Indulge in a Perfect Maui Picnic: A Guide to the Best Eats and Views

Kind Reader, are you planning a trip to Maui? Well, there’s an abundance of activities to do on this gorgeous island, from hiking to surfing to whale watching. But have you considered having a Maui picnic? There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal while surrounded by the majestic beauty of Hawaii. And lucky for you, Maui offers some of the most breathtaking picnic spots in the world. So, gather your friends and family, grab some tasty treats, and get ready to relax in paradise with a Maui picnic.

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Planning a Maui Picnic: Tips and Ideas

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A picnic is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of Maui, whether you’re alone, with your significant other, family, or friends. Planning a picnic is a simple and uncomplicated way to spend quality time while being surrounded by Maui’s natural beauty. This section discusses ideas for planning a memorable Maui picnic and tips to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Location, Location, Location

The most crucial planning aspect of planning a picnic is choosing the right location. Maui is known for its stunning beaches and parks, like the Hamoa Beach, Baldwin Beach Park, and Keawakapu Beach, which are famous for their picnic spots. However, please don’t limit yourself to only these three locations; Maui has numerous picturesque locations such as Hana Bay, The Cove, and the Upcountry Maui.

There are a few essential things to keep in mind while choosing a location:

No Location Considerations
1 Check if the location has any restrictions on picnicking.
2 Consider the facilities available at the location such as restrooms, picnic tables, and showers, etc.
3 Check if you need to make a reservation for the location in advance.

Menu Planning

The next important step is menu planning. Your menu will play a significant role in your picnic experience. Some of Maui’s popular picnic foods include fresh fish, fruits, and grilled meat and vegetables. You can also consider taking Maui’s famous shaved ice or macadamia nut pie for dessert.

While planning a menu, keep the following points in mind:

No Menu Planning Considerations
1 Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables
2 Consider easy-to-prepare and transportable dishes like sandwiches, cheese, and crackers, salads, and vegetable skewers.
3 Don’t forget to carry utensils, plates, cups, and a trash bag.

Make a Checklist

If you don’t want to ruin your picnic experience, then make a checklist. A checklist is essential for planning a perfect picnic, and it will remind you of what you need to carry to the location. A checklist typically includes:

No Checklist for a Maui Picnic
1 Picnic basket or cooler
2 Blanket or beach chairs and umbrella
3 Utensils and plates, cups, and napkins
4 Sunscreen and insect repellent
5 A first aid kit
6 Camera for memories

Maui Picnic Catering Options

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If you don’t want to pack a picnic basket or cooler full of food, then you’re in good hands when it comes to Maui’s catering options. Maui has several catering and delivery services that offer an extensive range of food. In this section, we’ll explore some of Maui’s best catering options for your next picnic.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is a popular option for those who love natural, quality food. They offer an extensive range of picnic-ready foods, from sandwiches, salads, wraps to fresh juices, and artisan bread. You can comfortably choose from pre-packaged meals or enjoy the convenience of ordering items individually.


Foodland is a perfect option if you’re in need of some last-minute items and want to avoid the hassle of cooking. They offer a range of chef-prepared meals, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. You can customize your perfect picnic basket using their online ordering system or visit the store to choose from their pre-packaged choices.

808 Deli

808 Deli is an ideal option for those who want to include some Maui flavors in their picnic basket. This local catering business offers an extensive range of breakfast sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sandwiches that are made daily using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. They also offer a range of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options to cater to different dietary requirements.

Best Places for a Maui Picnic

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Maui Island is full of stunning picnic spots that provide the perfect backdrop for spending time with your loved ones. In this section, we’ll highlight some of the best places you can enjoy a Maui picnic.

Haleakala National Park

If you’re looking for a serene and scenic location to enjoy your picnic, Haleakala National Park should be your go-to spot. The park offers stunning views of the sunrise over the Haleakala volcano and has several picnic spots where you can set up your lunch. Don’t forget to carry warm clothes as the temperature can drop significantly at the summit.

Waianapanapa State Park

A picturesque black-sand beach surrounded by lush vegetation, Waianapanapa State Park is easily one of the most beautiful picnic spots in Maui. While you enjoy your food, you can watch the waves crash against the shore or explore the sea caves and hiking trails in the park. You’ll also have access to restroom facilities and showers.

