Discover the Ultimate Getaway: Holly Recreation Area Camping

Kind Reader, if you are looking for a serene and nature-filled camping experience, Holly Recreation Area Camping is the perfect destination for you. Located in the northwestern part of Oakland County, Michigan, this recreation area is a 7,817-acre natural haven that offers plenty of recreational activities for visitors, including camping, hiking, fishing, and more. Whether you are an experienced camper or a first-timer, Holly Recreation Area Camping promises to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Best camping spots at Holly Recreation Area

holly-recreation-area-camping,Best camping spots at Holly Recreation Area,thqHollyRecreationAreaCamping

Holly Recreation Area is a perfect spot for camping enthusiasts and nature lovers to reconnect with nature in Michigan. The area boasts several beautiful campgrounds, making it an excellent spot for camping. Here are some of the best camping spots you should not miss out on your visit to Holly Recreation Area:

1. Campground A

Campground A is a great choice for campers who are looking for a little bit of privacy. The campground has 24 semi-modern campsites, which are well-spaced from each other, making it perfect for those who prefer more privacy. Each campsite has its own fire ring and picnic table. The campground is located near the Holly Lake and offers excellent views of the lake.

2. Campground B

If you want to be closer to the hustle and bustle of the recreational area, Campground B is the perfect spot for you. The campground is larger than Campground A and has 75 modern campsites. Each campsite has its own electrical hookup, picnic table, and fire ring. The campground is near the hiking trails, playgrounds, and the beach.

Activities to enjoy when camping at Holly Recreation Area

Activities to enjoy when camping at Holly Recreation Area

Holly Recreation Area has a lot to offer, from hiking to fishing and picnicking. Here are some activities you can enjoy when camping at Holly Recreation Area:

1. Hiking

If you are a hiking lover, hiking in Holly Recreation Area must be on your to-do list. The area has over 7 miles of hiking trails, which are perfect for beginners and advanced hikers. The trails offer beautiful views of the countryside and are home to varied wildlife.

2. Fishing

Holly Lake and Wildwood Lake are the popular spots for fishing in Holly Recreation Area. Bass, sunfish, and bluegills are the most commonly caught fish by local fishermen. Fishermen need to have the required license and follow the rules and regulations of the area.

3. Swimming and Beach

Holly Recreation Area offers a sandy beach for visitors to swim and enjoy the sun and water. The beach is clean and well-maintained, and it is open to swimmers and boaters. It’s a perfect spot for families who want to enjoy the water and the beach.

4. Picnicking

If you feel like enjoying the area with your family, a picnic could be a good option. Holly Recreation Area has several picnic areas with tables and grills, which are perfect for a family picnic. The picnic areas are located near the beach and provide excellent views of the surrounding areas.

5. Boating

Holly Lake is an excellent spot for boating enthusiasts. Visitors can bring their non-motorized boats, including kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, to enjoy the calm waters. Boats should be brought by the campers themselves, as there is no rental service available on the site.

6. Hunting

Holly Recreation Area is an excellent spot for hunters during the hunting season. The area has a lot of varied game, including deer and waterfowls, that attract many hunters. Visitors should have the required license and follow the rules and regulations of the area.

7. Biking

Holly Recreation Area has several biking trails that are perfect for families, beginners, and advanced bikers. The trails offer beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and are well-maintained, making them great for bikers of all levels.

No Note
1 Visitors to Holly Recreation Area must follow the rules and restrictions of the area.
2 Campers at Holly Recreation Area must have prior reservations to stay at the campsites.
3 Fishermen must have a fishing license before fishing in Holly Lake or Wildwood Lake.
4 Boats brought by visitors to the Holly Recreation Area must be non-motorized.

How to Reserve a Campsite at Holly Recreation Area?

holly-recreation-area-camping,How to Reserve a Campsite at Holly Recreation Area,thqHollyRecreationAreaCampsite

Holly Recreation Area is among the most popular camping destinations in the state, and the campsites fill up fast. If you want to secure yourself a camping spot, it’s best to plan and book in advance. Here’s how to reserve a campsite at Holly Recreation Area:

1. Online booking via the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website

You can make a reservation by logging on to the official website of the Michigan DNR or After selecting the Holly Recreation Area as your preferred camping destination, select the type of campsite, the duration of your stay, and the date you’ll be arriving at the park. Pay the reservation fee and your campsite will be secured for your stay.

2. Onsite registration

Onsite registration is another way of reserving a campsite at Holly Recreation Area. Upon arrival at the park, locate the self-registration station where you’ll find envelopes and registration forms. Fill in the required information and deposit your payment in the provided envelopes before submitting them through the drop box.

