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Kind Reader, Merrick Recreational is a popular destination for people looking for fun activities in a relaxing environment. The facility offers a wide range of programs that cater to everyone, regardless of age or skill level. From sports leagues to fitness classes, Merrick Recreational is the perfect place to stay active and have fun with friends and family. With its convenient location and friendly staff, it’s no wonder why Merrick Recreational is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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Facilities at Merrick Recreational Center

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Merrick Recreational Center offers a wide range of facilities for its visitors to enjoy. The center is equipped with:

1. Gymnasium

The gymnasium at Merrick Recreational Center comprises a full-sized basketball court, a volleyball court, and an indoor track. It is a perfect place for sports enthusiasts to indulge in their favorite games and activities.

2. Swimming Pool

The swimming pool at Merrick Recreational Center is a perfect spot for visitors to beat the heat. The pool area features both a lap pool and a recreational pool equipped with amenities such as slides, fountains, and lounge chairs.

3. Fitness Center

The fitness center at Merrick Recreational Center is equipped with modern cardio and strength training equipment. It also offers group fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, Pilates, and more.

4. Multi-Purpose Rooms

The multi-purpose rooms at Merrick Recreational Center are designed to host various events such as meetings, parties, and weddings. These rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as projectors, screens, and sound systems.

5. Outdoor Facilities

Merrick Recreational Center offers amazing outdoor facilities such as a baseball field, tennis court, and a playground. These facilities are open for visitors to use and enjoy.

6. Senior Center

Merrick Recreational Center has a dedicated senior center that offers various recreational and educational programs for senior citizens. These programs include wellness classes, games, and social events.

7. Youth Programs

The center offers several youth programs such as afterschool programs, summer camps, and sports clinics. These programs are designed to keep the youth engaged in healthy activities and help them develop new skills.

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Recreational Facilities at Merrick

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Merrick offers some of the best recreational facilities in New York. Here, there is something for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or interest. Visitors can access some of the most exciting sports and entertainment options, making it the perfect destination for individuals, groups, and families.

Sports and Athletics at Merrick

The town’s recreational facilities provide ample opportunities for sports and athletics. Merrick residents and visitors can enjoy various activities ranging from golfing, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. The Norman J. Levy Park and Preserve, for instance, is a great option for golf enthusiasts.

Entertainment for Families

Merrick provides numerous entertainment options for families that guarantee fun-filled outings. Families can partake in mini-golf, ice skating, and roller skating at the town’s skating center. Residents and visitors can also access various amusement and water parks, including Adventureland and Splish Splash.

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8 Camping, hiking, fishing, basketball, volleyball, nature watching, and playground activities.
9 $30-$40 per night for camping sites, $40-$50 per day for picnic areas and $15 for fishing/day.
10 Booking can be done through phone, email, or their official website.

Facilities Available at Merrick Recreational Campus

merrick-recreational,Facilities Available at Merrick Recreational Campus,thqFacilitiesAvailableatMerrickRecreationalCampus

The Merrick Recreational Campus offers a wide range of facilities that cater to the needs and preferences of different age groups and interests. These facilities are well-maintained and regularly updated to ensure an excellent experience for all its visitors. Here are some of the facilities available at Merrick Recreational Campus:

1. Sports Fields and Courts

The sports fields and courts at Merrick Recreational Campus include tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and softball fields. These facilities are perfect for both casual and competitive sports, and they are open to individuals and teams. The state-of-the-art sports facilities at Merrick Recreational Campus are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

2. Fitness Center

The fitness center at Merrick Recreational Campus is a fully equipped gym that has everything you need to stay fit and healthy. The fitness center houses various cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights. There are also fitness classes available such as yoga, Zumba, and spin. The fitness center is open every day, and memberships are available for individuals or families.

3. Aquatics Center

The Aquatics center at Merrick Recreational Campus is a large indoor pool that can accommodate all types of swimmers. The pool is equipped with diving boards, lap lanes, and a water slide. The Aquatics center also offers swimming lessons for children and adults of all skill levels.

