Discover the Ultimate Fun and Relaxation at New Braunfels Park and Recreation

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the outdoors in New Braunfels, look no further than the city’s park and recreation department. With a variety of options for all ages and interests, the New Braunfels park and recreation system provides ample opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and fun in the sun. Whether you’re looking to go for a swim, play a game of basketball, or simply take a leisurely walk through one of the city’s many parks, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So why wait? Grab a friend or family member and head to one of the many green spaces that make New Braunfels such a great place to live and play!

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Popular Parks in New Braunfels

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New Braunfels is blessed with several delightful parks that provide visitors with a range of outdoor activities and fun. There are several local and internationally known parks that provide opportunities for everyone. Here are some of the most famous parks in New Braunfels that locals and visitors enjoy.

Landa Park

If you’re a nature lover, Landa Park is a perfect place for you to visit, located in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas. It spans 51 acres and features a spring-fed swimming pool, a mini-golf course, paddle-boating rentals, and many other attractions. You can enjoy several activities with your family here, including fishing, wildlife observation, bird watching, cycling, and much more.

Cypress Bend Park

Cypress Bend is a perfect spot for people who want to spend serene evenings with their families. The park is spread over 7 acres and is situated along the Guadalupe River, between the 3rd and the 4th crossing. The park is known for its scenic location and provides an excellent platform for fishing and swimming in the river.

Sports Activities in New Braunfels

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New Braunfels is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts who want to indulge in sports activities. The city offers a plethora of options in terms of sports, ranging from extreme sports to group sports. Here are some exciting sports activities to try in New Braunfels:


The Comal and Guadalupe rivers are known for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing in the New Braunfels area. These rivers have some of the most astonishing currents and provides a thrilling experience to the adventurer. During summer, you can see thousands of locals and visitors sliding down the river on tubes, kayaks, and canoes.

Cycling on the Hill Country Trail

Cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the scenic views of the Hill Country Trail in New Braunfels. This 6-mile trail features gravel biking, hiking, and running, and provides an opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna while indulging in physical activities.

No Sport Activities in New Braunfels
1 Zip-lining on Lake Travis
2 Horseback Riding at Natural Bridge Caverns
3 Floating the San Marcos River

New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Facilities

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Facilities,thqNewBraunfelsParksandRecreationFacilities

The city of New Braunfels boasts a wide array of exceptional parks and recreation facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents. The parks and recreation department is efficiently managed to ensure that all facilities are well-maintained and accessible to everyone. Here are some of the top parks and recreation facilities within New Braunfels:

Landa Park

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Landa Park,thqLandaPark

Landa Park is a massive 51-acre park situated in the heart of New Braunfels. This park has an impressive range of recreational activities such as picnic areas, jogging trails, golf courses, miniature golf, paddle boating, fishing, and a miniature train ride for kids. Also, the park’s natural spring-fed pool is a favorite summer spot for young and old alike.

Cypress Bend Park

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Cypress Bend Park,thqCypressBendPark

Cypress Bend Park is a serene 15-acre park situated on the Comal River. This park is popular for its walking trails, fishing spots, and BBQ pits. Cypress Bend is an excellent location for kayaking and tubing. During summer, visitors flock to the park to beat the heat and enjoy the cool waters of the Comal River.

Fischer Park

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Fischer Park,thqFischerPark

Fischer Park is a 62-acre park that opened its doors in 2011. It is the largest park within the New Braunfels city limits. The park has robust amenities such as natural playscapes, a lake, splash pad, hiking and biking trails, and a hilltop overlook offering stunning views of the park and the city skyline.

Prince Solms Park

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Prince Solms Park,thqPrinceSolmsPark

Situated in the heart of downtown New Braunfels, Prince Solms Park is the oldest municipal park in Texas. It boasts several amenities such as swimming areas, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, and a giant outdoor stage that hosts various concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Cypress Falls Swimming Hole

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Cypress Falls Swimming Hole,thqCypressFallsSwimmingHole

Cypress falls swimming hole is a hidden gem situated just a few miles from New Braunfels. It’s not technically a park but a fantastic natural swimming hole. The swimming hole is fed by a small waterfall and surrounded by green trees and rocky caves, making it an excellent place for a fantastic outdoor experience.