What to Bring for Camping at Holly Recreation Area?

What to Bring for Camping at Holly Recreation Area

Before heading to Holly Recreation Area, it’s vital to bring the essentials items that will make for a comfortable and memorable camping experience. Make a checklist of the following items that are mandatory for an enjoyable and hassle-free camping trip:

1. Shelter and Sleeping Gear

You need to bring a tent with stakes, guylines, and a footprint to provide shelter and privacy. Sleeping bags and sleeping pads that can provide the necessary warmth and cushioning are also essential. A camping pillow or rolled-up clothes can provide additional comfort and convenience.

2. Cooking and Dining Essentials

Food and water are among the most important camping necessities that you should never forget. Bring a portable stove with sufficient fuel or firewood to cook your own food. You’ll also need a cooler to keep your drinks and food cold. Some of the essential cooking and dining essentials include:

No. Cooking and Dining Essentials
1 Cooking utensils: spatula, tongs, knife, and cutting board
2 Campfire grill rack or tripod
3 Cookware: pots, pans, cups, and plates
4 Eating Utensils: forks, spoons, knives, and cups
5 Cooler with ice blocks

3. Clothing and Personal Items

Bring clothing appropriate for the weather, including warm jackets, sweatshirts, and pants. Wearing clothes that can be layered is also recommended. Some of the personal items that you shouldn’t forget include toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellent, and prescription medications. Charging blocks, power banks, and flashlights with fresh batteries can also be useful.

No Information Details
1 Campsite reservations Available online or by phone up to 6 months in advance
2 Length of stay Maximum of 14 days, per person per stay
3 Check-in time After 2:00 PM
4 Check-out time Before 12:00 PM (noon)
5 Number of campsites 139 total, including 31 equestrian sites
6 Facilities Fire rings, picnic tables, restrooms, showers, and a playground
7 Activities Hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding
8 Restrictions No pets allowed on equestrian sites. No ATVs or dirt bikes allowed on trails. No firearms allowed.

Camping Facilities at Holly Recreation Area

holly-recreation-area-camping,Camping Facilities at Holly Recreation Area,thqCampingFacilitiesatHollyRecreationArea

If you’re looking for a perfect place to camp with all facilities available, Holly Recreation Area is the best option for you. You can enjoy all modern amenities while staying surrounded by nature. You can camp in a tent, RV or cabin while being surrounded by a beautiful forest, lakes, and hills.

Tent Camping

Tent camping is the most common way of camping in Holly Recreation Area. You can bring your tent to camp anywhere in the park. There are several camping spots available where you can park your car and set up your tent. You can also book a personal campsite by calling the park office or online. The campsites range from being up close to the lake or located deeper into the woods. Each site can accommodate several people and comes with fire pits, restrooms, and picnic tables.

Cabin Camping

For those who are looking for a more comfortable stay, cabin camping is the best option. Holly Recreation Area provides cabins with well-equipped kitchen and bathroom facilities. You also get a comfortable bed to rest after a long day of outdoor activities. There are various types of cabins available, and you can choose according to your preference.

Hiking Trails in Holly Recreation Area

holly-recreation-area-camping,Hiking Trails in Holly Recreation Area,thqHikingTrailsinHollyRecreationArea

If you’re an enthusiastic hiker and lover of nature, Holly Recreation Area has some of the best hiking trails in Michigan. You can enjoy peaceful walking amidst the beautiful forest trees and lakes. These trails are perfect for families or anyone looking to enjoy the beautiful nature of Michigan while getting a bit of exercise.

Equestrian Trail

One of the most famous hiking trails in Holly Recreation Area is the Equestrian Trail, which is over 16 miles long. The trail was created by Michigan Horse Council (MHC) and is well maintained by park staff. This trail is designed for horseback riding, hiking and cross-country skiing. You can also access campgrounds and picnic areas along this trail.

Majestic Oak Trail

Majestic Oak trail is a 2.5-mile-long trail famous for its beautiful lakeside scenes and fresh air. The trail is perfect for a quick walk or a picnic, as there are several picnic areas available here. You can also see some of the rarest species of birds and animals of Michigan. It is perfect for a family day out in nature.

Kearsley Creek Trail

Kearsley Creek Trail is a 1.5-mile-long trail located in the north of Holly Recreation Area. This trail is famous for beautiful waterfalls, and you can also enjoy fishing in the creek. It is a perfect trail for watching fall colors. You can also access the Overnight Camping area of the Holly Recreation Area through this trail.

No Note
1 Make sure to carry enough water and food while hiking.
2 Carry a map of the park with you.

