Sandy Springs Recreation: Unlocking Your Ultimate Summer Fun

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for diverse and engaging recreational activities, Sandy Springs Recreation is the perfect spot for you! From sports to arts, this community offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy their leisure time. Located in the northern part of Fulton County, Georgia, Sandy Springs Recreation has become a popular destination for people seeking a break from their fast-paced lives. With its natural beauty and diverse culture, this community provides an ideal environment for visitors and residents alike to unwind and have fun.

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Best Parks for Outdoor Activities in Sandy Springs

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In Sandy Springs, visitors and locals enjoy several parks with facilities for outdoor activities. Here are some of the best parks for outdoor activities in Sandy Springs that you can visit:

Morgan Falls Overlook Park

Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a picturesque place for outdoor recreation in Sandy Springs. This park covers about 30 acres of land along the Chattahoochee River and features various amenities for visitors. Some of the outdoor activities that you can enjoy here include hiking, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, and playing on the playground. You can also watch the beautiful cascading waterfall that blends with the Chattahoochee River.

Lost Corners Preserve

Lost Corners Preserve is a nature park that maintains its natural environment in Sandy Springs. With over 26 acres of land, visitors can have several activities here such as bird watching, hiking, outdoor photography, and exploring the native plants and animals. It also has a nature center where visitors can learn more about the local ecosystem.

No Activities to Do at Morgan Falls Overlook Park and Lost Corners Preserve
1 Kayaking and canoeing along the Chattahoochee River
2 Enjoying the scenic view and taking photographs
3 Hiking on the designated trails
4 Learning about the local ecosystem in the nature centers
5 Fishing in the designated areas
6 Having a picnic while enjoying the outdoor scenery

Outdoor Activities in Sandy Springs Recreation

sandy-springs-recreation,Outdoor Activities in Sandy Springs Recreation,thqOutdoorActivitiesinSandySpringsRecreation

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the Sandy Springs Recreation Center is the perfect spot for you. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy:

Hiking and Biking

Sandy Springs Recreation is an excellent spot for hiking and biking enthusiasts. The center boasts a network of beautiful trails through the Chattahoochee River that offers incredible views of nature and wildlife. The Colquitt Trail, Riverside Park, and Morgan Falls Overlook Park are some of the best spots for hiking and biking in Sandy Springs Recreation.


If you love fishing, you’ll love Sandy Springs Recreation. The Chattahoochee River offers excellent fishing opportunities with its clear water and various fish species. You can find several fishing spots in the center, including Morgan Falls Dam, Jon’s Creek, Island Ford, and Bowmans Island.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing are also popular activities in Sandy Springs Recreation. You can paddle down the beautiful Chattahoochee River and enjoy the serene surroundings. The center offers kayak and canoe rentals, so you don’t have to bring your own equipment.


If you’re looking for a serene spot to have a sunset picnic, Sandy Springs Recreation is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy a picnic with your family, friends, or significant other at one of the many picnic tables in the park. Riverside Park is a great place to have a picnic and enjoy the view of the Chattahoochee River.


If you have kids, they can enjoy the various playgrounds spread across the Sandy Springs Recreation center. The playgrounds are designed to be safe and fun, and your kids can stay entertained while you enjoy the other activities in the center.


Golf enthusiasts can also enjoy the game in Sandy Springs Recreation. The north Fulton County Golf Course is a well-maintained course that offers beautiful scenery and challenging holes for golfers of all levels.

Zip Lining

Sandy Springs Recreation has a unique activity that adventure lovers would appreciate: the Treetop Quest. Treetop quest is an aerial obstacle course with zip lines that put your daring spirit to the test.

No Information
1 Sandy Springs Recreation offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages including fitness, arts, sports, and aquatics.
2 The City of Sandy Springs has several parks and facilities for recreational use such as Hammond Park, Morgan Falls Athletic Complex, and Sandy Springs Tennis Center.
3 Sandy Springs Recreation also offers specialized programs for seniors such as Senior Fitness, Art Class, and Tai Chi.
4 The Sandy Springs Youth Basketball league is a popular program for children ages 5-18 who want to learn and play basketball.
5 The City of Sandy Springs also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year including the Sandy Springs Festival, Concerts by the Springs, and Fourth of July Celebration.

Fun Activities for Families

sandy-springs-recreation,Family Fun in Sandy Springs,thqFamilyFuninSandySprings

Families can enjoy spending quality time together while engaging in various activities in Sandy Springs. The city has multiple parks and playgrounds that offer facilities for children to play and enjoy outdoor activities. The Abernathy Greenway Linear Park is a perfect place to have a picnic, bike ride, or go for a walk on the trails while enjoying scenic views.

Performing Arts Activities

Sandy Springs has multiple events throughout the year, and it is home to performing arts activities such as plays, theater musicals, and concerts. Families can enjoy these activities while getting to know the city’s culture and history. One of the events that people look forward to is the Sandy Springs Festival, which is held every September. The festival features various art and craft vendors, live performances, food trucks, and more.