West Loop Park

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,West Loop Park,thqWestLoopPark

West Loop Park is a small and quiet park located on the west side of New Braunfels. The park boasts a junior Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, a playscape, and picnic tables. It’s a great place for families to spend an afternoon together.

Camp Comal

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Camp Comal,thqCampComal

Camp Comal is a tranquil park situated on the Comal River. Camp Comal facilities include tent and RV camping sites, picnic areas, fishing spots, and volleyball courts. Visitors can rent tubes and kayaks from the park and spend the day on the river.

No Information
1 The name of the organization is New Braunfels Parks and Recreation.
2 They strive to provide the community with quality recreational opportunities and facilities.
3 They offer programs for all ages, including sports, fitness, and arts and crafts.
4 New Braunfels Parks and Recreation has several parks under their management, including Landa Park.
5 Landa Park is a 51-acre park with many amenities, including a miniature train, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a natural river.
6 The organization also manages the Fischer Park Nature Education Center.
7 Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for the New Braunfels community through the provision of recreational programs and facilities.

Outdoor Activities Offered by New Braunfels Park and Recreation

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Outdoor Activities Offered by New Braunfels Park and Recreation,thqOutdoorActivitiesOfferedbyNewBraunfelsParkandRecreation

New Braunfels Park and Recreation offers various outdoor activities suitable for visitors of all ages. These activities include:


The park maintains several hiking trails, each with its unique scenery. The Panther Canyon Nature Trail is the most popular trail, featuring an impressive waterfall and a diverse range of wildlife. Guided hikes are available during weekends and holidays with experienced park rangers.


New Braunfels Park and Recreation offers camping facilities for groups of all sizes. The park has 62 campsites, each equipped with picnic tables, grills, and water. These campsites are situated near the river, providing a serene environment for visitors. Reservations can be made online or by phone.


The Comal and Guadalupe Rivers are well-known for their abundance of fish. New Braunfels Park and Recreation maintains several fishing areas, including the Panther Canyon and the Hinman Island Park. Visitors are allowed to fish with a proper license.

Kayaking and Tubing

There’s no better way to explore the Guadalupe River than on a kayak or a tube. New Braunfels Park and Recreation offers both kayaking and tubing experiences for visitors to enjoy the river. The park also maintains several launch sites and pickup points for kayaking and tubing.

Playgrounds and Picnic Areas

New Braunfels Park and Recreation maintains several playgrounds and picnic areas suitable for families with kids. The Fischer Park is home to a 62-acre playground, complete with water features, splash pads, and a zip line. Picnic areas are available throughout the park, perfect for a family outing or a romantic picnic.


The park offers several biking trails, including the Loop 337 Trail, the Landa Park Trail, and the Panther Canyon Trail. These trails are suitable for both experienced and novice bikers. Bikes can be rented on-site, or visitors can bring their equipment.


New Braunfels Park and Recreation offers geocaching activities suitable for families and groups. Geocaching is a treasure hunt activity that requires participants to navigate to specific coordinates and find hidden items. It’s an entertaining way to explore nature and bond with family and friends.

Explore the Trails and Natural Wonders of New Braunfels Parks

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Explore the Trails and Natural Wonders of New Braunfels Parks,thqExploretheTrailsandNaturalWondersofNewBraunfelsParks

New Braunfels has a wealth of natural wonders and outdoor spaces offering parks, trails and waterways for recreation. The parks offer visitors a chance to enjoy natural beauty, quiet spaces, and chances for activities that run the gamut from hiking to swimming. There is a park for everyone, whether you are looking for rugged trails or peaceful spaces. Here are a few highlights of parks in New Braunfels:

Landa Park

Landa Park is an iconic park that spans 51 acres. It runs along the Comal River and has an abundance of outdoor facilities, including gardens, picnic areas, miniature golf, paddle boats, playgrounds, a train ride, and many well-maintained trails for hiking and running. The Wursthalle is an outdoor amphitheater where local bands perform. Nature lovers may spot a variety of birds, waterfowl, and other wildlife along the park’s walking paths and babbling streams.