Ka’anapali Beach

A popular tourist destination, Ka’anapali Beach offers incredible views of the turquoise waters and is perfect for a sunny beach picnic. You can rent a beach umbrella and chairs, grab some food from nearby restaurants, and enjoy a relaxing day by the water. The beach also has clean restrooms and showers for your convenience.

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded place for your Maui picnic, head to Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area. The park is situated at an elevation of 6,200 feet and offers beautiful views of the surrounding forests and valleys. You can also explore the hiking trails or camp overnight in the forest cabins available.

Makena State Park

Makena State Park is a beach park located on the southern coast of Maui that offers excellent picnic locations. The park has two main beaches, Big Beach and Little Beach, and both provide white sandy shores and clear blue waters that make for a beautiful backdrop to your picnic. The park also offers restrooms with showers and picnic tables with shaded areas.

Iao Valley State Monument

If you’re looking for a more cultural experience, check out the Iao Valley State Monument, which is home to the iconic Iao Needle. You can learn about the history of the valley while enjoying your picnic or chatting with friends. The park also offers clean restrooms, drinking water, and picnic tables.

Launiupoko Beach Park

Located off Honoapiilani Highway, Launiupoko Beach Park is a great picnic spot for families. You can enjoy a lovely picnic under the trees or on the grassy area overlooking the ocean. The park also offers restrooms, showers, and a playground for kids.

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Maui Picnic Essentials

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If you’ve decided to have a picnic on the beaches of Maui Island, there are a few things you should pack to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Picnic Blanket

A picnic blanket is an essential item for your Maui picnic. There are plenty of breathtaking locations, and you don’t want to ruin your day out with sandy clothes. Avoid a chilly, uncomfortable picnic by carrying a suitable beach picnic mat, big enough for your group to relax on comfortably.

Food and Drinks

A Maui beach picnic is incomplete without good food and drinks. Carry non-perishable snacks like sandwiches, fruits, and nuts. You can also pack some cookies, chips, or cheese and crackers to make for a more wholesome picnic experience. Don’t forget to pack sufficient water and other hydrating drinks for the day.

Hats and Sunscreen

Maui Island has a warm, tropical climate. With the sun overhead during the day and cool ocean breezes blowing in the evening, it’s essential to pack hats and sunscreen to safeguard your skin from the sun. You don’t want to cut your picnic short because of an insufferable sunburn.

Portable Speakers

Music makes the world go round, and your Maui beach picnic is no exception. Don’t forget to carry portable speakers so that you can create the ambiance you crave while relaxing in the sun.


You won’t want to miss capturing memories of your beach picnic. The exotic views, clear blue waters, and colorful sand make for an unforgettable photo backdrop. Bring a fully charged camera to capture the moment and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Best Picnic Spots in Maui

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If you’re looking for serene and relaxing Maui picnic spots, then check out these locations:

Kapalua Bay Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach is one of the top-rated beaches on Maui, known for its calm waters and sandy shoreline. The Beach hides behind a resort district like a secret treasure, resulting in fewer crowds. It is equipped with picnic tables, facilities, showers, and restrooms. This area highlights lava rock formations, tide pools, and turquoise waters. Its beach park is surrounded by precious corals, and it provides an excellent location to snorkel/swim.

Napili Bay

Napili Bay is situated to the south of Kapalua Beach. The Beach is more modest but still favorable for a picnic trip. The sandy shoreline is surrounded by towering palm trees stretching towards the sky, offering shade. Two parks adjacent to the beach fascinate snorkelers with their reefs that are full of fish. Visitors can take up opportunities for swimming, paddleboarding, sailing, and other additional beach activities.

No Other Popular Maui Picnic Spots
1 La Perouse Bay
2 Ho’okipa Beach Park
3 Hamoa Beach
4 Spreckelsville Beach
5 Kapalua Beach
6 Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach
7 Kanaha Beach Park

The beach is not just a place, it is a feeling. The calm and serenity is something that is hard to find in the hustle-bustle of the modern lifestyle. So, plan ahead, pack your bags, grab your essentials, and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones that you will cherish for a lifetime.

