Discover the Best Outdoor Adventure at Weller Recreation Utah

Kind Reader, if you are looking for a perfect outdoor spot for relaxation and recreation, Weller Recreation Utah is the place for you. Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, this Utah-based park offers a wide range of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are in the mood for hiking, biking, fishing, or camping, Weller Recreation Utah has something for everyone. With its stunning scenery and endless array of outdoor adventures, it’s no wonder that Weller Recreation Utah is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the country.

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Outdoor Activities at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,Outdoor Activities at Weller Recreation Utah,thqOutdoorActivitiesatWellerRecreationUtah

Weller Recreation Utah is an outdoor adventure destination that offers a multitude of activities that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are some of the most popular outdoor activities you can do at Weller Recreation Utah:

Horseback Riding

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscape of Weller Recreation Utah is on horseback. You can enjoy the fresh air and take in the stunning views while riding through the mountains. The guided horseback riding tours are designed for all skill levels, so even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you can still enjoy this activity.

ATV Tours

For those seeking a more thrilling adventure, you can hop on an ATV and explore the rugged terrain. The ATV tours are a great way to explore the backcountry of Weller Recreation Utah while experiencing the adrenaline rush of speeding through the dirt trails.

Zipline Adventure

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, the zipline adventure is just for you! Flying through the air on a zipline is an unforgettable experience that you won’t forget anytime soon. You can enjoy the spectacular views while soaring over the treetops and mountain peaks.

Fishing and Camping at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,Fishing and Camping at Weller Recreation Utah,thqFishingandCampingatWellerRecreationUtah

Weller Recreation Utah is not just about outdoor activities. The recreational area also provides the opportunity for you to unwind and relax in nature. Here are some of the camping and fishing options available:


Weller Recreation Utah offers campsites for both tent and RV camping. You can park your RV or pitch your tent in the designated camping areas that offer modern amenities such as restrooms, showers, and picnic tables.


Weller Recreation Utah also offers excellent fishing opportunities for anglers. You can cast your line and try to catch rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, and brook trout. The streams and lakes in the area are well-stocked, so you’re bound to catch something.

No Fishing Tips
1 Use lightweight tackle and small baits to match the small flies and insects that are the trout’s primary food source.
2 Locate the deeper pools where the fish are hiding and use nymphs or streamers to entice them.
3 Try to blend in with your surroundings and avoid casting a shadow over the water, as trout are easily spooked.

The Exciting Activities Offered at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,Activities at Weller Recreation Utah,thqActivitiesatWellerRecreationUtah

Weller Recreation Utah provides a wide range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those simply looking for a good time. No matter your age or interests, there’s something for everyone at this state-of-the-art recreational center.

Hiking and Biking

Utah is known for its natural beauty and Weller Recreation Utah takes advantage of this by offering numerous trails for hiking and biking. You can traverse through canyons, cliffs, and valleys, enjoying the most beautiful views while getting a bit of exercise. You can bring your own bike or rent one at a reasonable price from Weller Recreation.


The nearby Strawberry Reservoir is a hotspot for fishing enthusiasts. This natural lake is stocked with fish year-round, making it a perfect location to catch trout or yellow perch. Weller Recreation Utah offers boat rentals if you don’t have your own, so you can try your luck out on the water.

Archery and Shooting Range

If you’re looking for a bit of target practice, or interested in trying out archery, Weller Recreation Utah is the place to go. The onsite archery and shooting range offers an exciting opportunity to perfect your aim, with support from expert coaches.

Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paddle-boarding

Strawberry Reservoir is also ideal for water-based activities, with Weller Recreation Utah providing rentals for canoes, kayaks, and paddle-boards. Enjoy a relaxing day paddling or try your hand at fishing from a boat on the lake’s calm waters. A perfect activity for those who love the chance to be on the water.

Camping and Picnicking

If you want to make a family weekend out of your trip to Weller Recreation Utah, you can rent one of their spacious camping sites or reserve one of their pavilions for a fun and relaxing picnic. The pavilions come with BBQ grills, electricity, and water hook-ups, offering an ideal space for a fun-filled group gathering.

Winter Sports

Utah winters are famous for their stunning beauty, and winter at Weller Recreation Utah is no exception. You can enjoy sledding, skiing ,and snowmobiling on the nearby slopes while staying at one of Weller’s cozy cabins. Weller also offers snowmobile rentals so you can explore the winter wonderland at your own pace..

Bird and Animal Watching

If you love birds and animals, the Strawberry Valley is an ideal spot. You can spot a range of birds and animals like American pelicans, Bald eagles, Shoveler ducks, Cottontail rabbits, Moose and Coyotes, While enjoying the scenery on trails.

