Discover the Ultimate Outdoor Experience with Denver Picnic Company

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a unique and hassle-free way to enjoy a picnic in Denver, look no further than Denver Picnic Company. This local company specializes in curating personalized picnic experiences for all occasions, whether it’s a romantic date, family outing, or corporate event. With their attention to detail and high-quality products, Denver Picnic Company is sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your outdoor dining experience.

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About Denver Picnic Company

denver-picnic-company,Denver Picnic Company,thqDenverPicnicCompany

Denver Picnic Co. is a full-service picnic and event design company based in Denver, Colorado, offering customized event planning, design, and catering services for the ultimate outdoor experience. They provide everything from stylish picnic blankets to curated grazing boards, creating an unforgettable experience for any occasion.

Services Offered

Denver Picnic Company offers a variety of services that cater to each client’s specific needs. Their services include:

No Services Offered
1 Picnic and Grazing Boards
2 Picnic Set-Up and Design
3 Catering Services
4 Event Production and Coordination

Events Catered

Denver Picnic Company offers their services for a wide variety of events, including:

No Events Catered
1 Picnics at Parks and Public Spaces
2 Corporate Events
3 Weddings and Bridal Showers
4 Birthday Parties

Denver Picnic Company Offers Unique and Customizable Picnic Experiences

denver-picnic-company,Denver Picnic Company,thqDenverPicnicCompany

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable way to spend time with friends or family while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, Denver Picnic Company has got you covered. They offer unique and customizable picnic experiences that are perfect for any occasion.

Customizable Picnic Baskets

One of the most popular offerings from Denver Picnic Company is their customizable picnic baskets. With a variety of options to choose from, you can create the perfect picnic experience for yourself or a group of friends. Some of the options available include:

No Customizable Options
1 Meat and Cheese Board
2 Vegan Charcuterie Board
3 Vegetarian Snacks and Sweets

Each basket comes with a fully customizable menu, so you can choose your favorite snacks and refreshments to enjoy during your picnic.

Unique and Memorable Picnic Locations

Denver Picnic Company offers a variety of unique picnic locations to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic in a secluded mountain meadow or have a peaceful lunch by the lake, they can help you find the perfect spot. Some of the most popular picnic locations in Denver include:

No Popular Picnic Locations
1 Washington Park
2 City Park
3 Sloans Lake
4 Cherry Creek State Park

Each location is hand-picked by the Denver Picnic Company team for its scenic views, peaceful ambiance, and picnic amenities.

No Information
1 Name of Company
2 Location
3 Services Provided
4 Contact Information
5 Business Hours

Why Choose Denver Picnic Company for Your Next Picnic Event?

denver-picnic-company,Why Choose Denver Picnic Company for Your Next Picnic Event,thqWhyChooseDenverPicnicCompanyforYourNextPicnicEvent

If you’re planning to hold a picnic event in Denver, you might be wondering why you should choose Denver Picnic Company over other event organizers. Here are some of the reasons that make Denver Picnic Company stand out:

Expert Event Planners

Denver Picnic Company is composed of a team of highly skilled and experienced event planners who pay keen attention to details. From the theme of your event, guest demographics, food preferences, seating arrangements, and venue location, Denver Picnic Company ensures that every aspect of your event is well taken care of to ensure that it’s memorable.

Customized Event Packages

At Denver Picnic Company, we understand that different clients have different preferences and budgets, which is why we offer customized event packages that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to hold an intimate picnic for two or a grand picnic event for hundreds of guests, we have a package that suits you best.