4. Playground and Picnic Areas

The playground at Merrick Recreational Campus is perfect for children to have fun and burn off some energy. The playground has slides, swings, and climbing structures that are appropriate for different age groups. There are also picnic areas available with grills and tables for families to have a relaxing picnic together.

5. Walking and Hiking Trails

Merrick Recreational Campus has beautiful walking and hiking trails that wind through the lush greenery of the park. These trails are perfect for exercise, relaxation, and communing with nature. The trails are well-maintained and marked, and they offer scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

6. Dog Park

The Merrick Recreational Campus also has a dog park that is open to dog owners and their furry friends. The park has ample space for dogs to run and play, and there are separate areas for small and large dogs. The dog park is an excellent way for dog owners to socialize and exercise their pets.

7. Event Space

Merrick Recreational Campus has spacious event rooms that can be used for birthday parties, corporate events, and other special occasions. The event spaces are equipped with tables, chairs, and audio-visual equipment. Professional staff is available to assist with event planning and set-up.

The Best Merrick Recreational Activities for Families

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If you are planning to have some fun activities with your family and kids, Merrick Recreational Park is an excellent destination. The park provides a wide range of activities that can keep the family members engaged and entertained. Below are some top activities that you don’t want to miss while visiting the Merrick Park:


If you want a bowling alley experience, the AMF Bowling Merrick Lanes is the perfect destination. The Merrick Lanes is equipped with modern facilities such as automatic scoring, arcade games and well-maintained lanes perfect for a bowling game. The Merrick Lanes is a great place to take the family for a fun and entertaining day out as it caters to everyone regardless of their level of expertise.

Ice Skating

The Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink is the perfect destination if you are looking for a cool and refreshing activity for the family. The rink is well maintained and equipped with all the required equipment, including skate rentals, allowing both kids and adults to enjoy the ice skating experience.


The Merrick Mini Golf is another fun activity that’s perfect for a family day out. The course is well maintained with challenging obstacles and holes that will keep the whole family engaged. The course is also well lit, making it an ideal place to visit during an evening family outing.

Picnic and BBQ

Another fantastic activity to enjoy with family, is a nice picnic or BBQ at Merrick Recreational Park. With a beautiful background and a mix of facilities such as picnic tables and benches, you can enjoy delicious meals while listening to the beautiful breeze and enjoying the majestic view of the park. It is an excellent place to relax, spend time with family and the perfect way to end an excellent day full of activities.


If you have kids, chances are that playgrounds are always a favourite destination. Merrick Recreational Park has fantastic playgrounds and facilities suitable for children of all ages. The various playground equipment such as slides, swings, and climbing equipment, are well maintained, and it provides a safe and enjoyable experience for kids to play with other children in a controlled environment.

Walking Trails

If you like walking and enjoying nature, the walking trails at Merrick Recreational Park is an excellent choice. The park offers fantastic outdoor trails that allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature and provide excellent opportunities for exercise. You can walk or have a jog as you breathe in the fresh air and explore nature while watching wildlife and scenic views along the way.

Available Equipment Rentals

If you do not have equipment for any of the activities in the park, there are rentals services available for most of the activities, such as bowling and ice-skating. The equipment rentals provided are maintained up to standard, ensuring the customers have an enjoyable experience without having to spend money on expensive equipment that they might not use again.

Merrick Recreational Park provides various activities that cater to almost everyone, right from kids to adults. It is a fantastic destination for family fun activities, whether you want to relax and have a picnic or challenge yourself with some ice-skating or bowling activities

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Facilities for Outdoor Activities

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The Merrick Recreational Center provides a diverse range of outdoor activities for all ages, from children’s playgrounds to senior walking clubs. The facilities are well-maintained, and visitors enjoy a clean and safe environment.

Children’s Playgrounds

The Merrick Recreational Center’s outdoor playgrounds are designed to maximize children’s enjoyment while keeping them safe. The playgrounds feature swings, slides, and climbing structures, as well as soft surfaces to cushion falls. Parents can rest easy while their children play, knowing that the facilities are well-monitored and maintained.

Senior Walking Clubs

The Merrick Recreational Center offers senior walking clubs to keep older visitors active and engaged. The walking trails are well-marked and feature scenic views of the surrounding area. The clubs also provide a social outlet for seniors, allowing them to meet new people while enjoying the great outdoors.

