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Hello Kind Reader! Are you in search of high-quality picnic baskets? Well, look no further than picnic baskets wholesale! Our company specializes in providing top-notch picnic baskets at affordable prices. Whether you’re planning a family picnic, a romantic outing, or a corporate event, we have the perfect picnic basket for your occasion. With a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect basket to suit your needs. So gather your friends, pack your favorite snacks, and let picnic baskets wholesale help you create the perfect outdoor experience!

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Where to Buy Picnic Baskets Wholesale?

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Where to Buy Picnic Baskets Wholesale,thqWheretoBuyPicnicBasketsWholesale

If you’re in the business of selling picnic baskets, it’s important to find a reliable supplier who can provide you with high-quality picnic baskets at a wholesale price. Luckily, there are many places where you can buy picnic baskets wholesale, both online and offline.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, connecting millions of buyers and sellers every day. You can find a wide variety of picnic baskets on Alibaba, from traditional wicker baskets to modern backpack-style picnic baskets. The prices on Alibaba are usually very competitive, but be sure to do your research and choose a supplier with good ratings and reviews.

2. Amazon

Amazon is another great place to look for picnic baskets wholesale. You can find a wide range of picnic baskets on Amazon, including insulated picnic baskets, collapsible picnic baskets, and picnic baskets with cutlery and plates included. Amazon has a wide range of prices, so it’s important to do your research and choose a supplier with good ratings and reviews.

Picnic Baskets Wholesale Pricing and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Picnic Baskets Wholesale Pricing and Minimum Order Quantity,thqPicnicBasketsWholesalePricingandMinimumOrderQuantity

When buying picnic baskets wholesale, it’s important to consider the pricing and minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements of your supplier. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

1. Pricing

The pricing of picnic baskets wholesale varies widely depending on the type of basket, the materials it’s made of, and the quantity you’re ordering. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars per basket, depending on these factors. It’s important to shop around and compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Many suppliers have minimum order quantities (MOQs) for their picnic baskets wholesale. This means that you’ll need to order a certain minimum quantity of baskets in order to get the wholesale price. MOQs can vary widely depending on the supplier, but are typically in the range of 50-100 baskets. Be sure to check with your supplier for their specific MOQ requirements.

Keep in mind that many suppliers may also offer discounts for larger orders, so it’s worth considering ordering in bulk if you have the storage space and budget to do so.

Types of Picnic Baskets You Can Get Wholesale

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Types of Picnic Baskets You Can Get Wholesale,thqTypesofPicnicBasketsYouCanGetWholesale

If you’re interested in purchasing picnic baskets wholesale, it’s important to know what types of baskets are available. Whether you’re selling them in your store or buying them for a company picnic, there are many different styles and materials to choose from. Here are some of the most popular options:

1. Wicker Picnic Baskets

Wicker baskets are an excellent choice for picnics. They are often light, airy, and come in a variety of sizes. These baskets are durable and can last for years if maintained properly.

2. Insulated Picnic Baskets

Insulated picnic baskets are a must-have for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. They help keep your food and drinks cool and fresh, which is essential on a hot summer day. Many insulated baskets come with an ice pack, which makes it even easier to keep your food cold.

3. Backpack Picnic Baskets

Backpack picnic baskets are perfect for those who love hiking and exploring. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. These baskets are often water-resistant and come with plenty of compartments for storing food and drinks.

4. Wooden Picnic Baskets

Wooden picnic baskets are a more traditional option. They are often beautifully crafted and add an elegant touch to any outdoor event. These baskets are generally heavier than wicker baskets, but they are extremely sturdy and can be expected to last a long time.

5. Collapsible Picnic Baskets

Collapsible picnic baskets are perfect for those who are short on storage space. These baskets are designed to fold down, making them easy to store in a closet or garage when not in use. They are often made from lightweight materials like polyester or nylon, making them easy to carry around.

6. Picnic Baskets with Wheels

Picnic baskets with wheels are a great option for those who plan to bring a lot of food and drinks with them. These baskets are designed to be easy to transport and often come with a handle for pulling them along. They are perfect for outdoor events where you don’t want to carry a heavy basket around with you.

7. Picnic Baskets with Accessories

Many picnic baskets come with accessories like plates, utensils, and glasses. These baskets are a great choice for those who want to have everything they need for a picnic all in one place. They often come with a special compartment for each item, making it easy to keep everything organized.