No Information
1 Name: Weller Recreation
2 Location: Utah, United States
3 Activities: Snowmobiling, ATV tours, Hiking, Camping, Horseback riding, Hunting, Fishing
4 Rentals: Snowmobiles, ATVs, Camping gear, Trailers, Fishing equipment
5 Guided tours: Available for all activities
6 Contact information: Phone: (435) 654-5810; Email:

RV Rentals at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,RV rentals at Weller Recreation Utah,thqRVrentalswellerrecreationutah

One of the most popular activities at Weller Recreation is RV rentals. With miles and miles of trails to explore, renting an RV is the best way to get the most out of your visit to Weller Recreation. They have a wide selection of RVs available to rent, ranging from motorhomes to travel trailers to fifth-wheels. No matter what kind of RV experience you’re looking for, Weller Recreation has the perfect rental for you.

Motorhome Rentals

If you want the luxury of a home on wheels, then a motorhome rental is your best option. Weller Recreation has several motorhome options, ranging from small and easily maneuverable to big and spacious. All of their motorhomes come with amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping space, so you can have all the comforts of home while exploring the great outdoors.

Travel Trailer Rentals

Travel trailers are a great choice for those who want the freedom to detach their vehicle from their accommodations. Weller Recreation has a variety of travel trailers available to rent, each with its own unique features and amenities. Whether you want a basic model or something with more bells and whistles, they have something for everyone.

ATV Rentals at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,ATV rentals at Weller Recreation Utah,thqATVrentalswellerrecreationutah

Another top activity at Weller Recreation is ATV rentals. With over 800 miles of trails to explore, renting an ATV is a great way to see all that Weller Recreation has to offer. They offer a variety of ATVs available to rent, ranging from single-seaters to 6-seaters, ensuring you can bring the whole family along for the adventure.

Single-Seater ATV Rentals

If you’re looking for an individual adventure, then a single-seater ATV rental is perfect for you. Weller Recreation has several basic models available to rent, as well as more high-powered options for those looking for a bit more extreme adventure.

Multi-Seater ATV Rentals

For those who want to bring along family or friends, Weller Recreation has a variety of multi-seater ATV options available. They have 2-seater, 4-seater, and even 6-seater options, so no matter how many people you want to bring along, they have you covered.

The Exhilarating Water Sports at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,Water Sports Weller Recreation Utah,thqWaterSportsWellerRecreationUtah

Weller Recreation Utah offers a wide variety of water sports that visitors can enjoy with their friends and family. Among the most popular activities that they offer are kayaking, paddleboarding, and water skiing. One can rent the equipment on-site and enjoy out in the water. Whether you are a beginner or have experience in water sports, you will have an enjoyable time.

Kayaking at Weller Recreation Utah

If you want to explore the Great Salt Lake, kayaking is the best option. Kayak rentals are available at Weller Recreation Utah and they have both single and tandem kayaks. Paddle your way through the calm waters while enjoying the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

Paddleboarding at Weller Recreation Utah

For a more challenging water activity, try paddleboarding. Weller Recreation Utah offers stand-up paddleboard rentals that can be used in the calm waters of the Great Salt Lake. This activity enhances your balance and strength while enjoying the view.

Weller Recreation Utah: Guided Fishing Tours

weller-recreation-utah,Weller Recreation Utah Fishing,thqWellerRecreationUtahFishing

If fishing is your thing, then you’re in luck because Weller Recreation offers some of the best-guided fishing tours in Utah. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting, Weller Recreation’s guides can provide a fantastic time.

Types of Fishing Tours

Weller Recreation Utah offers a variety of private and public guided fishing tours for all experience levels. These tours include:

No Fishing Tour
1 Lake Fishing Tour
2 Stream Fishing Tour
3 Fly Fishing Tour

Why Choose Weller Recreation for Your Fishing Adventure?

Weller Recreation’s guides have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you have a great time while reeling in fish. They also utilize top-of-the-line equipment and fishing gear to make sure that you have the best chance of catching something. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even catch a trout or two.

Popular Activities at Weller Recreation Utah

weller-recreation-utah,Popular Activities at Weller Recreation Utah,thqPopular-Activities-at-Weller-Recreation-Utah

Weller Recreation offers a range of activities that cater to all ages. Whether you want to enjoy some peaceful moments or an adrenaline rush, the park has something for everyone. Here are some of the popular activities that visitors can enjoy:


The park has several hiking trails that cut across different terrains. Hikers can choose to explore the pine tree forests or climb steep hills, depending on their preferences. Some of the popular hiking trails include the Squaw Peak Trail and the Rock Canyon Trail.


Camping enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s amazing campsites that offer stunning views of the mountains. The campsites are spacious and well-maintained, making them suitable for families and large groups. You can choose to stay in a tent or rent one of the cabins available at the park.

ATV Riding

If you’re seeking some adventure, you can explore the park’s ATV trails and enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding areas. You don’t have to bring your ATV as the park provides rentals to visitors who want to try out this activity.

Horseback Riding

The park has horseback riding trails that allow visitors to explore the mountainous areas while on horseback. Horseback riding is an ideal way to bond with nature while enjoying a leisurely ride with friends, family, or loved ones.


The park has a fishing pond that is stocked with different fish species, including trout, catfish, and bass. Visitors can bring their fishing gear or rent from the park’s store. Fishing enthusiasts can also choose to fish in the nearby Provo River, which is just a few minutes away from the park.