No Website Subtitle or Description
1 https://elevatedpicnics.com/ Elevated Picnics – Denver’s Best Picnic
2 https://www.flywaypicnicco.com/ The Flyway Picnic Co – Denver Picnic Packages
3 https://www.destinationcolorado.com/services/services-denver-planner-picnics/ Plan a Picnic in Denver | Destination Colorado
4 https://www.thepicniccollective.com/ The Picnic Collective – Denver, CO – Picnic Food + Cocktail Boxes
5 https://www.thesouthernspiritco.com/pages/picnic-charcuterie-experiences The Southern Spirit Co – Denver CO Picnic & Charcuterie Experiences
6 https://www.denver.org/listing/picnics-dinner/9553/ Picnics & Dinner | VISIT DENVER
7 https://www.christinas-catering.com/picnics/ Picnics – Christina’s Catering

Top-Notch Picnic Amenities

At Denver Picnic Company, we know that the success of your picnic event hinges on more than just food and drinks. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide you with top-notch amenities such as picnic tables, comfortable blankets, disposable cutlery, plates, and cups, music, games, and décor to ensure that your guests have a memorable time.

Comprehensive Services

Denver Picnic Company offers a range of comprehensive services that include event planning, venue sourcing, catering, and entertainment. This one-stop-shop approach saves you the hassle of going to different vendors to piece together your event, and our team ensures that all the services are seamlessly integrated to create a perfect experience.

COVID-19 Compliant

During these challenging times, Denver Picnic Company is committed to ensuring that all our events are safe and compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. We have implemented measures such as social distancing, wearing masks, regular hand sanitization, contactless payments, and reduced contact with surfaces to ensure that all our guests are safe and healthy.

Affordable Pricing

Despite offering top-notch services and amenities, Denver Picnic Company’s event packages are reasonably priced to give value for every dollar you spend. Our prices are transparent and competitive, and we ensure that our clients get quality services that match their budgets.

Denver Picnic Company: Areas of Service

denver-picnic-company,Areas of Service,thqareasofservicedenverpicniccompany

Denver Picnic Company offers its services to various areas in Denver, making it more convenient for customers to avail themselves of their services. Their services are not only available in Denver, but Denver Picnic Company also offers them throughout Colorado.


Denver Picnic Company is based in Denver, and they serve the entire city, from Lower Downtown to Montbello and Virginia Vale with plenty of locations in-between. Their exceptional team can accommodate small groups up to 50 guests or more, making your picnic event an absolute hit!


Denver Picnic Company has extended its services beyond the Denver city limits and covers other cities such as Boulder, Aurora, Arvada, and Golden. Their widespread services have made it possible for people outside Denver to affordably have incredible picnics filled with delicious treats and memorable experiences.

“Denver Picnic Company’s services span across various areas in Denver and Colorado for the convenience of their customers.”

Parks and Outdoor Locations

Denver Picnic Company can work with its customers to find a park or outdoor location that would work ideally with their chosen theme and the type of event they have in mind. Bear Creek Lake, Washington Park, and City Park are some of the most popular sites where they’ve been setting up picnics for years. However, Denver Picnic Company isn’t restricted to these options. They can arrange for the picnic to take place wherever the customer would like.

No Popular Parks and Outdoor Locations in Denver
1 Washington Park
2 City Park
3 Bear Creek Lake Park

Designated Indoor Locations

Sometimes outdoor events can be thrown off by harsh weather conditions. To prevent this from happening or to have a more controlled environment, customers can avail themselves of an indoor event setting. Denver Picnic Company also has partnerships with an array of impressive indoor event locations all over Denver. Just name the location that the customer has in mind, and Denver Picnic Company will make it happen!

“Denver Picnic Company makes a point to extend their services throughout Colorado, providing more people with the opportunity to experience marvelous picnics and outdoor socials!”

Denver Picnic Company Services

denver-picnic-company,Denver Picnic Company Services,thqDenverPicnicCompanyServices

Denver Picnic Company offers various services to cater to your needs and wants. Here are some of the services:

Picnic Basket

Denver Picnic Company offers a fully curated picnic experience. Each basket comes with a deluxe charcuterie board, linens, blankets, and pillows. The baskets also include outdoor games and activities. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Denver’s beautiful parks.

Corporate Events

The company provides a unique and innovative way to enhance your corporate event experience. Denver Picnic Company can organize company picnics, team-building activities, product launches, and customer appreciation events.

Private Parties

Throw the perfect birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary party, and tea party with Denver Picnic Company. They will provide you with everything you need to have a memorable and personalized experience.

