Romantic Picnic Spots in Austin: Discover the Most Enchanting Outdoor Settings for Your Perfect Date

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for a romantic picnic spot in Austin, then you’re in luck. This Texan city has plenty of charming locations that are perfect for a cozy picnic with your significant other. From lush parks to scenic lakeside spots, Austin has something for every kind of romance. Here are some of the best romantic picnic spots in Austin that you should definitely check out.

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Best Outdoor Romantic Picnic Spots in Austin

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Best Outdoor Romantic Picnic Spots in Austin,thqBestOutdoorRomanticPicnicSpotsinAustin

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a romantic outdoor picnic with your significant other, then Austin is your go-to destination. This city is filled with numerous serene and picturesque spots that provide the perfect setting for a memorable picnic experience. Below are some of the best outdoor romantic picnic spots in Austin:

1. Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnel is considered to be one of Austin’s top tourist attractions, and it also makes an excellent romantic picnic spot. This historic site provides a breathtaking view of the city and surroundings, which makes a serene picnic atmosphere for couples.

2. Zilker Park

Zilker Park is one of Austin’s most popular city parks and has a large lawn area that is ideal for couples to lay a picnic blanket. The park is also home to botanical gardens, volleyball courts, and canoe rentals, providing couples with a wide range of activities to enjoy during their picnic.

Top-rated Cozy Indoor Picnic Spots in Austin

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Top-rated Cozy Indoor Picnic Spots in Austin,thqTopratedCozyIndoorPicnicSpotsinAustin

If you’re passionate about picnics but aren’t so keen on the great outdoors, then Austin has you covered. The city has a range of cozy indoor picnic spots that have become popular among couples seeking a romantic and intimate setting for their picnic. Here are some of the top-rated cozy indoor picnic spots in Austin:

1. The Blue Dahlia Bistro

The Blue Dahlia Bistro is known for its cozy and romantic ambiance, making it an ideal spot for an indoor picnic. This spot features a European-style dining space, olive trees, and a sunny patio, providing couples with an ideal setup for an intimate picnic experience.

2. Justine’s Brasserie

Justine’s Brasserie is a French-style restaurant that provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere for couples. This Parisian-style Bistro offers a variety of dishes and drinks, perfect for a romantic indoor picnic.

Best Lakeside Picnic Spots in Austin

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Best Lakeside Picnic Spots in Austin,thqTexasRowingCenterLadyBirdLake

One of the best ways to spend a romantic afternoon is by a serene lake, with a basket full of goodies, and a special someone by your side. Austin has a plethora of lakeside picnic spots, perfect for couples looking for some quiet time.

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is undoubtedly one of the most popular lakes in Austin, and for good reasons. The mesmerizing city skyline enhances the already magnificent view of the lake. There are a lot of serene places around the lake for picnic spots in Austin. In addition, you could rent kayaks or stand-up paddleboards, or if you are a little more adventurous, try out rowing and canoeing.

Lake Travis

If you and your partner are looking for a little more adventure, Lake Travis is perfect for you. About half an hour’s drive from downtown Austin, Lake Travis offers a variety of activities like hiking, cycling, and zip-lining, in addition to plenty of opportunities for swimming and fishing. You can choose to rent a boat or a jet ski and spend the day zipping around the lake, or just set up a comfortable picnic spot and relax by the shore.

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Deep Eddy Pool

For couples looking for a little less water and a little more greenery, Deep Eddy Pool is a great choice. This popular swimming pool, established in 1915, is open year-round and boasts beautiful trees and picnic areas around the complex. There are also plenty of food trucks in the area, so you can enjoy some delicious treats after your swim.

Hippie Hollow Park

If you and your partner love to shed your clothes and bask au naturel, then Hippie Hollow Park is the place for you. This is a secluded park in Austin that caters to nudists, and offers some incredible scenic views. Hippie Hollow Park also offers picnic areas for visitors, so bring your basket of wine and cheese along. Just remember, this is a clothing-optional park.

Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

If peaceful surroundings and wildlife sightings excite you, a day trip to Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park is a must. Picnic tables and barbecue pits are available, and the lake offers the chance for swimming or fishing. This park is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your furry friend along with you. Just make sure to clean up after them.

Krause Springs

Austin is known for its swimming holes, and Krause Springs is one of the best. This 32-acre swimming hole offers multiple picnic sites, and on a hot summer day, the water is the perfect temperature for swimming. There are also hiking trails if you and your partner feel like stretching your legs after your picnic.

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No Romantic Picnic Spots in Austin Location Features
1 Zilker Botanical Garden 2220 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746 Beautiful garden with various plants and flowers, koi pond, waterfall, and picnic areas.
2 Lake Travis Lakeway, TX 78734 Scenic setting with a view of the lake, water activities available, and several parks and picnic spots around the lake.
3 Mayfield Park 3505 W 35th St, Austin, TX 78703 Peaceful park with peacocks roaming freely, beautiful gardens, and quiet picnic spots.
4 Mount Bonnell 3800 Mount Bonnell Rd, Austin, TX 78731 Stunning views of the city and surrounding area, several picnic tables available.
5 Butler Park and Long Center 701 W Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78704 Park with stunning views of the city and Lady Bird Lake, walking trails, several picnic areas in the park, and nearby restaurants.

Mount Bonnell Park

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Mount Bonnell Park,thqMountBonnellPark

One of the most romantic picnic spots in Austin is Mount Bonnell Park. With its stunning views and picturesque scenery, Mount Bonnell Park is the perfect place for couples to relax and unwind. The park features several picnic tables where couples can sit and enjoy a romantic meal while taking in the breathtaking views of Austin and the Colorado River. The park also boasts several hiking trails that couples can explore, providing an opportunity for some exercise and adventure.

Hiking trails

Mount Bonnell Park offers several hiking trails that range in difficulty and length. The Covert Park Trail is a short and easy trail that leads to the top of Mount Bonnell. The trail is only 0.1 miles long and is perfect for couples who want to enjoy the views without breaking a sweat. The Inwood Trail is a bit more challenging, covering 1.2 miles and featuring steep inclines. The trail offers stunning views of the Texas Hill Country and the Colorado River.

Important Notes:

“It’s the tallest mountain in Austin and it overlooks a river with a great view of the Austin City Skyline.” – TripAdvisor

Laguna Gloria

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Laguna Gloria,thqLagunaGloria

Laguna Gloria is a beautiful historic site that offers a serene and tranquil setting for a romantic picnic. The site features picturesque gardens, a lake, and several picnic tables that are perfect for a quiet and intimate meal. Couples can take a romantic stroll through the gardens, enjoy a picnic on the lawn, or rent a canoe for a scenic ride on the lake.

Garden tours

Laguna Gloria offers guided garden tours led by expert docents. The tours provide a unique opportunity for couples to learn about the history and design of the gardens while enjoying the natural beauty of the site. The tours are available from Wednesday to Sunday and are free with admission to the site.

Important Notes:

“Beautiful grounds, great view of the lake, and quiet location. Plus, it was lovely to have a picnic and enjoy the views.” – TripAdvisor

The Wildflower Center

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,The Wildflower Center,thqTheWildflowerCenter

The Wildflower Center is a gorgeous botanic garden full of beautiful blooms and greenery, and it’s one of the must-visit romantic picnic spots in Austin. The sprawling grounds offer plenty of space for a quiet picnic, with benches, tables, and open lawns throughout the garden. You can pack a picnic basket full of your favorite foods, spread out a blanket and settle down under the trees to enjoy each other’s company.

Butterfly Garden

One of the hidden gems of the Wildflower Center is the butterfly garden, a magical oasis where butterflies rule the sky. It is a must-visit, especially if you’re a nature lover. Enjoy your picnic and bask in the delightful and garden-enclosed scent of beautiful flowers.