What to Expect During Your Holly Recreation Area Camping Experience

holly-recreation-area-camping,camping at holly recreation area,thqcampingathollyrecreationarea

Looking to spend the night under the stars at Holly Recreation Area? Here’s what you can anticipate during your camping trip.

Camping Sites and Amenities

The recreation area boasts over 144 modern campsites, including electrical, water, and sewer hook-ups. There are also rustic camping and hike-in sites for more adventurous campers. Each campsite has areas for camping, picnicking, and fire pits. Additionally, clean restrooms, drinking water, showers, and laundry facilities are available for campers.

Activities and Recreational Opportunities

There’s so much to do during your stay at Holly Recreation Area. Hiking, fishing, and swimming are excellent options for adventure seekers, while those who enjoy a leisurely day can have picnics, bike, or take tranquil walks in the parks serene and stunning environment. Additionally, winter campers can enjoy ice fishing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing when conditions allow.

Note that park entrance fees, camping fees, and some activities have their fees. Please see the Holly Recreation Area official website for more information regarding their current rates and conditions.

No Activities and Recreational Opportunities
1 Hiking trails
2 Biking
3 Picnicking
4 Fishing
5 Swimming
6 Cross-country skiing
7 Snowshoeing


If you don’t have camping gear, don’t fret! Holly Recreation Area offers modern cabins, shelters, yurts, and group lodges for rent. They come with heaters, fire pits, picnic tables, and other necessary amenities. They are perfect for those who desire a bit of luxury while still experiencing the outdoors.

Camping Facilities at Holly Recreation Area

holly-recreation-area-camping,Camping Facilities at Holly Recreation Area,thqCampingFacilitiesatHollyRecreationArea

If you’re planning to camp at Holly Recreation Area, it’s important to know what facilities are available. There are several campsites for campers and RVs, which offer picnic tables, fire rings, and barbecue grills. However, if you prefer to sleep under the stars, there are also tent camping sites available. Don’t worry if you don’t have a tent because cabins are also available for rent. The cabin includes two full beds and a set of bunk beds. You will need to bring your bedding and towels, as linens are not provided.

Water Activities

One of the best things about the Holly Recreation Area is that it has plenty of water activities to choose from. The park boasts three lakes: Wildwood, Bush, and Valley. You can spend your days fishing, kayaking, swimming, or just lounging on the beach. The park also has a boat launch if you prefer to bring your boat, but be aware that boats with a motor larger than 6hp are not allowed. The park also has a playground, a softball field, and horseshoe pits.

Camping equipment Rental

Don’t have camping equipment? No problem. The park rentals for tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs, and more. The equipment can be rented from the DNR Motorsports Store, which is located near the park’s entrance. You can rent equipment hourly or for the entire day. This is a great option if you don’t want to invest in camping equipment or if you want to try camping before committing to purchasing your own equipment.

Campfire Tips at Holly Recreation Area Camping

holly-recreation-area-camping,Campfire Tips at Holly Recreation Area Camping,thqCampfireTipsatHollyRecreationAreaCamping

One of the joys of camping is building a campfire and gathering around it. Holly Recreation Area camping offers several locations where you can start a fire and enjoy cooking meals or simply snacking on s’mores. To make the experience enjoyable and safe for everyone, here are some campfire tips to keep in mind:

Keep a Safe Distance

When settling your campground, avoid setting it too close to the fire pit to prevent sparks and embers from flying on you or your gear. Setting up at least 10 to 15 feet away is far enough to avoid immediate danger.

Bring the Right Tools

Before starting a fire, make sure to have the right tools on hand. This includes a shovel, water container, gloves, wood, and a lighter or matches. Remember to clear the leaves, sticks, or grass within that 15-feet circle. A nearby water source like a lake or river can also be used in case the flames get out of hand.

Follow Fire Safety Guidelines

Always follow the fire safety rules posted at Holly Recreation Area camping sites. Keep the flame size manageable and build it lower so that the smoke won’t be an eyesore for passersby. Don’t leave the fire unattended and make sure it is completely out before leaving the site or going to bed. Cooling the coal or wood with water or sand ensures that the fire is safely put out.

Cleanup After the Party

It is best to bring a separate trash container that is fire-retardant. Burning trash and food remnants can cause potential hazards. Cleaning up after yourself ensures that the campground stays safe for the next campers in line.

How to Prepare for Your Holly Recreation Area Camping Trip

Holly Recreation Area Camping

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or new to the outdoors, it’s important to prepare adequately for your Holly Recreation Area camping trip.

Make a Checklist

Before leaving for your trip, make a checklist of everything you will need. This includes your tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, food, water, first-aid kit, and other essentials. Having a checklist will help ensure that you don’t forget anything important.