8. Table of popular types of picnic baskets

No Type of Picnic Basket Material Features
1 Wicker picnic basket Wicker Durable, comes in various sizes
2 Insulated picnic basket Various materials (polyester, nylon, etc.) Keeps food/drinks cool, often comes with ice pack
3 Backpack picnic basket Various materials (polyester, nylon, etc.) Lightweight, easy to carry, multiple compartments
4 Wooden picnic basket Wood Sturdy, long-lasting, elegant design
5 Collapsible picnic basket Various materials (polyester, nylon, etc.) Folds down for easy storage
6 Picnic basket with wheels Various materials (polyester, nylon, etc.) Easy to transport, handle for pulling along
7 Picnic basket with accessories Various materials (wicker, polyester, etc.) Comes with plates, utensils, glasses, etc.

As you can see, there are many different types of picnic baskets available for wholesale purchase. The one you choose will depend on your needs and preferences.

No Important Information
1 The company specializes in selling picnic baskets at wholesale prices.
2 Picnic baskets are available in a variety of materials including wicker, bamboo, and rattan.
3 The company offers customization options for the picnic baskets, including embroidery and custom handles.
4 Wholesale pricing is available for bulk orders.
5 The company provides fast and reliable shipping services to customers.

The Advantages of Buying Picnic Baskets Wholesale

picnic-baskets-wholesale,The Advantages of Buying Picnic Baskets Wholesale,thqPicnicBasketsWholesale

If you’re planning to buy picnic baskets for your business, buying wholesale can provide you with several benefits. Here are some advantages of purchasing picnic baskets wholesale:

1. Cost-effective

Buying picnic baskets wholesale can save you money in the long run. When purchasing items in bulk, suppliers often offer discounts to buyers. This means that you can purchase a large number of quality products at a lower price compared to buying them individually. Not only are the prices more affordable, but you also save on shipping expenses as you only pay once for a larger order.

2. Large Selection

Wholesale suppliers have a large selection of picnic baskets for you to choose from, which can range from classic or traditional to modern style baskets. You can choose from different materials, including wicker, bamboo, rattan, or even insulated baskets that can keep food and drinks cool and fresh.

3. Convenience

Buying picnic baskets wholesale is a convenient way to purchase a large number of baskets at once. This means that you don’t have to worry about running out of supplies, and you can get everything you need in one go. Rather than having to wait for multiple orders, with wholesale purchasing, you can receive everything in one shipment, saving you time and effort.

4. Customization Options

Some wholesale suppliers offer customizable options that can allow you to add your logo or branding to the picnic baskets. This can help promote your business and create a cohesive look for your customers. Additionally, some suppliers may offer more customized options such as specific colors or designs to suit your business needs.

Benefits of Buying Picnic Baskets Wholesale

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Benefits of Buying Picnic Baskets Wholesale,thqpicnicbasketswholesalebenefits

While it may seem tempting to buy one or two picnic baskets for personal use, purchasing picnic baskets wholesale comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons why buying picnic baskets wholesale could be a smarter decision for you:

Lower Cost

Buying picnic baskets wholesale usually means getting them at lower prices. Wholesalers usually offer discounts when you buy picnic baskets in bulk. This can help you save a lot compared to buying them at retail prices. If you are running a business, this can translate into significant savings on the cost of goods sold.

Available in Bulk

Buying picnic baskets wholesale ensures a ready supply of baskets when you need them. Since you are purchasing them in bulk, you can be sure to have enough baskets for your customers or guests whenever you need them. Buying in bulk can also give you access to a variety of picnic basket styles and designs that might not be available when buying individual baskets.


Buying in bulk means you get all your picnic baskets in one order, delivered to your doorstep. This saves you the time, money, and hassle of having to visit various stores to find one or two baskets. Additionally, it ensures that you have consistent quality across all your picnic baskets, giving your customers or guests a uniform experience.


Buying picnic baskets wholesale gives you the flexibility to customize the baskets to your liking. You can add your business logo onto the baskets or even embroider people’s names onto them. You may also choose the colors and design of the basket that suits your preferences.

Environmentally Friendly

The picnic baskets you purchase wholesale are in a single packaging instead of multiple packaging like it would be if you purchased many smaller parcels. Therefore, our environment is saved from being littered with excess packing plastics or cardboards.

Lower Shipping Costs

When you purchase picnic baskets wholesale, you get to enjoy lower shipping costs as you are buying multiple picnic baskets at a go. This translates into significant savings if you are running a business or organizing a large picnic where you need to transport many picnic baskets.

Creative Gift Ideas

Picnic baskets can make creative gift ideas that people can give to their loved ones on different occasions such as weddings, corporate events, and other celebrations. By buying picnic baskets wholesale, you will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of designs that you can personalize and offer as a gift to your clients or family members.

Buying picnic baskets wholesale comes with a range of benefits, including lower costs, bulk supply, convenience, flexibility, environmental conservation, lower shipping costs, and creativity in gift-giving.