Water Activities

Sandy Springs has various water activities for the whole family during summer. At the Morgan Falls Overlook Park, families can go on a walk or have a picnic beside the Chattahoochee River and rent boats to kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. There are also fishing facilities available with different varieties of fish to catch.

Recreation Programs for Adults

sandy-springs-recreation,Adult Recreation in Sandy Springs,thqAdultRecreationinSandySprings

Sandy Springs has various opportunities for adults to engage in social activities and stay active through its recreation programs. The City Springs Theatre Company opens its doors for actors, costume designers, and musicians to audition for its theater productions. The Sandy Springs Historic Site has quilting workshops and lectures on the history of the city. And for fitness enthusiasts, the Morgan Falls Athletic Complex has gym facilities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and various fitness classes such as Yoga, Zumba, and HIIT.

Sports Activities

Sandy Springs is a hub for various sports activities that adults can participate in. The city has multiple parks that offer facilities such as basketball courts, soccer fields, and tennis courts. The Sandy Springs Tennis Center features 24 clay courts, the largest clay court facility in Georgia, and offers lessons for beginners to advanced players. The Steel Canyon Golf Club is also a perfect place for golf lovers with its 18-hole golf course and a restaurant that serves delicious meals.

Wellness Programs

For adults who want to focus on their mental and emotional well-being, Sandy Springs offers wellness programs such as meditation, counseling, and nutrition workshops. The Sandy Springs Library has regular meditation and yoga classes, and the Sandy Springs Comprehensive Wellness program offers counseling services for stress management, anxiety, and depression.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

sandy-springs-recreation,Outdoor Recreation Sandy Springs,thqOutdoorRecreationSandySprings

If you love nature and the great outdoors, you will be happy to know that Sandy Springs has plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities to offer. This vibrant city is home to numerous parks, nature preserves, and walking trails that give you the chance to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy some quality time in the fresh air.


There are several parks in Sandy Springs, but the most popular among residents and tourists alike is the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. This beautiful park boasts stunning views, picnic areas, a playground, and miles of trails for hiking, cycling, and jogging.

Nature Preserves

If you want to explore the natural beauty of Sandy Springs, visiting one of the city’s nature preserves is a must. The Abernathy Greenway Urban Trail is located in the heart of the city and offers visitors the chance to explore lush greenery, quiet waters, and wildlife.

The Lost Corner Preserve, on the other hand, is a historic forest with over 20 acres of hiking trails that allows visitors to discover the area’s unique ecology.

The Big Trees Forest Preserve is another great place to visit if you want to enjoy the great outdoors. This nature preserve features a forest with magnificent trees, creeks, and hiking trails.

If you love nature and the great outdoors, you will be delighted with the numerous parks, nature preserves, and walking trails that Sandy Springs has to offer.

No Park/Nature Preserve Name Activities Offered
1 Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Hiking, cycling, jogging, picnicking, playground
2 Abernathy Greenway Urban Trail Hiking, exploration of greenery and wildlife
3 Lost Corner Preserve Hiking, exploration of ecology and wildlife
4 Big Trees Forest Preserve Hiking, exploration of forest, creeks, and wildlife

Swimming and Aquatics

sandy-springs-recreation,Swimming and Aquatics,thqSwimming-and-Aquatics

If you’re looking to beat the heat and get some exercise at the same time, swimming might be the perfect activity for you. The Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers a variety of swimming and aquatics classes for people of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced swimmer, there’s a class for you.

Swimming Lessons

The Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers swimming lessons for children and adults. These lessons are designed to teach participants the basics of swimming and to help them gain confidence in the water. There are classes available for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced swimmers.

Lap Swimming

For those looking to get some exercise, the Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers lap swimming. Lap swimming is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and to build muscle strength. There are both indoor and outdoor pools available for lap swimming.

Sports Leagues and Programs

sandy-springs-recreation,Sports Leagues and Programs,thqSports-Leagues-and-Programs

The Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers a variety of sports leagues and programs for adults and children. These programs provide opportunities for people to stay active, learn new skills, and meet new people in a fun and supportive environment.

Youth Sports

The Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers a variety of youth sports programs, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball. These programs are designed to teach children the fundamentals of the sport and to help them develop their skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

Adult Sports

For adults looking to stay active and competitive, the Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department offers a variety of adult sports leagues, including basketball, softball, flag football, and volleyball. These leagues provide opportunities for adults of all skill levels to stay fit and have fun.

Outdoor Activities in Sandy Springs Recreation

sandy-springs-recreation,Outdoor Activities in Sandy Springs Recreation,thqOutdoorActivitiesinSandySpringsRecreation

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Sandy Springs has plenty of activities that will get you moving outside.


The Chattahoochee River offers a wide range of opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. The Morgan Falls Overlook Park is an excellent launch point and rents canoes and kayaks from Memorial Day through late October. Another location that offers canoe and kayak rentals is the National Park Service’s Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, which is comprised of four locations along the river.