Indoor Facilities for Fitness Enthusiasts

merrick-recreational,Indoor Facilities for Fitness Enthusiasts,thqIndoorFacilitiesforFitnessEnthusiasts

The Merrick Recreational Center offers state-of-the-art indoor facilities for those looking to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting out, the center provides a wide range of options to meet your fitness needs.

Cutting Edge Gymnasium

The indoor gymnasium is equipped with modern exercise equipment, including weight machines, ellipticals, and treadmills. The gym is also spacious enough for group fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates.

Swimming Pools for All Ages

The Merrick Recreational Center offers a variety of swimming pools for all ages and skill levels. The indoor pool is heated year-round and includes designated areas for lap swimming and open swim. The center also provides swim lessons for children and adults, taught by certified instructors.

Multi-Purpose Courts

The indoor multi-purpose courts can be used for a variety of activities, such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton. The courts are well-lit and maintained, and can be reserved for private events as well as casual games.

Popular Activities at Merrick Recreational

merrick-recreational,Popular Activities at Merrick Recreational,thqPopularActivitiesatMerrickRecreational

Merrick Recreational offers a wide range of activities to suit individual interests and preferences. Some of the most popular activities available at the recreational center are described below:


The aquatic center at Merrick Recreational is one of its most popular features, offering patrons the opportunity to swim in a variety of indoor and outdoor pools. Children and adults alike can join swim programs or swim laps for exercise.


Basketball is another fun activity enjoyed by many at Merrick Recreational. It offers an indoor basketball court for people to shoot hoops, play a game of basketball with friends or join a team.


Tennis is another popular activity at Merrick Recreational. There are indoor and outdoor tennis courts available for use, and patrons can either sign up for lessons or play for fun.


Merrick Recreational also offers a range of fitness classes and facilities for patrons to maintain their physical wellness. Their fitness center has various machines, like treadmills, ellipticals and bikes for visitors to use, or people can take group classes like yoga, aerobics and Pilates.


For those looking to try something unique, Merrick Recreational also has an ice-skating rink and roller-skating rink available for use.

Ping Pong

For recreational purposes, ping pong is available at Merrick Recreational. They have various tables to use both indoor and outdoor.

Batting Cage

Merrick Recreational provides a batting cage detail to keep players dedicated to their sports game. The batting cages are located indoors and outside, and patrons can enjoy quick cage rentals for practice purposes and also follow up with lessons if they want to improve their skills with the support of an experienced coach.

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Boating Activities at Merrick Recreational

merrick-recreational,Boating Activities at Merrick Recreational,thqBoatingActivitiesatMerrickRecreational

Merrick Recreational is a haven for all boating enthusiasts. With several water bodies, including the South Shore Estuary Reserve – named one of the last great places in the western hemisphere by the New York Times, Merrick is the perfect place to go boating. There are ample opportunities for kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding for those looking to engage in low-key water activities. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, grab your jet ski or powerboat and explore the waters.

Kayaking and Canoeing

For visitors who prefer a calming paddling experience, Merrick Recreational provides them with kayak, stand-up paddleboard (SUP), and canoe rentals. You may paddle in the mangroves or explore the canals which run along the park’s border.

Motorboating and Jet Skiing

Motorized boats are also allowed in the park’s waterways, providing visitors with additional exploration options. Those who own their boats or jet skis could take advantage of the park’s boat ramp, which provides a convenient launching location. However, we advise visitors to be mindful of other patrons when boating or jet skiing.

Beach Activities at Merrick Recreational

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Merrick Recreational’s shoreline also provides several activities for beachgoers. They offer a relatively long beachfront that’s ideal for sunbathing, building sandcastles, or enjoying the beautiful view. Additionally, the spray park and playground areas serve as valuable amenities for families with young children.


Swimming enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that Merrick Recreational has a massive swimming pool. The pool is heated, and during the summer, it’s open for public use. The pool has dedicated swimming lanes and diving areas.