Cypress Bend Park

Cypress Bend Park is a less developed park that provides opportunities to fish, picnic, or hike. It has a lovely pebbled shore that is ideal for swimming and wading in the river. There are places to launch canoes and kayaks into the Guadalupe River and catch the thrill of tubing downstream.

Comal Springs

Comal Springs is located adjacent to Landa Park and serves as the source of the Comal River. The springs are supplied by natural subterranean limestone caverns and provide clear, fresh water to the river throughout the year. You can access the Comal River at the springs by renting a tube, paddleboard or kayak and enjoy a scenic float through the gentle rapids and stunning scenery.

Other Parks With Recreational Facilities

New Braunfels offers an impressive range of parks, each catering to specific needs and interests. Fischer Park is a 62-acre park with hiking and biking trails, a splash pad, and an outdoor amphitheater. Prince Solms Park provides river access, barbeque pits, and limited-hour swimming areas. Hinman Island Park has picnic spaces, basketball courts, and a fishing pier on the Guadalupe River.

If you want to relax in nature or participate in outdoor activities, New Braunfels has a beautiful park that meets your needs.

Summer Programs and Events

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Summer Programs and Events,thqSummerprogramsandeventsnewbraunfelsparkandrecreation

The New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department works hard to provide a wide range of summer programs and events for residents and visitors to enjoy. These programs and events are designed for all ages and interests, and they provide an excellent way to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather in New Braunfels.

Youth Sports Leagues

One of the most popular summer programs offered by the Parks and Recreation Department is youth sports leagues. These leagues are open to children of all ages and provide an opportunity for kids to learn new skills and make new friends while enjoying sports like basketball, soccer, and baseball.

Concerts and Movies in the Park

Throughout the summer, the Parks and Recreation Department hosts a variety of free concerts and movies in the park. These events provide a fun and relaxing way to spend an evening outdoors with friends and family. Popular events include the Movies in the Park series, where attendees can enjoy recent blockbuster films under the stars, and the Concerts in the Park series, which features live music from local bands and musicians.

Summer Camps

The Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide range of summer camps for children of all ages. These camps provide a fun and safe environment for kids to learn new skills and make new friends while enjoying activities like arts and crafts, sports, and outdoor adventures. Popular summer camps include the New Braunfels Outdoor Adventure Camp and the Junior Lifeguard Camp.

Swimming and Water Activities

With its warm summer weather, New Braunfels is the perfect place to enjoy swimming and other water activities. The Parks and Recreation Department operates several public swimming pools and offers swim lessons, water aerobics classes, and other aquatic programs throughout the summer. Additionally, residents and visitors can enjoy tubing, kayaking, and other water sports on the Guadalupe and Comal rivers.

Special Events

The Parks and Recreation Department also hosts a variety of special events throughout the summer, including holiday celebrations, community festivals, and art and craft shows. These events provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to come together and enjoy the many cultural and recreational offerings in New Braunfels.

Summer Reading Program

The New Braunfels Public Library, which is operated by the Parks and Recreation Department, hosts a summer reading program for children and adults. Participants can earn prizes and attend special events by reading books and completing other reading-related activities throughout the summer.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

For those who want to stay active while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery in New Braunfels, the Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of outdoor fitness classes throughout the summer. These classes include yoga, Pilates, and other low-impact workouts that are perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

Enjoying the Outdoors: Parks and Trails

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Hiking in New Braunfels park,thqHikinginNewBraunfelspark

If you’re looking to take in the beauty of the city’s natural surroundings and get some exercise, New Braunfels’ parks and trails are excellent destinations. The city maintains more than 30 parks that offer a variety of amenities, including playgrounds, sports facilities, and picnic areas.

Hiking Trails and Nature Parks

New Braunfels is home to a number of beautiful hiking trails and nature parks that offer scenic views and opportunities to spot local wildlife. Here are a few of the city’s most popular:

No Parks and Trails
1 Landa Park
2 Cypress Bend Park
3 Comal Springs
4 Fischer Park
5 Jacob’s Creek Park

Biking Trails

For those who prefer to explore the city on two wheels, New Braunfels has several biking trails that cater to cyclists of all skill levels. Here are some of the best:

No Parks and Trails
1 Comal River Trail
2 Cypress Bend Park Trail
3 Gruene Historic District Trail
4 Linear Park Trail
5 Upper Guadalupe River Trail