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Top 3 Benefits of Buying Picnic Baskets Wholesale

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Picnic Baskets Wholesale Benefits,thqPicnicBasketsWholesaleBenefits

If you’re looking to buy picnic baskets in bulk, consider buying wholesale. Not only will it save you money, but there are several other benefits of buying picnic baskets wholesale:

1. Cost-effective:

Buying picnic baskets wholesale is a cost-effective way of purchasing the baskets. When you buy in bulk, you are likely to get a discount compared to buying them retail. So, if you are a business owner or an event planner, buying picnic baskets wholesale can save you a lot of money in the long run.

2. Variety:

Another benefit of buying picnic baskets wholesale is that you get access to a wide variety of designs and styles. Wholesalers usually have an extensive variety of baskets that cater to your budget and requirements. You can get baskets in different sizes, colors, and materials.

3. Convenience:

Buying in bulk is more convenient than buying retail. When you buy wholesale, you have enough stock to last you for a more extended period, meaning you don’t have to keep ordering now and then. This might be a little inconvenient when it comes to storage, but the savings you make are worth the extra space.

Top 3 Suppliers of Picnic Baskets Wholesale in the US

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Top 3 Suppliers of Picnic Baskets Wholesale in the US,thqtop3suppliersofpicnicbasketswholesaleintheus

If you’re in the market for picnic baskets wholesale, it’s essential to find a reliable supplier who can provide quality products at competitive prices. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start. To help you get started on your search, we’ve compiled a list of the top three suppliers of picnic baskets wholesale in the US.

1. Handcrafted Baskets

Handcrafted Baskets is a family-owned and operated business that has been producing high-quality, handmade picnic baskets for over 20 years. All their products are made in the US, and they offer a wide selection of baskets to choose from. In addition to traditional picnic baskets, they also carry wine and cheese baskets, tote bags, and more. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and are committed to providing their customers with the best shopping experience possible.

2. Picnic Time

Picnic Time is a leading manufacturer of picnic baskets and outdoor leisure products. Their product line includes a variety of picnic baskets, picnic backpacks, coolers, and more. They offer both wholesale and retail options, and their products can be found in many major retailers across the US. They have a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative products, and their customer service is top-notch.

3. Wholesale Accessory Market

Wholesale Accessory Market is a one-stop-shop for all your picnic basket needs. They offer a wide selection of baskets, ranging from traditional wicker baskets to insulated cooler totes. Their prices are incredibly competitive, and their customer service is excellent. They also offer a variety of other products, making them an excellent option for retailers looking to stock up on multiple items.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Picnic Baskets Wholesale Supplier

picnic-baskets-wholesale,Factors to Consider When Choosing a Picnic Baskets Wholesale Supplier,thqpicnicbasketssuppliers

If you are in the business of selling picnic baskets, whether online or offline, finding the right picnic baskets wholesale supplier is one of the most crucial decisions you can make. With so many suppliers available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a picnic baskets supplier.

Quality of Baskets

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a picnic basket wholesale supplier is the quality of the baskets they supply. Quality picnic baskets will not only make your customers happy but will also help you to build a positive reputation for your business. Look for suppliers who provide high-quality baskets that are sturdy, durable, and made of eco-friendly materials.

Price and Discounts

Price is an important consideration when choosing a picnic basket wholesale supplier. You want to work with a supplier who offers reasonable prices that enable you to make a profit. Additionally, look for a supplier who offers discounts to help you save money when buying picnic baskets in bulk.

How to Choose the Right Picnic Baskets for Your Business

picnic-baskets-wholesale,How to Choose the Right Picnic Baskets for Your Business,thqpicnicbaskets

Choosing the right picnic baskets can be challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some tips to help you choose the right picnic baskets for your business:

Consider Your Target Market

When choosing picnic baskets for your business, it’s important to consider your target market. The picnic baskets you choose should be appealing to your target market. For instance, if your target market is families with kids, you might want to choose baskets with playful designs that are fun for kids. On the other hand, if your target market is young professionals, you might want to choose baskets that are sleek and sophisticated.

Size and Capacity

Picnic baskets come in different sizes and capacities. When choosing picnic baskets for your business, consider the size and capacity that best suits your target market. If your target market is families, you might want to choose larger baskets that can accommodate food and drinks for a family of four. On the other hand, if your target market is couples or solo picnickers, you might want to choose smaller baskets that are easy to carry around.

No Factors to Consider When Choosing a Picnic Baskets Wholesale Supplier
1 Quality of Baskets
2 Price and Discounts
No How to Choose the Right Picnic Baskets for Your Business
1 Consider Your Target Market
2 Size and Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions about Picnic Baskets Wholesale

1. What is a picnic basket?

A picnic basket is a container designed for transporting food and utensils to be used for outdoor dining, generally on a picnic.