Wedding Services

For your dream picnic wedding, Denver Picnic Company offers personalized and comprehensive wedding services. They will provide catering, coordination, decoration, and set up. Their team can assist you in planning every detail of your special day.

Proposal Planning

If you want a romantic and intimate picnic proposal, Denver Picnic Company can help you put together the perfect setting. They can provide a customized picnic basket, flowers, candles, and set up the perfect location.


For a quick and easy picnic experience, Denver Picnic Company provides a delivery service. They will deliver the food, drinks, and equipment to your location. It’s perfect for an impromptu picnic at your favorite spot.

The Best Denver Picnic Company for Special Events

denver-picnic-company,The Best Denver Picnic Company for Special Events,thqTheBestDenverPicnicCompanyforSpecialEvents

Denver is a city with lots of parks and open spaces where you can have your picnic. But if you want to make your special events like birthday, wedding, and corporate events unforgettable, you should choose the best Denver picnic company. Here are some of the top picnic companies in Denver who can help you plan your picnic.

Jamie’s Picnic

Jamie’s Picnic is a family-owned and operated picnic company that provides high-quality, delicious, and nutritious food choices in Denver. They are known for serving fresh farm-to-table dishes that are perfect for corporate and social events. Their customizable menus and professional service make Jamie’s Picnic the top choice for any picnic event. They also provide environmentally-friendly compostable plates, utensils, and cups to minimize your event’s ecological footprint.

Perfect Picnic Denver

Perfect Picnic Denver specializes in creating romantic picnics for couples and small groups to enjoy. They offer beautifully styled picnic baskets with a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. Perfect Picnic Denver provides an exceptional picnic experience where everyone can relax and enjoy the moment. They also offer add-ons like personal photographers, flowers, and entertainment to enhance your picnic experience.

Why Choose a Denver Picnic Company?

denver-picnic-company,Why Choose a Denver Picnic Company?,thqWhyChooseaDenverPicnicCompany3f

Denver picnic companies can help you transform your ordinary picnic into an extraordinary event. Here are the reasons why you should choose a picnic company:

Professional Service

Denver picnic companies have years of experience in event planning and management. They are experts in creating beautiful and memorable picnic experiences. Their professional service can help reduce your stress and make your event more enjoyable.

High-Quality Food

Denver picnic companies offer high-quality food options that are freshly prepared. You can choose from a variety of menu options to suit your taste and dietary requirements. They use only top-quality ingredients to make the dishes delicious and nutritious.

Fully Customizable

Denver picnic companies offer fully customizable picnic experiences to suit your preferences. You can choose the menu, location, theme, and decor to create a one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests will remember forever.

Corporate Picnics

denver-picnic-company,Corporate Picnics,thqCorporatePicnics

Corporate picnics are a great way for employers to show their appreciation to their employees. Denver Picnic Company has experience hosting many types of corporate picnics, including team-building activities, networking events, and even family days. They can create a custom experience tailored to the company’s needs and make sure that everyone has a great time. Denver Picnic Company takes care of all the logistical details, so all the employees have to do is show up and have fun.

Corporate Picnic Planning

When planning a corporate picnic, Denver Picnic Company emphasizes communication and attention to detail. They work with clients to understand their goals and vision for the event and then execute a plan to make it happen. Denver Picnic Company can help with every step of the process, from choosing a location and menu planning to entertainment and activities. They are always available to answer any questions and make sure the planning process is as stress-free as possible.

Corporate Picnic Menu

The food is a critical component of any picnic, and Denver Picnic Company offers a wide variety of menu options to choose from. Their menus feature fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are prepared on-site. They can accommodate various dietary needs and preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Denver Picnic Company can also provide bar service with alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks to make sure everyone has something refreshing to enjoy.

FAQ – Denver Picnic Company

1. What is Denver Picnic Company?

Denver Picnic Company is a business that specializes in creating custom picnic experiences in Denver and surrounding areas.

2. What services does Denver Picnic Company provide?

Denver Picnic Company provides picnic setups, catering, decor, and event planning services to create unique and memorable picnic experiences for their clients.