What to Pack for Your Maui Picnic

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Going for a picnic on Maui is an excellent way to spend your time in Hawaii. With its stunning landscape and picturesque beaches, there’s no better place to relax and enjoy a picnic. When packing for a Maui picnic, it’s important to remember that you’re on a tropical island, and the weather can be unpredictable. Here’s a list of things that you should pack for your Maui picnic to ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable time:

Beach Blanket

A beach blanket is a must-have item for any Maui picnic. Whether you’re picnicking at a beach park or a secluded cove, a beach blanket provides a comfortable place to sit, relax and enjoy your meal. You can use a regular blanket, but a beach blanket is usually larger and made of waterproof material, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.


Maui is a tropical island, and the weather can get pretty warm, especially in the summer months. A cooler is an indispensable item for your Maui picnic because it keeps your food and drinks fresh and cool. You can choose between a soft-sided cooler or a hard-shell cooler, depending on your needs. Soft-sided coolers are lighter and more portable, while hard-shell coolers are more durable and can keep your food and drinks cold for longer periods.

Food and Drinks

What’s a picnic without food and drinks? When planning your menu, consider bringing fresh fruits, cheese, crackers, sandwiches, and salads. Don’t forget to pack enough drinks to keep everyone hydrated under the sun. Since picnicking on Maui can sometimes be a long drive away, it’s essential to bring easy-to-prepare and non-perishable foods.


Don’t get caught without the right utensils. Bring along disposable plates and cups, silverware, and napkins. It’s also wise to pack a cutting board and a knife to cut fruits and cheese. Don’t forget the bottle opener and a corkscrew if you’re bringing wine!

Sun Protection

Maui is sunny most of the year, and you don’t want to get sunburned on your picnic. Don’t forget to pack plenty of sun protection, including sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and an umbrella if you’re picnicking on the beach.

Insect Repellent

Maui is also home to many pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies. Don’t let them ruin your picnic. Bring along some bug spray or repellent to keep them away from your food and yourself.

Trash Bags

When you’re done with your picnic, don’t leave anything behind. Bring enough trash bags to clean up your area and leave it cleaner than when you arrived. Remember, leaving trash on the beach or in the park can harm the environment and wildlife.

How to Plan the Perfect Maui Picnic

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Planning a Maui picnic is all about location, food, and activities. Below are some tips to help you plan the perfect picnic:

Choose a Scenic Location for Your Maui Picnic

Maui has some of the most beautiful beaches and parks perfect for a picnic. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of spots to choose from. If you’re looking for a pristine beach with turquoise waters and palm trees, Wailea Beach and Kapalua Bay Beach are perfect choices. If you prefer a park with botanical gardens and waterfalls, head to the Kula Botanical Gardens or the Iao Valley State Park.

Pack a Delicious Picnic Spread

No picnic is complete without great food. Be sure to pack items such as sandwiches, fruit, veggies, cheese, and crackers. Don’t forget to add some Hawaiian specialties such as poke bowls and spam musubi. For drinks, bring plenty of water or opt for a refreshing pineapple or coconut juice. If you don’t want to pack your own food, consider ordering a picnic basket from a local catering company such as The Picnic Basket or Maui Picnic Co.

Plan Fun Activities for Your Maui Picnic

In addition to eating and lounging, consider bringing some activities for your picnic. Pack a beach volleyball or frisbee, bring snorkeling gear to explore the waters, or set up a board game for some friendly competition. You can also plan a hike before your picnic or take a dip in the ocean. Maui is known for its breathtaking sunsets, so be sure to stay until the end of the day for a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Best Maui Picnic Spots

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Maui, Hawaii offers some of the most beautiful and serene picnic spots in the world. Here are some of the best spots:

Pukalani Falls

maui-picnic,Pukalani Falls,thqPukalaniFalls

Pukalani Falls is located in the gorgeous West Maui Mountains. It’s a secluded spot that is perfect for a romantic Maui picnic. It’s a great place to hike, take in stunning waterfall views and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Keawakapu Beach

maui-picnic,Keawakapu Beach,thqkeawakapubeach

If you are looking for a Maui picnic spot that offers breathtaking ocean views then Keawakapu beach is the perfect spot. The sand is soft and clean, the water is crystal clear and the view is amazing. It’s the perfect picnic spot for families with children as there is a playground nearby.

