Experience the Ultimate Indulgence with OC Luxury Picnics

Kind reader, are you looking for a unique and luxurious way to enjoy a picnic in Orange County? Look no further than OC Luxury Picnics, the premier provider of upscale outdoor dining experiences in the area. With their attention to detail and exquisite styling, OC Luxury Picnics offers a truly unforgettable experience for any occasion. From intimate date nights to corporate events, their expert team will create the perfect ambiance for your special day. Sit back, relax, and let OC Luxury Picnics take care of the rest.

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Why Choose OC Luxury Picnics?

oc-luxury-picnics,Why Choose OC Luxury Picnics,thqWhyChooseOCLuxuryPicnics

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience in Orange County, California, look no further than OC Luxury Picnics. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose them for your next special occasion:

1. Unmatched Luxury

OC Luxury Picnics offers a truly luxurious experience, from the elegant setup with high-quality linens and tableware to the gourmet food and drink selections. Their attention to detail ensures that every picnic is perfect down to the smallest detail.

2. Customizable Options

They offer a variety of packages to suit any occasion and can customize the experience to fit your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want a romantic date night, they can create the perfect setting for you.

3. Memorable Experience

Not only will you have a beautiful and delicious picnic experience, but OC Luxury Picnics also creates a memorable experience with personalized touches, like custom signage and decor. You and your guests will be talking about the experience for weeks to come.

The Perfect Location for OC Luxury Picnics

oc-luxury-picnics,The Perfect Location for OC Luxury Picnics,thqThePerfectLocationforOCLuxuryPicnics

Choosing the right location for your luxury picnic is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere and experience. Here are some top locations in Orange County that are perfect for OC Luxury Picnics:

1. Newport Beach

Newport Beach offers stunning waterfront views and plenty of green space for a picnic. Pelican Hill is a popular location with gorgeous ocean views, while Corona del Mar State Beach offers a quieter and more secluded setting.

2. Laguna Beach

Another great beach location, Laguna Beach provides miles of coastline and scenic coves that are perfect for a picnic. Crystal Cove State Park and Treasure Island Park are just a few options to consider.

3. Parks and Gardens

For a more traditional picnic experience, Orange County has plenty of parks and gardens to choose from. Irvine Regional Park provides a picturesque setting with rustic charm, while Sherman Library and Gardens offers a tranquil and beautiful oasis.

OC Luxury Picnics: A Trending Way of Experiencing Luxury

oc-luxury-picnics,OC Luxury Picnics,thqOCLuxuryPicnics

The idea of “luxury” has been redefined over the past years. Nowadays, people have found unique ways of experiencing lavishness. One of the trending ways of experiencing luxury is through “OC Luxury Picnics.”

Picnic Culture in Orange County

The culture of picnics has evolved over the years. Picnics have been a part of American culture since the 19th century, where families, friends, and neighbors would gather for outings to share meals and engage in fun activities. Nowadays, people look for more personalized picnic experiences.

Orange County (OC) in California has become a popular destination for picnics. The beautiful beaches, stunning parks, and scenic nature are perfect locations for picnics. People in OC are now seeking personalized and unique picnic experiences to enjoy the stunning environment.

What are OC Luxury Picnics?

OC Luxury Picnics are a unique and personalized way of experiencing luxury. These picnics range from extravagant to minimalistic depending on the preference of the client. These picnics offer exclusive amenities include luxurious furnishings, customized picnic setups, gourmet food, and drinks, designer dinnerware, and textiles, among others.

These picnics are perfect for couples, families, and friends who want to relax and enjoy a personalized experience while being surrounded by the beautiful environment of Orange County. It’s an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and indulge in an intimate and memorable experience.

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Benefits of Booking an OC Luxury Picnic

oc-luxury-picnics,Benefits of Booking OC Luxury Picnic,thqBenefitsofBookingOCLuxuryPicnic

Booking an OC luxury picnic offers a unique experience for anyone who wants to celebrate their special occasions or have a memorable day outdoors. Here are some benefits you’ll get when you book an OC luxury picnic.

1. Stress-Free Planning

Booking an OC luxury picnic means that you don’t have to worry about planning and organizing everything by yourself. The company will take care of everything, from setting up the picnic area to providing the food and drinks, and cleaning up afterward.