The sandy beach at Merrick provides analog devotees, such as fishermen, access to this waterfront for angling. Several fish varieties can be caught here, such as porgies, tautog, and fluke. For more experienced anglers, deep-sea fishing charters are also available at the Merrick park’s boat launch area.

Merrick Recreational FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ section where we aim to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about Merrick Recreational.

1. What is Merrick Recreational?

Merrick Recreational is a leisure facility located in the community of Merrick in New York. It offers various activities such as swimming, basketball, and tennis.

2. What are the operating hours of Merrick Recreational?

Merrick Recreational is open from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM, and on weekends from 10 AM to 4 PM.

3. How do I book a sports facility at Merrick Recreational?

You can book a sports facility by visiting our website or by calling our office during business hours.

4. Are there any age restrictions for the recreational facilities?

No, there are no age restrictions at Merrick Recreational. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy our facilities.

5. How can I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, please call our office during business hours or send us an email at

6. What is the dress code for swimming?

We recommend that all swimmers wear appropriate swimwear, such as a bathing suit or swim trunks. Swim caps are also recommended for people with long hair.

7. What are the swimming pool rules?

The pool rules include no running, diving, or jumping in the pool. Please also refrain from bringing any food or drinks to the pool area.

8. Is there a lifeguard on duty at the swimming pool?

Yes, we have trained lifeguards on duty at the swimming pool to ensure the safety of our patrons.

9. What is the cost of membership at Merrick Recreational?

You can find details about membership fees and packages on our website or by calling our office during business hours.

10. Is there parking available at Merrick Recreational?

Yes, we have free parking available at our facility for our patrons.

11. Is there a cafe or restaurant at Merrick Recreational?

No, we do not have a cafe or restaurant on the premises. However, we do have vending machines where you can purchase snacks and drinks.

12. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks to the facility.

13. What are the rules for using the basketball court?

Please wear appropriate sports shoes while using the basketball court, and do not play rough or aggressive games.

14. Are there any special facilities available for children?

Yes, we have a children’s play area and a kiddie pool for young children to enjoy.

15. Can I bring a guest to Merrick Recreational?

Yes, you can bring a guest with you to the facility. Please note that there may be additional fees for guests.

16. Is there a discount available for senior citizens?

Yes, we offer a discount for senior citizens on membership fees and some of our activities.

17. What are the rules for using the tennis courts?

Please wear appropriate tennis shoes while using the tennis courts, and do not play rough or aggressive games.

18. Can I book a private party or event at Merrick Recreational?

Yes, we have facilities available for private parties and events. Please contact our office for more information.

19. Are there any special events or classes held at Merrick Recreational?

Yes, we hold various special events and fitness classes throughout the year. Please check our website or contact our office for more information.

20. Is there a refund policy available if I am not satisfied with my membership or activity?

Please contact our office to discuss any concerns or issues you may have with your membership or activity. We will do our best to address and resolve any problems.

21. Are there any hidden fees or charges associated with Merrick Recreational?

No, we do not have any hidden fees or charges associated with our facility. We strive to provide transparent and reasonable pricing for our patrons.

22. Can I rent equipment such as basketballs or tennis rackets at Merrick Recreational?

Yes, we have equipment available for rent at our facility. Please inquire at our front desk for more information.

23. Are there any restrictions on the use of cameras or video recording devices at Merrick Recreational?

For privacy and safety reasons, we do not allow the use of cameras or video recording devices at our facility.

24. What are the rules for using the gym?

Please wear appropriate gym clothes and shoes while using the gym, and do not leave equipment lying around or misuse the machines.

25. Can I request a private lesson or coaching session for my sport of choice?

Yes, we offer private lessons and coaching sessions for various sports and activities. Please contact our office for more information.

Looking for a place to enjoy the great outdoors? Check out Merrick Recreational, which offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Come Back Soon, Kind Reader

Thank you for taking the time to visit Merrick Recreational. We hope you enjoyed the article and learned something new about our facility. Our team is passionate about providing a fun and safe environment for people of all ages and abilities. Please don’t hesitate to visit us again soon and try out some of our exciting activities or attend one of our events. It’s always a pleasure to have you here, and we look forward to seeing you again. Take care, and have a great day!

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