No Best Maui Picnic Spots
1 Pukalani Falls
2 Keawakapu Beach

Maui Picnic FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Maui picnic experience.

1. What is included in the Maui picnic?

Our Maui picnic includes a picnic basket filled with a variety of fresh and locally sourced foods, such as sandwiches, fruits, salads, and desserts, as well as a blanket and utensils for your convenience.

2. Where is the Maui picnic located?

The location of the Maui picnic varies depending on your preference and the availability of the picnic spots. We can suggest some of the best spots, or you can choose your own preferred location.

3. How can I book a Maui picnic?

You can book a Maui picnic by filling out our online reservation form, or you can call our customer service hotline for assistance.

4. Can I request a special diet for my Maui picnic?

Yes, we can accommodate special diets such as vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free. Please inform us in advance when making your reservation.

5. Is alcohol allowed in the Maui picnic?

No, alcohol is not included in the picnic basket or allowed in the picnic area.

6. What is the cancellation policy for the Maui picnic?

You can cancel or reschedule your Maui picnic up to 24 hours before the scheduled time. Any cancellation or rescheduling requests made less than 24 hours are subject to a cancellation fee.

7. What time are the Maui picnics available?

The Maui picnics are available from 10 am to 6 pm, seven days a week.

8. Is the Maui picnic suitable for families with children?

Yes, the Maui picnic is suitable for families with children. We provide a kid-friendly menu and offer activities such as frisbee, ball games, and board games.

9. What should I wear to the Maui picnic?

We suggest wearing casual and comfortable clothes suitable for outdoor activities, as well as bringing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

10. Is there a restroom nearby the Maui picnic area?

Yes, we make sure to choose picnic spots with nearby restrooms facilities.

11. What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather, you can choose to reschedule your Maui picnic for another date or receive a full refund.

12. What if I have a question or concern during my Maui picnic?

Our customer service representatives are available to assist you via our hotline or email.

13. Are pets allowed in the Maui picnic?

We love pets, but unfortunately, they are not allowed in the picnic area for health and safety reasons.

14. How long does the Maui picnic last?

The Maui picnic lasts for two hours, but you can choose to extend the picnic for an additional fee.

15. Is there a minimum number of people required for the Maui picnic?

No, we can provide the Maui picnic for any number of people, from solo picnickers to large groups.

16. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Maui picnic?

No, outside food and drinks are not allowed in the picnic area to ensure the quality, freshness, and safety of our products.

17. What happens if I arrive late for my Maui picnic?

If you arrive late, we can not extend the picnic time but can still provide the full picnic basket for you to enjoy.

18. How far in advance should I book the Maui picnic?

We recommend booking the Maui picnic at least three days in advance to ensure availability and sufficient time for preparation.

19. Is there a parking available near the Maui picnic area?

Yes, we choose picnic spots with nearby parking facilities.

20. Can I choose the food items in the Maui picnic?

We have a set menu for the Maui picnic, but you can inform us of any food allergies or preferences, and we will try to accommodate them as much as possible.

21. How can I pay for the Maui picnic?

You can pay for the Maui picnic using credit cards or Paypal online, or in-person using cash or card.

22. What is the age requirement for the Maui picnic?

There is no age requirement for the Maui picnic, and it is suitable for people of all ages.

23. Can I modify or customize my Maui picnic?

Yes, you can customize your Maui picnic according to your preferences and budget. Please contact us for more information.

24. How far can I take the picnic basket from the Maui picnic area?

We recommend keeping the picnic basket within a reasonable distance from the picnic area to ensure the safety of the food and equipment.

25. Is tipping required for the Maui picnic staff?

Tipping is optional but appreciated for our staff who work hard to provide you with an enjoyable and memorable Maui picnic experience.

Looking for a perfect spot for your picnic in Maui? Check out Maui picnic for some great ideas and tips to plan a memorable picnic experience on the island.

Goodbye for Now

Kind Reader, it’s been a pleasure sharing with you about the beauty of a Maui picnic. Whether it’s on a beach, in the park, or among the rolling hills, a picnic is always a great way to connect with nature and enjoy some good food with loved ones. Maui is truly a special place, and there’s always something new to discover. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll come visit again soon to explore more of what this magical island has to offer. Aloha!

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