3. How do I book a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

You can book a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company by filling out the contact form on their website, calling them at their listed phone number, or emailing them at their listed email address.

4. How much does it cost to book a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

The cost of booking a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company varies based on the number of guests, type of setup, location, catering options, and other factors. You can request a quote on their website or by contacting them directly.

5. What types of picnics can Denver Picnic Company create?

Denver Picnic Company can create any type of picnic you can imagine, including romantic picnics, family picnics, corporate picnics, and more. They can also create themed picnics based on your preferences.

6. Do I need to provide my own food for the picnic?

No, Denver Picnic Company provides catering services for their picnic experiences. You can choose from a variety of menu options and dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request.

7. Can I bring my own decorations to the picnic?

Yes, you can bring your own decorations to the picnic if you wish. However, Denver Picnic Company provides decor services as well and can create a beautiful setup for you.

8. What happens if it rains on the day of my picnic?

Denver Picnic Company has a rain policy that allows you to reschedule your picnic experience if it is cancelled due to inclement weather. They will work with you to find a new date that works for both parties.

9. What is included in a typical picnic setup from Denver Picnic Company?

A typical picnic setup from Denver Picnic Company includes a low table, pillows, rugs, plates, cutlery, wine glasses, and water glasses. Additional decor and seating options are available upon request.

10. Can Denver Picnic Company create picnics for large groups?

Yes, Denver Picnic Company can create picnics for groups of any size. They have experience in creating large-scale events and can accommodate your needs.

11. How far in advance do I need to book a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

It is recommended that you book your picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability.

12. Can Denver Picnic Company accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, Denver Picnic Company can accommodate dietary restrictions including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more.

13. How long does a typical picnic experience last?

A typical picnic experience lasts around 2-3 hours, although the length can be customized to your preferences.

14. Can Denver Picnic Company provide alcoholic beverages for the picnic?

No, Denver Picnic Company cannot provide alcoholic beverages for the picnic. However, you are welcome to bring your own and they will provide the appropriate glassware.

15. How do I pay for my picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

You can pay for your picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company by credit card or check. A deposit may be required to secure your booking.

16. What areas does Denver Picnic Company service?

Denver Picnic Company primarily services the Denver metro area, but can also provide services to surrounding areas upon request.

17. Can I bring my dog to the picnic?

Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome at Denver Picnic Company picnics. However, please let them know in advance if you plan on bringing your furry friend.

18. What happens if I need to cancel my picnic experience?

If you need to cancel your picnic experience, please contact Denver Picnic Company as soon as possible. A cancellation fee may apply depending on the timing of the cancellation.

19. Can Denver Picnic Company create custom menus for my picnic?

Yes, Denver Picnic Company can create custom menus based on your preferences.

20. Do I need to clean up after the picnic?

No, Denver Picnic Company will handle all cleanup after the picnic experience.

21. What happens if there is damage to the picnic setup?

If there is damage to the picnic setup, you will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs or replacement.

22. Can Denver Picnic Company provide recommendations for picnic locations?

Yes, Denver Picnic Company can provide recommendations for location based on your preferences and group size.

23. What makes Denver Picnic Company unique compared to other picnic companies?

Denver Picnic Company offers a high level of customization and personalization for their picnic experiences. They also prioritize sustainability and use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

24. Do I need to sign a contract to book a picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

Yes, a contract will need to be signed to secure your booking with Denver Picnic Company.

25. Can I leave feedback for my picnic experience with Denver Picnic Company?

Yes, Denver Picnic Company values customer feedback and encourages you to leave a review on their website, social media pages, or other platforms.

Find the perfect spot for your Denver Picnic Company setup by checking out these places for a picnic near me. It’s important to choose a beautiful location that can complement your picnic experience.

A Picnic to Remember

Kind Reader, we hope that our article has inspired you to plan your next outdoor adventure with Denver Picnic Company. With their attention to detail and dedication to providing exceptional service, we are confident that they will create a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to check their website for more information about their offerings and stay tuned for their seasonal menus. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you back here soon for more exciting adventures!

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