The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Recreation RV Boat Storage

Hello, kind reader! If you’re reading this, you’re likely in search of a safe and secure location to store your recreation RV and boat. Fortunately, there’s an excellent solution: Recreation RV & Boat Storage. At Recreation RV & Boat Storage, you’ll find a wide range of options for storing your beloved vehicles while you’re not using them. With advanced security measures and ample space, this facility offers everything you need to ensure your RV and boat remain in tip-top condition until your next adventure.

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Types of Recreation RV and Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Types of Recreation RV and Boat Storage,thqTypesofRecreationRVandBoatStorage

Storage facilities offer a range of options for RV and boat owners who require a secure and controlled storage location. There are different types of storage facilities, each with its own features and benefits to cater to the requirements of recreation RV and boat owners. Below are the different types of recreation RV and boat storage facilities:

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are typically located inside a building and are climate-controlled, providing a more secure and controlled storage location. This type of storage unit is ideal for boats and RVs as it keeps them out of the elements, ensuring they stay in good condition, and reduces the risk of moisture-related damage.

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are typically located outside and are popular for their affordability. Outdoor storage units are typically a good option for those who are looking to reduce the cost of storing their RV or boat. It is essential to consider the weather conditions when storing your RV or boat in an outdoor unit, as it is exposed to elements like sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Factors to Consider When Choosing RV and Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Factors to Consider When Choosing RV and Boat Storage,thqFactorstoConsiderWhenChoosingRVandBoatStorage

Choosing the right recreation RV and boat storage facility is critical in ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle or boat. Several factors need to be considered when choosing a suitable storage facility:

Location of the Storage Facility

The location of the storage facility should be considered when selecting a suitable storage location. Choosing a facility that is easily accessible to you will make it easier to pick up and drop off your RV or boat, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

Security Features

The security features of the storage facility are a critical consideration in ensuring the safety and security of your RV or boat. The facility should have adequate security measures such as CCTV cameras, security personnel, and access control measures.

Cost of Storage

The cost of storage is a critical factor that needs to be considered when selecting a suitable storage facility. The cost of storage varies depending on the location, size, and type of storage unit you choose. It is essential to consider your budget when selecting a suitable storage facility.

Indoor RV Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Indoor RV Storage,thqIndoorRVStorage

Indoor RV storage is a great option for those looking to protect their recreational vehicle from the elements. While outdoor storage can be more affordable, it leaves your RV exposed to harsh weather conditions that can damage both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Indoor storage provides a controlled environment that shields your RV from rain, snow, hail, and damaging UV rays.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage takes indoor RV storage to the next level. It offers a stable temperature and humidity level to help prevent rust, corrosion, and mold growth. This type of storage ensures your RV stays in top condition during longer periods of time when it’s not in use.

Security Features

When choosing indoor RV storage, it’s important to consider facilities that offer reliable security features such as gated access, 24-hour surveillance, and security patrols. These measures ensure your RV stays safe and secure while in storage.

Outdoor RV Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Outdoor RV Storage,thqOutdoorRVStorage

While indoor RV storage offers additional protection, outdoor RV storage is a more affordable option for those who are looking to save on storage costs. It’s important to choose a facility that offers adequate security features such as fencing, surveillance cameras, and security personnel.

Covered Storage

For additional protection, consider covered outdoor RV storage. This option provides protection from the sun, rain, and snow while still being less expensive than indoor storage options. However, keep in mind that covered storage still leaves your RV exposed to outdoor elements and weather conditions.

Uncovered Storage

Uncovered outdoor RV storage is the most affordable option for storing your vehicle. However, it leaves your RV exposed to all weather conditions and elements. It’s important to take steps to protect your RV, such as investing in a high-quality cover.