2. What are the benefits of buying picnic baskets wholesale?

Buying picnic baskets wholesale is a cost-effective way to get high-quality baskets in larger quantities than buying them individually. Wholesale purchases often come with discounts, making them the ideal choice for businesses that want to offer picnic baskets as part of their product line.

3. What types of picnic baskets are available for purchase?

Picnic baskets come in a range of sizes, styles, and materials. There are traditional wicker baskets, insulated baskets, backpack-style baskets, and even collapsible baskets made of fabric.

4. Are picnic baskets typically sold as sets?

Yes, most picnic baskets come as a complete set that includes plates, utensils, and glasses for a specific number of people. Some sets include additional features like picnic blankets or wine openers.

5. Can picnic baskets be customized to include a company logo or design?

Yes, many wholesale providers offer customization options for businesses that want to add their logo or design to their picnic baskets.

6. What is the typical price range for wholesale picnic baskets?

The price of wholesale picnic baskets can vary depending on the style, size, and material. Generally, prices range from $10 to $50 per basket.

7. Are there any minimum order requirements for buying picnic baskets wholesale?

Yes, most wholesale providers set a minimum order quantity. This can range from 10 to 100 baskets depending on the provider.

8. What materials are commonly used to make picnic baskets?

Wicker, rattan, bamboo, and canvas are the most common materials used to make picnic baskets.

9. Are there any special care instructions for picnic baskets?

Picnic baskets made of wicker or rattan should be wiped clean with a damp cloth and stored in a cool, dry place. Canvas baskets can be washed in cold water and hung to dry.

10. Can picnic baskets be used for purposes other than picnicking?

Yes, picnic baskets can be used for a variety of purposes such as storage, gift baskets, or home decor.

11. What is the average lifespan of a picnic basket?

The average lifespan of a picnic basket depends on the material, usage, and care. With proper care and storage, a well-made picnic basket can last for several years.

12. How can I determine the quality of a picnic basket?

Check the weaving and the finish of the basket. A good quality basket will have tight, even weaving and well-finished edges. The handles should also be sturdy and well-attached.

13. Can I return a wholesale picnic basket if I am not satisfied with it?

Most wholesale providers have a return policy that allows customers to return items if they are not satisfied. It’s important to check the return policy before making a purchase.

14. Are there any safety precautions I should take when using a picnic basket?

Avoid overpacking a basket with heavy items that could cause it to break or tip over. Also, ensure that all glassware and sharp utensils are securely wrapped to prevent injury.

15. Can picnic baskets be used in all weather conditions?

Certain types of picnic baskets, like insulated baskets, are designed to be used in all weather conditions. However, wicker and rattan baskets should be kept dry and sheltered from rain and humidity.

16. Can I place a large order for picnic baskets for an event or corporate gifting?

Yes, most wholesale providers offer bulk ordering for events or corporate gifting needs.

17. Do all wholesale providers offer customization options for picnic baskets?

No, not all wholesale providers offer customization options. It’s important to check with the provider before making a purchase.

18. How can I find a reliable wholesale provider for picnic baskets?

Research online or ask for recommendations from other businesses that have purchased picnic baskets wholesale. Read reviews and check the provider’s return policy and customer service before making a purchase.

19. Can I mix and match different types of picnic baskets when making a wholesale purchase?

Yes, many wholesale providers allow customers to mix and match different types of picnic baskets to meet their needs.

20. Do picnic baskets come in different shapes and sizes?

Yes, there are picnic baskets available in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different customers.

21. Can I purchase accessories like picnic blankets or wine openers along with my wholesale picnic basket order?

Yes, some wholesale providers offer accessories that customers can purchase along with their picnic baskets.

22. Can I purchase picnic basket sets with different numbers of included items?

Yes, many wholesale providers offer picnic basket sets that can accommodate different numbers of people.

23. Are there any eco-friendly options available for picnic baskets?

Yes, many providers offer eco-friendly picnic baskets made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled plastic.

24. Can I purchase picnic baskets wholesale if I am not a business customer?

Some wholesale providers may allow individual customers to purchase picnic baskets in bulk, but it’s important to check with the provider before making a purchase.

25. Can I find picnic baskets wholesale online?

Yes, there are many online retailers and wholesale providers that offer picnic baskets at wholesale prices.

Looking for high-quality picnic baskets at a wholesale price? Check out picnic baskets wholesale on List Mixer to find the perfect product for your needs.

A Basket Full of Memories

Kind reader, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our picnic baskets wholesale collection. We believe that a picnic basket can turn any day into a special occasion and create unforgettable memories with loved ones. Whether it’s a corporate event, family gathering, or a romantic date, we have the perfect basket for you. Don’t forget to visit us again for new products and exciting offers. Thank you for reading and we wish you many happy picnics!

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