Weller Recreation has biking trails that offer visitors a chance to explore the park on two wheels. The trails are designed to cater to different skill levels, from beginners to experienced cyclists. You can bring your bike or rent one at the park’s store.

ATV and Snowmobile Rentals

weller-recreation-utah,ATV and Snowmobile Rentals,thqATV-and-Snowmobile-Rentals

If you’re looking to explore the terrain around Weller Recreation Utah, renting an ATV or snowmobile is the perfect way to do so. With miles of trails available, travelers can explore the beauty of the outdoors with a motorized vehicle.

ATV Rentals

Weller Recreation Utah has a variety of ATVs available for rent, making it easy to find a vehicle that is suited for your skill level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there is an ATV available that suits your needs.

No ATV Rental Options
1 Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. / 570 H.O.
2 Polaris RZR XP 1000 / XP 1000 4 Seater
3 Can-Am Outlander XT 570 / Outlander X MR 570

It’s important to note that all renters must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and credit card. Additionally, all ATV rentals come with a helmet and goggles.

Snowmobile Rentals

During the winter months, snowmobile rentals are a popular option for travelers looking to explore Weller Recreation Utah. With miles of groomed trails, riders can experience the beauty of the winter landscape.

No Snowmobile Rental Options
1 Polaris 550 INDY LXT
2 Polaris 600 RMK 144
3 Timbersled ARO 120DLE

Like ATV rentals, snowmobile rentals require renters to be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and credit card. Helmets and goggles are provided.

Weller Recreation Utah FAQ

If you have questions or concerns about Weller Recreation Utah, check out our FAQ below.

1. What is Weller Recreation Utah?

Weller Recreation Utah is an outdoor adventure and leisure park located in Mapleton, Utah. Our park provides a variety of activities, such as fishing, camping, hiking, and more.

2. What are the park hours?

Our park is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day, except for major holidays.

3. Is Weller Recreation Utah family-friendly?

Yes, our park is great for families with children of all ages. We offer many activities that are fun for the whole family.

4. How do I book a camping spot?

You can book a camping spot online through our website or by calling our reservation line.

5. Are pets allowed in the park?

Yes, we allow pets in our park, but they must be on a leash at all times and cleaned up after.

6. Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, outside food and drinks are allowed in our park. We also have a snack bar and kitchen available for your convenience.

7. What kind of fishing is available?

We offer both catch-and-release and catch-and-keep fishing for rainbow trout and catfish in our stocked ponds. We also have a small stream where you can catch native trout.

8. Are fishing licenses required?

Yes, fishing licenses are required for all individuals over the age of 12. You can purchase a license on-site or online before your visit.

9. What hiking trails are available?

We have several hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate difficulty. Our most popular trail is the Maple Canyon Trail, which offers stunning views of the canyon.

10. Is there a fee to use the hiking trails?

No, the hiking trails are included with your park admission fee.

11. Are there picnic areas available?

Yes, we have several picnic areas with tables and grills available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

12. Can I rent equipment for activities?

Yes, we offer equipment rental for fishing, camping, and other activities. You can view our rental prices on our website or by contacting us.

13. Are there restrooms available in the park?

Yes, we have several restrooms located throughout the park for your convenience.

14. Is Weller Recreation Utah wheelchair accessible?

Most of our park is wheelchair accessible, but some of our hiking trails may not be suitable for individuals with mobility challenges. Please contact us for more information.

15. Is there a swimming area?

No, we do not have a swimming area in the park.

16. Does the park have Wi-Fi?

No, we do not have Wi-Fi available in the park.

17. Are there any nearby lodging options?

Yes, there are several hotels and motels located within a short driving distance of the park.

18. Is there an age limit for fishing?

No, there is no age limit for fishing, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

19. Can I bring my own boat or kayak?

Yes, you may bring your own boat or kayak. We also offer boat rentals for our ponds.

20. Is the park open year-round?

No, we are open from April to October depending on weather conditions.

21. What happens in case of inclement weather?

If the park needs to close due to inclement weather, we will post a notice on our website and social media pages. If you have a camping reservation, we will contact you directly.

22. Are there any group rates available?

Yes, we offer group rates for corporate events, family reunions, and other group activities. Contact us for more information.

23. Is there a lost and found available?

Yes, we have a lost and found located in the park office. Please check with our staff for assistance.

24. What type of payment is accepted?

We accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards. No personal checks.

25. Is smoking allowed in the park?

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Please be respectful of other guests when smoking.

Learn more about outdoor recreation in Utah and discover the beauty of Weller Recreation with Weller Recreation Utah.

A Fond Farewell, Kind Reader

It’s been a pleasure taking you on this journey through Weller Recreation Utah! We hope you’ve enjoyed all the tips and insights we shared as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together. If you’re ever in the area again, don’t hesitate to visit us. There’s always something new and fun happening at Weller Recreation Utah and we would be more than happy to share it with you. Until then, take care and keep exploring!

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