Some ideas include personalized frisbees, picnic blankets, beach towels, sunglasses, or even portable ping pong sets. If you have a bit more budget, consider arranging a group activity such as zip-lining, rafting, or horseback riding.

Personalized Frisbees

A simple yet fun gift that everyone can enjoy is personalized frisbees. You can have them made in the company’s colors or with the logo. Employees can bring them home and use them on a beach day or for playing catch with their friends and family!

Picnic Blankets and Beach Towels

To encourage employees to relax in the great outdoors, consider gifting them with personalized picnic blankets or beach towels. These items can be customized with the company’s logo or even each employee’s name. They are useful, practical, and a fantastic reminder of the company picnic.

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts,thqGiftIdeasforOutdoorEnthusiasts

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, consider giving gifts that are focused on adventure. A simple water bottle with the company logo could be sufficient, but if you want to take it up a notch, consider items such as:

Camping Gear

Items such as folding chairs, tents, and sleeping bags are great gifts for those who enjoy camping. You can add a personalized touch by embroidering the company logo on the gear.

Hiking Equipment

Hiking enthusiasts would appreciate receiving high-quality equipment such as a waterproof hiking backpack, a pair of hiking boots, or a hiking stick. Make sure the items are personalized with the company logo to show appreciation for their hard work.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music can liven up any outdoor gathering. A portable bluetooth speaker with good sound quality would make a perfect addition for those relaxing times at the company picnic.

Outdoor Game Sets

You can take outdoor activities to the next level by gifting outdoor game sets such as giant Jenga, cornhole sets, or ladder ball. It will be a great way for employees to bond and enjoy some friendly competition.

BBQ Accessories

For those who love to grill, consider gifting high-quality BBQ accessories such as a set of stainless steel cooking utensils, a grilling cookbook, or a meat thermometer. It will be a gift that they can enjoy even after the company picnic.

No LSI Keywords
1 outdoor gifts
2 camping gear
3 hiking equipment
4 Bluetooth speaker
5 Outdoor game sets
6 BBQ accessories

Customized Picnic Blankets

company-picnic-gift-ideas,Customized Picnic Blankets,thqCustomizedPicnicBlankets

If you’re looking for an excellent company picnic gift idea, consider investing in customized picnic blankets. Whether employees are going camping, hiking, or just enjoying some time with friends and family outdoors, a soft, cozy blanket is always a helpful addition. Adding your company logo or design to the blanket is a personal touch that can go a long way in promoting your brand, and it’s a gift that is sure to be loved and appreciated by all.

Design Options

When it comes to designing your customized picnic blankets, you have a lot of options to choose from. Some popular choices include:

No Design Options
1 Embroidery
2 Screen printing
3 Digital printing
4 Sublimation printing

No matter what method you choose, make sure the design represents your company and reflects the picnic theme.

Material Options

The picnic blanket’s material is essential in ensuring the product’s quality and durability. Like any blanket, a picnic blanket’s softness and warmth are typically dictated by the materials used to create it. Some options to choose from include:

No Material Options
1 Cotton
2 Microfleece
3 Polyester
4 Nylon

Investing in high-quality materials will not only make your picnic blankets more appealing but they will also help ensure that the blankets last long-term.

Company Picnic Gift Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some good company picnic gift ideas?

Some popular company picnic gift ideas include personalized water bottles, custom tote bags, promotional t-shirts, and picnic blankets.

2. How much should I plan to spend on company picnic gifts?

It depends on your budget and the size of your company. A good rule of thumb is to allocate about $15-20 per person.

3. Should I personalize the company picnic gifts?

Yes, personalizing the gifts with your company’s logo or the employee’s name is a great way to make them more meaningful and memorable.

4. How far in advance should I order the company picnic gifts?

You should aim to place your order at least 2-3 weeks before the picnic to ensure that the gifts are delivered in time.

5. Can I order company picnic gifts in bulk?

Yes, most companies that offer corporate gifts will give you a discount for ordering in bulk.

6. What are some eco-friendly company picnic gift ideas?

You can consider giving reusable straws, bamboo utensils, or eco-friendly tote bags made from recycled materials.

7. Should I choose gifts that are gender-specific?

No, it’s best to choose gifts that are gender-neutral to avoid any potential offense or discomfort.

8. What if I don’t like any of the pre-made company picnic gift options?

You can always work with a vendor to customize a gift specifically for your company’s needs and preferences.

9. Are food-related gifts a good idea for company picnics?

While food-related gifts can be a hit, it’s important to keep in mind any potential food allergies or dietary restrictions that your employees might have.

10. Are tech-related gifts appropriate for company picnics?

It depends on the type of company and the desires of the employees. Tech gifts like Bluetooth speakers or power banks can be a nice touch, but they might not be appreciated by everyone.

11. Can I ask for feedback from employees on what gifts they would like?

Absolutely! Collecting feedback from employees can help ensure that everyone is happy with their gift and that you’re on the right track.

12. How can I make sure the company picnic gifts are distributed fairly?

Consider assigning someone to be in charge of handing out the gifts or using a random selection process to ensure that everyone has an equal chance.

13. What if someone doesn’t like their company picnic gift?

It’s always possible that someone won’t be thrilled with their gift, but you can’t please everyone. Just be sure to choose gifts that are universally liked and appreciated.

14. Can I give out cash or gift cards instead of pre-made gifts?

You can, but keep in mind that cash or gift cards can be seen as impersonal and might not be well received by everyone.

15. Should I include a note or card with the company picnic gifts?

Yes, including a personal note or card with the gift can add an extra touch of appreciation and recognition.

16. Can I reuse company picnic gifts from previous years?

It’s best to switch up the gifts each year to keep things fresh and interesting for employees.

17. What are some classic company picnic gift ideas?

Classic company picnic gift ideas include frisbees, sunscreen, and beach towels.

18. How can I make the company picnic gifts feel more special?

You can create a presentation or ceremony around handing out the gifts, or consider creating a theme around the gifts that ties into the overall theme of the company picnic.

19. Should I give the company picnic gifts before or after the picnic?

It’s up to your personal preference, but giving the gifts out at the end of the picnic can be a nice way to end the day on a high note.

20. Can I order the company picnic gifts online?

Yes, there are many online vendors that specialize in corporate gifts and can make the ordering process a breeze.

21. What if I have a small budget for company picnic gifts?

There are plenty of affordable company picnic gift options out there, such as customized sunglasses or stress balls.

22. Should I make the company picnic gifts a surprise?

It’s up to you! Surprises can be fun, but if you’re worried about whether or not employees will like the gifts, it might be better to let them know in advance.

23. Can I include a survey or feedback form with the company picnic gifts?

Yes, including a survey or feedback form can be a great way to get employees’ thoughts and opinions on the gifts and the picnic as a whole.

24. What if I have a large company with lots of different departments?

Consider choosing a few different gift options that each department or team can choose from.

25. Should I choose gifts that are practical or more whimsical?

It depends on your company culture and the preferences of your employees. Practical gifts like water bottles or tote bags can be appreciated, but more whimsical gifts like stress balls or fidget spinners can add an element of fun.

Looking for ideas on how to impress your employees at your next corporate outing? Check out this list of company picnic gift ideas for some inspiration!

Until Next Time, Kind Reader

That’s a wrap on our company picnic gift ideas! We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful in brainstorming some fun gift ideas for your next company outing. Remember, it’s all about creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for your colleagues. So, go ahead and get creative with your gift ideas! Whether you choose a customized picnic blanket or a fun outdoor game, make sure it reflects the unique personality of your team. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to seeing you back here soon for more exciting ideas!

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