2. Personalized Experience

Each OC luxury picnic is tailored to the client’s preferences and requests, including the location, menu, decor, and theme. This means that you’ll get a personalized experience that matches your style and taste.

Popular Locations for OC Luxury Picnics

oc-luxury-picnics,Popular Locations for OC Luxury Picnics,thqPopularLocationsforOCLuxuryPicnics

OC luxury picnic companies offer a wide range of locations for your perfect picnic experience. Here are some of the most popular locations for OC luxury picnics.

1. Beaches

OC beaches are some of the most beautiful and scenic in the country, making them a popular location for luxury picnics. Some companies offer private beach access, while others can set up picnics at public beaches.

2. Parks and Gardens

There are various parks, gardens, and botanical gardens in OC that offer lovely backdrops for your luxury picnic. You can have your picnic set up under a beautiful tree in the park or among the flowers in a botanical garden.

3. Private Venues

Some OC luxury picnic companies offer private venues like estates, vineyards, and ranches for their clients to have their picnic. These venues provide the privacy and exclusivity of a luxurious picnic with the bonus of stunning scenery surrounding the venue.

The Best Locations for OC Luxury Picnics

oc-luxury-picnics,The Best Locations for OC Luxury Picnics,thqBestLocationsforOCLuxuryPicnics

OC Luxury Picnics offers a unique experience where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of various locations in Orange County while having a luxurious picnic. Here are some of the best locations for your OC Luxury Picnic experience:

1. Newport Beach

Boasting of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, Newport Beach is one of the best locations for your OC Luxury Picnic. You can choose between a beach picnic with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze on your face or an overlooking hilltop picnic with a view of the ocean.

2. Huntington Beach State Park

Beach lovers will surely enjoy a picnic at Huntington Beach State Park. Equip yourself with picnic essentials from OC Luxury Picnics as you spend the day with your family or friends basking on a beach towel, dipping in the cool waters, and delighting your taste buds with delicious food and drinks.

3. Peter’s Canyon Regional Park

If you’re looking for a picnic location that’s close to nature but not far from civilization, head to Peter’s Canyon Regional Park. The park offers a rustic yet picturesque setting that’s perfect for your OC Luxury Picnic. You can bask in the serenity of nature while enjoying a luxurious picnic experience.

4. Irvine Regional Park

If you want a picturesque location for your OC Luxury Picnic, Irvine Regional Park is your quintessential picnic spot. OC Luxury Picnics can prepare everything you need, whether you decide to set up in the park’s grassy area or secluded groves. You can also enjoy the nearby attractions, such as the Irvine Park Railroad and Pony Rides.

5. Coto de Caza

If you want a more exclusive and private OC Luxury Picnic location, rent a table at Coto de Caza’s Picnic Lane. This gated community offers a quiet and tranquil picnic experience that’s perfect for romantic dates, proposals, and intimate gatherings.

6. Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Carbon Canyon Regional Park is popular for its rustic, natural beauty and numerous hiking trails. It’s a great location for an OC Luxury Picnic if you crave a picnic with a touch of adventure. You can enjoy hiking and exploring the trails before settling in for a luxurious picnic.

7. San Clemente State Beach

If you’re looking for a picnic spot that offers the best of both worlds – sandy beaches and rugged bluffs – head over to San Clemente State Beach. You can enjoy your luxurious picnic under a custom-built cabana while listening to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

How to Book OC Luxury Picnics?

oc-luxury-picnics,How to Book OC Luxury Picnics,thqHowtoBookOCLuxuryPicnics

Booking an OC Luxury Picnic is easy. Firstly, decide on the date and time you want to have the picnic experience. After choosing the date and time, select the package that you want. You can choose either the “Standard Package” or a “Custom Package” tailored to your preferences.

Select a Package

The “Standard Package” can accommodate up to eight people and includes a picnic setup, tables, rugs, pillows, floral arrangements, and a complimentary glass of champagne or sparkling cider for each guest. On the other hand, the “Custom Package” provides you with the option to customize the decor, food, and drink items according to your preferences. The size of your party is also not an issue with a custom package as you can customize it according to the number of guests you will have.

Contact OC Luxury Picnics

After selecting a package and finalizing your details, click the “Book Now” button to place your reservation. You can also contact OC Luxury Picnics representatives to help you with the booking process. Once the booking is confirmed, all you need to do is show up and enjoy your beautiful picnic setup with your friends and family.