Park Maintenance and Upkeep

new-braunfels-park-and-recreation,Park Maintenance and Upkeep,thqParkMaintenanceandUpkeep

Park maintenance and upkeep are crucial components of the New Braunfels park and recreation system. The city’s dedicated parks and recreation staff work tirelessly to create a beautiful outdoor space for the community to enjoy. One key priority for park maintenance is keeping the parks clean and safe for visitors. Trash cans are strategically placed throughout the parks, and staff regularly sweep the grounds to ensure a clean environment. Additionally, routine maintenance tasks such as mowing the grass, pruning trees, and repairing playground equipment help keep the parks in top condition.

Benefits of Proper Park Maintenance

Proper park maintenance has several benefits for the community. It helps to create a welcoming environment that encourages people to spend time outdoors. A well-maintained park can also improve property values and make the surrounding neighborhood more attractive to potential residents. Additionally, well-kept parks can improve the public’s physical and mental health by providing a safe space for exercise and relaxation.

Park Upkeep During COVID-19

As the world continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, park maintenance has become even more important. In New Braunfels, parks remain open during the pandemic, but staff have implemented safety measures such as social distancing reminders and increased cleaning schedules. According to a statement by the Parks and Recreation Department, “Parks play a critical role in promoting good health and physical activity, which is more important than ever during these challenging times…We encourage everyone to follow safety guidelines and safely enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature in our parks.”

New Braunfels Park and Recreation

Find answers to frequently asked questions about New Braunfels park and recreation:

1. What are the park hours?

The park is open from dawn to dusk.

2. Is there an entrance fee?

No, entrance to the park is free.

3. Are pets allowed in the park?

Yes, pets are allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash.

4. Is there a playground for kids?

Yes, there is a playground in the park for children to enjoy.

5. Are there picnic areas in the park?

Yes, there are designated picnic areas with tables and grills available.

6. Can I reserve a picnic area?

Yes, picnic areas can be reserved online or by calling the park office.

7. Are there walking trails in the park?

Yes, there are walking trails for visitors to enjoy.

8. Are bicycles allowed on the trails?

Yes, bicycles are allowed on the designated trails. Please be mindful of other visitors and obey trail etiquette.

9. Is fishing allowed in the park?

Yes, fishing is allowed in the park’s designated areas. Texas fishing regulations apply.

10. Can I rent kayaks or canoes in the park?

Yes, kayaks and canoes can be rented during park hours. Reservations are recommended.

11. What is the age limit for renting equipment?

Renters must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID.

12. Is there a swimming area in the park?

Yes, there is a designated swimming area with a lifeguard on duty during peak seasons.

13. Are there restrooms in the park?

Yes, there are public restrooms available for visitors.

14. Is the park accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, the park has accessible features such as designated parking spaces and restrooms.

15. Can I bring my own grill or charcoal?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own grills and charcoal. Please dispose of hot coals properly.

16. Are alcoholic beverages allowed in the park?

No, alcohol is not allowed in the park.

17. Is there a basketball court in the park?

Yes, there is a basketball court available for visitors to use.

18. Are there organized sports leagues in the park?

Yes, the park offers organized sports leagues for various age groups. Check the park website for more information.

19. Can I bring my own sports equipment to use in the park?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own sports equipment. Please be mindful of other visitors and share the space.

20. Is there a fee for participating in activities or sports leagues?

Yes, fees may apply for certain activities or sports leagues. Check the park website for more information.

21. Are there nature programs or tours available in the park?

Yes, the park offers guided nature programs and tours for visitors. Check the park website for more information.

22. Is there a camping area in the park?

No, there is no camping allowed in the park.

23. Is there a pavilion available to rent for events?

Yes, there is a pavilion available for rent. Reservations can be made online or by calling the park office.

24. Are there fireworks allowed in the park?

No, fireworks are not allowed in the park.

25. How can I report park vandalism or emergencies?

In case of emergencies, call 911. To report park vandalism or other concerns, contact the park office during business hours.

For more information on New Braunfels parks and recreation, check out their official website at new-braunfels-parks-and-recreation. Here you can find a list of their facilities, upcoming events, and activities.

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