No Important Information
1 Recreation RV & Boat Storage offers secure, covered storage for RVs and boats
2 The facility is open from 6am to 8pm every day
3 The storage area is fenced and monitored by security cameras
4 Customers have 24/7 access to their stored vehicles with an electronic gate code
5 The facility offers a dump station and potable water for RVs
6 The storage units have individual electric outlets for charging batteries and running small appliances

Facilities for RV and Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Facilities for RV and Boat Storage,thqFacilitiesforRVandBoatStorage

Recreational Vehicles and boats are substantial investments that require special care and storage. Ensuring that your vehicles are stored well is critical to their longevity, safety, and appearance. To give you peace of mind, many facilities for RV and boat storage provide state-of-the-art facilities, including:

1. Covered Storage Options

A covered storage option, such as a pole barn or an aluminum-roofed building, is a common option for storing RVs and boats. A covered storage facility provides a roofed structure that shields your vehicles from direct sunlight, debris, dust, inclement weather, and harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, this option provides protection from insects and rodents that could damage your vehicles. Covered storage is an ideal option for long-term storage and is optimal for sensitive paint and finishes.

2. 24/7 Security Monitoring

Many storage facilities now provide 24/7 security monitoring to ensure that vehicles are secure and safe from theft. This includes personal keypad access to the storage locker, surveillance cameras, regular patrols, alarms that alert staff to intruders, and motion sensors. High security gives peace of mind to owners of RVs and boats. With 24/7 monitoring in place, you can rest easy knowing your vehicles are safe!

3. Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage options provide a temperature-controlled environment for vehicles. Climate-controlled storage protects vehicles from rust, corrosion, mildew, and mold that can occur due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This option is particularly useful for long-term storage in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

4. Cleaning and Detailing Services

When vehicles are stored in a facility for extended periods, they may accumulate dirt, grime, and pollutants that could damage their exterior. Fortunately, many storage facilities offer cleaning and detailing services to maintain the vehicle’s appearance. Cleaning services include hand wash, waxing, detailing, and engine cleaning, to name a few.

5. Charging Supplies

Some RVs require the use of a trickle charger to keep their batteries charged for an extended period. While other facilities do not have power available for such needs, advanced storage facilities provide charging supplies to keep your RVs and boats powered during storage. Charging supplies are critical so that vehicle owners can maintain RV and boat batteries and systems.

6. Dump Station Access

Campsites, as well as many storage facilities, include a dump station for RVs that hold waste tanks. The dump station makes it easy for RV owners to empty their waste tanks into dump stations. It is necessary to follow COVID-19 regulatory disruptions as stated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

7. On-Site Repairs and Maintenance

Boats and RVs require regular maintenance and service checks. Advanced storage facilities have experts and trained professionals to provide routine maintenance and repair services. These services can include oil changes, tire rotations, and other critical repairs to keep the vehicles in top condition.

No Storage Facilities Services Offered
1 StorQuest Self Storage Indoor and outdoor storage, cleaning, and repair services.
2 CubeSmart Covered and uncovered storage, climate-controlled storage, video monitoring, and repair services.
3 Extra Space Storage Indoor and outdoor storage, climate-controlled storage, and repair services.
4 U-Haul Indoor and outdoor storage, climate-controlled storage, and repair services.
5 The Lock Up Self Storage Indoor and outdoor storage, climate-controlled storage, and cleaning services.

Note: It is better to contact the facility directly to ensure that the services mentioned are still available and applicable to the facility you are visiting.

Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Boat Storage,thqBoatStorage

One of the challenges of owning a boat is storing it properly when it’s not in use. With recreational boat storage facilities, boat owners have a safe and secure place to store their vessels. Covered storage is often provided to protect boats from the elements, while open-air storage is generally more cost-effective. Some boat storage facilities offer additional services, such as cleaning and maintenance, to keep boats in top condition.

Indoor Boat Storage

For those who prefer the ultimate protection for their boat, indoor boat storage is the best option. Indoor boat storage refers to the storage of boats inside a storage unit or warehouse. This type of storage protects the boat from exposure to the elements, including rain, snow, and UV rays. It also protects the boat from potential vandalism or theft. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, or your boat is particularly valuable, indoor boat storage may be the best option.