Check the Weather

Be sure to check the weather forecast for the days you will be camping. This will help you prepare for any potential weather-related issues, such as rain or extreme heat. It’s also a good idea to pack extra layers of clothing in case the temperature drops at night.

Know the Rules and Regulations

Each campground has its own set of rules and regulations that you must follow. Before heading out, make sure you are familiar with the regulations at the Holly Recreation Area. This will help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Practice Leave No Trace Principles

When camping at the Holly Recreation Area, it’s important to follow the Leave No Trace principles. These principles include packing out all trash, minimizing campfire impacts, respecting wildlife, and more. Practicing Leave No Trace helps to preserve the natural beauty of the area for future generations.

No Leave No Trace Principles
1 Plan Ahead and Prepare
2 Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
3 Dispose of Waste Properly
4 Leave What You Find
5 Minimize Campfire Impact
6 Respect Wildlife
7 Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Holly Recreation Area Camping

Here are some common questions and concerns regarding camping at Holly Recreation Area.

1. Where is Holly Recreation Area located?

Holly Recreation Area is located at 8100 Grange Hall Road, Holly, MI 48442.

2. How do I make a reservation for camping?

You can make a reservation for camping online through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website or by calling (800) 447-2757.

3. What amenities are available at the campsite?

Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. There are also restrooms, showers, and a dump station available for campers to use.

4. Can I bring my pet camping?

Yes, pets are allowed in designated campsites. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.

5. What is the check-in and check-out time for camping?

Check-in time is after 2:00 PM and check-out time is before 1:00 PM.

6. Are there any RV hookups available?

Yes, there are both electric and water hookups available for RVs.

7. Is there a limit on the number of people allowed per campsite?

Yes, the maximum number of people allowed per campsite is 6.

8. Are campfires allowed at the campsite?

Yes, campfires are allowed in designated fire rings at each campsite.

9. Can I bring my own firewood?

Yes, you can bring your own firewood. However, it must be from a local source within 10 miles of the campground to prevent the spread of invasive species.

10. Is there fishing available at Holly Recreation Area?

Yes, there are several lakes and ponds available for fishing at Holly Recreation Area.

11. What activities are available for campers?

Activities at Holly Recreation Area include hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and hunting in designated areas.

12. Are there any swimming areas at Holly Recreation Area?

Yes, there is a designated swimming area at one of the lakes within the park.

13. What is the noise policy at the campsite?

Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Please be respectful of other campers and keep noise levels to a minimum during these hours.

14. Is alcohol allowed at the campsite?

Yes, alcohol is allowed at the campsite. However, public intoxication and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

15. Are generators allowed at the campsite?

Yes, generators are allowed during designated hours from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

16. Is there a fee to enter Holly Recreation Area?

Yes, there is a daily fee of $9 for Michigan residents and $11 for non-residents. There is also a yearly recreation passport available for purchase.

17. Are there any nearby attractions to visit?

Yes, there are several nearby attractions including the historic town of Holly and the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

18. Is there cell phone service available at Holly Recreation Area?

Cell phone service can be limited in some areas of the park.

19. Are there any restrictions on the type of camping equipment allowed?

No, there are no restrictions on the type of camping equipment allowed as long as it fits within your designated campsite.

20. What happens if I need to cancel my camping reservation?

You can cancel your camping reservation up to 5 days before your scheduled arrival date for a full refund.

21. Is there a maximum stay limit at Holly Recreation Area?

Yes, the maximum stay limit is 15 nights within a 30-day period.

22. Is there any wildlife that campers need to be aware of?

Yes, campers should be aware of bears, raccoons, and other wildlife that may frequent the area. It is important to properly store food and garbage to avoid attracting animals.

23. What should I do if I encounter a problem during my camping stay?

You can contact the park office or a campground attendant for assistance with any problems or concerns during your stay.

24. Can I have visitors at my campsite?

Yes, visitors are allowed at your campsite. However, they must leave the park by 11:00 PM and you are responsible for their actions.

25. Are there any other rules or regulations I should be aware of before camping?

Yes, please review the Holly Recreation Area rules and regulations on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website before your stay.

Looking for a fun camping destination? Check out Holly Recreation Area camping for a great outdoor adventure.

Goodbye for now, Kind Reader!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Holly Recreation Area camping experiences. It truly is one of the best places to go camping in the state of Michigan. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful weekend in the wilderness or a fun-filled adventure with friends and family, Holly Recreation Area has it all. From hiking and fishing to swimming and birdwatching, there’s always something to do. Don’t forget to come back and visit us soon for more exciting articles on camping and outdoor activities. Thank you for reading and happy camping!

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