The city offers over 950 acres of parkland perfect for hiking and biking. The Chattahoochee River National Recreational Area is a scenic spot for hiking and exploring. Additionally, the city is home to the Big Trees Forest Preserve, which has over 30 acres of land to explore. Bicycle rentals are also available at the Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

No Outdoor Activities
1 Canoeing/Kayaking
2 Hiking/Biking

Facilities for Outdoor Activities

sandy-springs-recreation,Facilities for Outdoor Activities,thqFacilitiesforOutdoorActivities

Sandy Springs offers a wide range of facilities for outdoor activities, attracting both residents and tourists. One of the most popular facilities is the Morgan Falls Athletic Complex, which features baseball and softball fields, soccer fields, and a playground. Families with children can also utilize the various picnic areas available. Besides this, there are several parks throughout Sandy Springs that provide hiking trails and beautiful scenery.

Transportation to the Facilities

Getting to these facilities is also made easy, as Sandy Springs transportation services are top-notch. For instance, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is situated in the heart of Sandy Springs and is easily accessible through the Riverside Park. Moreover, the parks are accessible by car, bike, and public transport.

Activities at the Parks

The parks offer several activities for tourists and residents, including picnic areas to hold events or host playdates and hiking trails that vary in difficulty levels. Some parks even have yoga classes and group training sessions, perfect for individuals seeking to stay fit. Dogs are also allowed in some of the parks, and there are designated areas to let them run freely. The natural habitats around the parks provide beautiful scenery for people to enjoy while walking or sitting down in the park’s gazebos.

Sandy Springs Recreation FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about recreational activities in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

1. What are the available parks in Sandy Springs?

Sandy Springs has 16 parks, including Morgan Falls Overlook Park, Hammond Park, and Abernathy Greenway.

2. Are there any dog parks?

Yes, Sandy Springs has two dog parks: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and Morgan Falls Overlook Park.

3. Is there a place to rent bicycles?

Yes, visitors can rent bicycles at Sandy Springs’ Outback Bikes.

4. Are there any water recreational activities?

Yes, Sandy Springs has water recreational activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding on the Chattahoochee River.

5. Is there a swimming pool in Sandy Springs?

Yes, Abernathy Greenway Park has a swimming pool.

6. Where can I play tennis in Sandy Springs?

You can play tennis at Morgan Falls Overlook Park, Hammond Park, and Sandy Springs Tennis Center.

7. Is there a basketball court?

Yes, most of the parks in Sandy Springs have a basketball court.

8. Can I reserve a pavilion for a family gathering?

Yes, you can reserve a pavilion at any of the city parks in Sandy Springs.

9. Does Sandy Springs have any indoor recreational activities?

Yes, you can enjoy indoor activities at the Sandy Springs Tennis Center, Concourse Athletic Club, and Heritage Sandy Springs Museum.

10. Are there any outdoor fitness opportunities?

Yes, Sandy Springs has outdoor fitness opportunities such as hiking and biking trails, yoga classes, and boot camps.

11. What are the hours of operation for the parks in Sandy Springs?

The hours of operation vary for each park, but most parks are open from dawn to dusk.

12. Is there a fee to use the parks?

Most parks in Sandy Springs are free, but there may be a fee for certain activities like renting pavilions or using the swimming pool.

13. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the park?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks to any of the city parks.

14. Is there a playground for children?

Yes, most of the parks in Sandy Springs have playgrounds for children.

15. Are there any guided tours available?

Yes, visitors can take guided tours of the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum.

16. Is there a senior center?

Yes, the Dorothy C. Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex in Sandy Springs offers programs and services for seniors.

17. Are the parks accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, most of the city parks in Sandy Springs have accessible paths and amenities for individuals with disabilities.

18. Are there any special events hosted at the parks?

Yes, the city of Sandy Springs hosts various events such as concerts, movies in the park, and holiday celebrations at different parks throughout the year.

19. Where can I learn more about the recreational activities in Sandy Springs?

You can visit the city of Sandy Springs’ official website or inquire at the parks and recreation department.

20. Is there a community center in Sandy Springs?

Yes, Sandy Springs has two community centers: the Sandy Springs Community Center and City Springs Community Center.

21. Are there any fishing spots in Sandy Springs?

Yes, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is a popular spot for fishing in Sandy Springs.

22. Are there any picnic areas?

Yes, visitors can enjoy a picnic at any of the city parks in Sandy Springs.

23. Is there parking available?

Yes, most of the parks in Sandy Springs have parking lots available for visitors.

24. Can I bring my own sports equipment?

Yes, visitors can bring their own sports equipment to any of the city parks in Sandy Springs.

25. Are there any summer camps for children?

Yes, the city of Sandy Springs offers various summer camps for children, including adventure camps, sports camps, and arts camps.

Looking for ways to stay active in Sandy Springs? Check out the various recreational activities available in the area, including sports leagues, summer programs, and more.

Thanks for Being a Part of the Fun with Sandy Springs Recreation

Kind Reader, it was great to share with you all the fun activities and events that Sandy Springs Recreation has to offer. Keep in mind that the adventure never ends, and there is always something new to discover every time you visit. Come back soon and discover more ways to enjoy your leisure time with your loved ones. Once again, thanks for being a part of the excitement and the liveliness of Sandy Springs Recreation.

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