The Benefits of an OC Luxury Picnic

oc-luxury-picnics,The Benefits of an OC Luxury Picnic,thqTheBenefitsofanOCLuxuryPicnic

An OC Luxury Picnic can provide several benefits that make it stand out from other picnic experiences. The following are some of the benefits:


OC Luxury Picnics offers an exclusive picnic experience. You can enjoy an intimate picnic with your close friends and family in a gorgeous natural setting, set up exclusively for you.


Customization is key in every OC Luxury Picnic experience. You can customize every aspect of your picnic to tailor it to the tastes and preferences of you and your guests. Whether you have dietary restrictions, requests for specific beverages or decor, or prefer a certain style of dining, OC Luxury Picnics can provide you with a picnic customized to your needs.


OC Luxury Picnics takes care of every detail of the experience, making it a convenient and hassle-free experience for you and your guests. From setup to clean up, and everything in between, you can have a stress-free picnic experience.

Perfect for Every Occasion

OC Luxury Picnics is a versatile luxury experience that is perfect for any special occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, proposal, bridal shower, engagement party, or any other special event, OC Luxury Picnics can provide you with the perfect picnic setup to celebrate your occasion in style.

How to Book an OC Luxury Picnic?

oc-luxury-picnics,How to Book an OC Luxury Picnic,thqHowtoBookanOCLuxuryPicnic

If you are looking for an exquisite picnic experience in Orange County, CA, then booking an OC luxury picnic is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. Here are the steps you need to follow to book an OC luxury picnic:

Step 1: Choose a Location and Date

The first step is to choose the location and date for your picnic. Most luxury picnic providers offer different locations around Orange County, including parks, beaches, and private estates. You can choose a location that suits your preference and schedule your picnic for a date that works for you.

Step 2: Choose a Picnic Package

The next step is to choose a picnic package. OC luxury picnics come in different styles and themes, such as boho, rustic, classic, or romantic. Some providers offer custom packages that allow you to choose specific elements of your picnic, such as food, drinks, decor, or activities. You can choose a package that fits your occasion and budget.

Step 3: Book Your Picnic

Once you have selected your location and package, you can book your picnic online or by contacting the luxury picnic provider directly. Most providers require a deposit or payment in advance to secure your reservation. You can also add extra features or requests, such as special diets, decorations, or music, to enhance your picnic experience.

Booking an OC luxury picnic is easy and convenient, and it guarantees you a stress-free and unforgettable picnic outing.

How to Book Your OC Luxury Picnics Experience?

oc-luxury-picnics,picnic booking,thqpicnicbooking

Ready to book your OC Luxury Picnics experience? Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Choose Your Package

OC Luxury Picnics offers various packages that cater to different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, or just a relaxing day out. Choose the package that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Select Your Location

OC Luxury Picnics currently serves various locations in Orange County, California. You can choose from popular destinations like Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and more. If you have a specific location in mind, you can also request a custom setup.

Step 3: Customize Your Picnic Experience

Want to personalize your picnic experience? OC Luxury Picnics offers various add-ons that you can select to make your picnic even more special. Choose from charcuterie boards, desserts, flower arrangements, balloons, and more.

Step 4: Book Your Picnic

Once you have selected your package, location, and add-ons, it’s time to book your OC Luxury Picnic. You can easily book your picnic through their website or by calling them directly.

OC Luxury Picnics offers a stress-free booking experience and ensures that every detail is taken care of to make your picnic experience unforgettable.

What Are Customers Saying About OC Luxury Picnics?

oc-luxury-picnics,customer review,thqcustomerreview

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some customer reviews of OC Luxury Picnics:

“The Best Experience Ever!”

“I recently booked a picnic for my girlfriend’s birthday and it was the best experience ever! The setup was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the service was exceptional. I highly recommend OC Luxury Picnics for any special occasion!” – John D.

“So Much Fun and So Relaxing!”

“I booked a picnic with OC Luxury Picnics for a girls’ day out and it was so much fun and so relaxing! The setup was Instagram-worthy, the food was amazing and the overall experience was unforgettable. Thank you OC Luxury Picnics for making our day so special!” – Sarah M.

“Professional and Accommodating!”