Outdoor Boat Storage

Outdoor boat storage is the most common and affordable option for boat owners. Outdoor boat storage is typically provided in a fenced-in area with a gate that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. This type of storage is ideal for boats that are more durable and can handle being exposed to the elements. Most outdoor storage facilities offer covered or uncovered storage options. Covered storage provides extra protection against sun, rain, and wind, while uncovered storage is more affordable and provides a more natural environment for the boat.

Rv Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Rv Storage,thqRvStorage

Just like boat storage, recreational vehicle (RV) storage can also be a challenge for owners who do not have enough space to store their RV on their properties. RV storage facilities provide a secure way to store your vehicle and protect it from weather damage and potential theft.

Indoor RV Storage

Indoor RV storage is the ultimate storage solution for RV owners looking for maximum protection. An indoor RV storage facility will protect your vehicle from extreme weather, theft and other security issues. This type of storage typically includes covered garages and enclosed units with climate control options. Just like other indoor storage, indoor RV storage is quite pricey.

Outdoor RV Storage

The most common and affordable option for RV storage is outdoor RV storage. An outdoor RV storage facility often provides the same storage options as outdoor boat storage, that is covered or uncovered. This type of storage is much cheaper than indoor storage, and you’ll get a more natural environment to park your RV. However, you have to consider the weather conditions in your environment when considering this option, as it’s exposed to elements.

Climate-Controlled Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Climate-Controlled Storage,thqClimate-ControlledStorage

One essential feature to look for when choosing a storage facility for your RV and boat is climate-controlled storage. This type of storage will help maintain the condition of your vehicle or boat and prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures, humidity and other environmental elements. Extreme heat can damage the RV’s delicate components, while moisture can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled RV and boat storage can provide several benefits such as:

No Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage
1 Protection from extreme temperature
2 Preventing growth of mold and mildew
3 Preventing damage to interior and exterior components of vehicles
4 Ensuring the longevity of your RV and boat

Additionally, climate-controlled storage can give peace of mind to RV and boat owners, knowing that their expensive and valuable investments are in a safe and secure location.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Climate-Controlled Storage

There are some factors to consider in choosing a climate-controlled storage facility:

  • Location of the facility and ease of access.
  • Security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras and secure gates.
  • Pricing options on offer.
  • Whether the facility offers indoor or outdoor storage options.
  • The size and features of the units, such as shelving and electrical outlets.
  • The condition of the units themselves, such as lighting and cleanliness.

Benefits of Choosing Recreation RV & Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Benefits of Choosing Recreation RV & Boat Storage,thqBenefitsofChoosingRecreationRV26BoatStorage

Choosing the right storage facility for your RV or boat is important for the safety and preservation of your investment. There are many options available, but recreation RV & boat storage facilities offer unique benefits that set them apart from other types of storage.

Secure Storage

One of the most important aspects of choosing a storage facility for your RV or boat is security. Recreation RV & boat storage facilities typically have top-notch security measures in place to ensure the safety of your investment. These measures may include gated access, security cameras, and on-site staff.

Convenience & Flexibility

Recreation RV & boat storage facilities are often located in convenient locations, making it easy for you to access your recreational vehicle or boat when you need it. Additionally, many of these facilities offer flexible storage options, allowing you to adjust your storage needs based on your usage.

No Benefit
1 24/7 security
2 Gated access
3 On-site staff
4 Convenient location
5 Flexible storage options

Security Measures for Recreation RV & Boat Storage

recreation-rv-boat-storage,Security Measures for Recreation RV & Boat Storage,thqSecurityMeasuresforRecreationRV26BoatStorage

When choosing a storage facility for your recreation RV and boat, one of the top concerns that come to mind is security. It is essential to assess the security measures implemented in the storage facility you plan to use. This way, you can have the peace of mind that your valuable assets are in safe hands.