“I had a wonderful experience with OC Luxury Picnics! They were very professional and accommodating to my requests. The setup was beautiful and the food was delicious. I would definitely book with them again!” – Emily T.

OC Luxury Picnics – Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about OC Luxury Picnics? Check out our FAQ for answers!

1. What is an OC Luxury Picnic?

OC Luxury Picnics provides an upscale picnic experience for any occasion or celebration. We offer a fully customizable service, including food, decor, and entertainment.

2. What types of events do you cater to?

We cater to a wide range of events, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bachelorette parties, proposals, corporate events and more!

3. What locations do you provide service to?

We provide service to any location within Orange County, California. If you’re unsure if we cover your area, feel free to contact us.

4. How do I book my luxury picnic?

You can book your picnic directly on our website or by contacting us via phone or email.

5. Can I customize my picnic?

Yes! We provide a fully customizable service to meet your specific needs, including food, drinks, decor, and entertainment.

6. What is included in my luxury picnic?

Your luxury picnic will include everything you need for a relaxing and stress-free day, including a picnic table, linens, decor, utensils, plates, cups, and napkins. Additional amenities can be added upon request.

7. What types of food and drinks are included in my picnic?

We offer a variety of cuisine options, including charcuterie boards, fresh salads, sandwiches, and desserts. For drinks, we provide non-alcoholic beverages such as water, soda, and juice. Alcoholic beverages can be added upon request.

8. Can I bring my own food and drinks to the picnic?

We do not allow outside food, beverages, or alcoholic beverages at our picnics for safety and liability reasons.

9. How long does my picnic rental last?

Your picnic rental will last for a total of three hours, including setup and teardown time.

10. What happens if it rains on the day of my picnic?

We offer a weather guarantee for all of our picnic rentals. If inclement weather occurs, your picnic can be rescheduled or refunded.

11. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 48 hours of your scheduled picnic will result in a 25% non-refundable fee. Cancellations made within 24 hours of your scheduled picnic will result in a 50% non-refundable fee. Cancellations made on the day of the event will result in a 100% non-refundable fee.

12. Can I add extra time to my picnic rental?

Yes, additional time can be added to your picnic rental at an extra hourly rate.

13. What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Venmo and PayPal.

14. What is your maximum guest count?

Our maximum guest count is 12 guests. We recommend booking multiple picnics if your event requires more than 12 guests.

15. Can I bring additional furniture or decor to my picnic?

No, we provide all furniture and decor for your picnic rental.

16. Can I request a specific theme or color scheme for my picnic?

Yes, we can customize your picnic decor to meet your specific theme or color scheme requests.

17. What is your service area fee?

We offer free delivery within a 15-mile radius of our office. For locations outside of this radius, a service area fee will apply and vary based on distance and location.

18. Can I request a specific picnic location?

Yes, you can request a specific location for your picnic rental. If the location requires a permit or reservation, the client is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits and making the reservation.

19. What measures do you take for COVID-19 safety?

We follow all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety, including wearing masks, sanitizing all equipment and decor, and maintaining social distancing.

20. Do you offer any discounts?

Occasionally, we offer discounts and promotions. Check our website and social media accounts for updated information.

21. Can I provide my own entertainment or activities?

Yes, clients can provide their own entertainment or activities for their picnic rental.

22. Can I consume alcohol at my luxury picnic?

Alcoholic beverages are allowed at picnics but must be provided by OC Luxury Picnics or a licensed vendor.

23. Can I bring my pet to the picnic?

Yes, pets are allowed at picnics but must be leashed and controlled at all times.

24. What types of payment plans do you offer?

We offer payment plans for specific events or occasions. Contact us to discuss payment plan options.

25. What makes OC Luxury Picnics different from other picnic rental companies?

OC Luxury Picnics provides an upscale and fully customizable picnic experience, with attention to detail and exceptional customer service. We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to make every picnic rental an unforgettable experience.

Looking for an OC luxury picnic experience? Try OC Luxury Picnics for a one-of-a-kind outdoor dining experience.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about OC Luxury Picnics and the incredible experiences they offer. From the comfortable seating to the delicious cuisine, these picnics truly are the epitome of luxury. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to treat yourself, an OC Luxury Picnic is the perfect way to do it. Thank you for reading, and be sure to visit us again for more fascinating articles on all things luxury.

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