24-Hour Surveillance Cameras

One of the most effective security measures to ensure the safety of your recreation RV and boat is 24-hour surveillance cameras. The presence of video cameras will deter criminal activity and give assurance to boat and RV owners that they are under watch 24/7. It is recommended to look for storage facilities that have high-quality cameras with proper positioning, which will capture the entire area.

Security Personnel and Gated Access

Another security measure you should consider is the deployment of security personnel to prevent unauthorized access and suspicious activities. On top of that, most storage facilities implement gated access that requires an access code to open the gate. With this, the facility can easily monitor who is coming in and out and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the area where the recreation RV and boat are stored.

No Security Measures
1 Access Control
2 Perimeter Walls
3 Fire Suppression System
4 Digital Surveillance

Frequently Asked Questions about Recreation RV & Boat Storage

1. What is Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

Recreation RV & Boat Storage is a facility that offers secure and convenient storage for recreational vehicles and boats.

2. What types of vehicles and boats can be stored in Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

We offer storage for a variety of recreational vehicles, including RVs, motorhomes, trailers, campers, and fifth wheels. We also offer boat storage for boats of all sizes.

3. What security measures are in place at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

Our facility is equipped with security cameras, gated entry, and 24-hour surveillance to ensure the safety of your vehicles and boats.

4. How much does it cost to store my RV or boat at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

Prices vary depending on the size and type of vehicle or boat you are storing. Contact us for a personalized quote.

5. Is there an option for outdoor or indoor storage at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

Yes, we offer both outdoor and indoor storage options.

6. What hours can I access my stored vehicle or boat?

Our facility is accessible 24/7 for your convenience.

7. Can I make a reservation for storage at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

Yes, you can make a reservation online or in person. Contact us for more information.

8. Do I need insurance for my stored vehicle or boat?

Yes, we require all stored vehicles and boats to be insured.

9. Can I access my stored vehicle or boat during severe weather?

For safety reasons, we may restrict access during severe weather conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes. We will notify all customers in advance of any restrictions.

10. Can I store other items besides my RV or boat at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

No, we only offer storage for recreational vehicles and boats.

11. How do I pay for my storage rental?

You can pay for your rental online, in person, or by mail.

12. What is the minimum rental period for storage at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

We require a minimum rental period of one month.

13. Can I access my stored vehicle or boat more than once a day?

Yes, you can access your stored vehicle or boat as many times as you need to.

14. Do I need to provide my own lock for my storage unit?

No, we provide locks for all storage units.

15. What types of payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

16. Is there a fee for late payments?

Yes, there is a fee for late payments. Contact us for more information.

17. What happens if my stored vehicle or boat is damaged while in storage?

While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your property, we are not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur while in storage. Make sure your vehicle or boat is insured to protect against any potential damages.

18. Can I store my RV or boat for long periods of time?

Yes, we offer long-term storage options for customers who need it.

19. Can I transfer my storage reservation to another person?

Yes, with proper notice and documentation, you can transfer your storage reservation to another person.

20. What happens if I decide to remove my stored vehicle or boat before the end of my rental period?

We do not offer refunds for early removal of stored vehicles or boats.

21. What happens if I forget my access code or lose my key?

Contact us immediately if you forget your access code or lose your key. We can provide assistance to help you access your stored vehicle or boat.

22. Can I wash my vehicle or boat at the storage facility?

No, we do not offer washing facilities at our storage facility. However, you can bring your vehicle or boat to a nearby car wash to clean it.

23. Is there a limit on the number of vehicles or boats I can store at Recreation RV & Boat Storage?

No, there is no limit on the number of vehicles or boats you can store at our facility.

24. Can I make changes to my storage reservation after I have already paid?

Yes, you can make changes to your storage reservation. Contact us for more information.

25. What should I do if I have a concern or problem with my stored vehicle or boat?

Contact us immediately if you have any concerns or problems with your stored vehicle or boat. We are always available to assist you.

Looking for a place to store your RV or boat? Check out recreation rv & boat storage for secure and convenient options.

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