The Wildflower Center’s waterfall is a serene and picturesque spot that is perfect for picnicking couples. Situated beside the giant butterfly garden, the waterfall overlooks the trees and has benches, which are perfect for enjoying your basket of goodies and bird watching. The waterfall is open Friday through Monday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Consider going during the off-season to avoid crowds.

Zilker Botanical Garden

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Zilker Botanical Garden,thqZilkerBotanicalGarden

The Zilker Botanical Garden is laden with luscious plants, tranquil waterfalls, and breathtaking features that will leave you and your partner in complete awe. A picturesque setting perfect for romantic picnics in the heart of Austin.

Japanese Garden

Experience a sense of calm and tranquility in the Japanese garden as you enjoy your romantic meal in the company of cherry blossom trees and koi fish ponds. These picturesque surroundings are perfect for couples to escape the bustling Austin life and unwind in a serene environment with delectable food.

Prehistoric Garden

Take a romantic picnic journey through time. The Prehistoric Garden feature massive dinosaur sculptures in their natural habitats and is fun to wander and explore. With prehistoric dragonflies flitting about on the sculptures, try not be overrun with childlike wonder. This is a unique spot to have a picnic and relax with nature.

Waterloo Greenway

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Waterloo Greenway Austin,thqWaterlooGreenwayAustin

If you’re looking for a place to relax and connect with nature, Waterloo Greenway is the perfect picnic spot. It has twelve distinct areas, each with a unique character and offering impressive views of downtown Austin’s skyline. It’s an excellent place for a romantic picnic, and its proximity to Waller Creek and Lady Bird Lake makes it perfect for a stroll through the lush green space.

Trinity Pavilion

The Trinity Pavilion is the perfect place for a romantic hilltop picnic. It’s situated on the highest point in the Waterloo Greenway, surrounded by breathtaking views of the city. You can enjoy a delicious meal while basking in the sunshine and fresh air. There’s no better way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still enjoying the best of what it has to offer.

Liz Carpenter Fountain

The Liz Carpenter Fountain is another favorite of couples looking to relax and cool down on hot days. The fountain provides a natural oasis that’s perfect for lounging and having a peaceful picnic. The fountain is right next to the beautiful Waller Creek, making it easy to take a romantic stroll with your loved one after your picnic.

Mayfield Park and Preserve

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Mayfield Park and Preserve Austin,thqMayfieldParkandPreserveAustin

Mayfield Park and Preserve is a hidden gem in Austin that’s perfect for a romantic picnic. It’s a quiet and peaceful park that offers scenic hiking trails, gardens, picnic areas, and a historic cottage. It’s easy to forget you’re still in the city with the park’s tranquil surroundings, and it’s an excellent place to enjoy each other’s company without any distractions.

Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden is a secluded romantic spot perfect for a picnic with your significant other. Located near the historic cottage, the garden is covered in stunning native and adaptive plant collections and features a fish pond and numerous walking paths. You can sit and enjoy the serene view of the gardens, especially the flowers and the staff will assist in provide a memorable picnic experience.

Hiking Trail Picnic

If you and your significant other are nature lovers, hiking the trails at Mayfield Park and Preserve can add a little adventure to your romantic picnic. The park has several picturesque hiking trails that offer stunning views of Lake Austin and the Texas Hill Country. Pack your picnic backpack with snacks, drinks, and a blanket, and enjoy your meal in nature surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Mayfield Park

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Mayfield Park,thqMayfieldPark

If you’re looking for a romantic picnic spot that offers a picturesque environment and a peaceful atmosphere, Mayfield Park is a great option. The park is an oasis of greenery that’s surrounded by limestone walls, and it’s home to several beautiful peacocks that roam around freely. Located on the western side of Austin, Mayfield Park is an ideal destination for couples who want to enjoy nature and each other’s company without being disturbed by the city’s noise.

Peacock Tour

Mayfield Park is known for its stunning peacocks that roam around the area, showing off their colorful tail feathers. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness a display of their beautiful feathers.

Gardens and Trails

The park’s gardens are well-maintained and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding environment. Additionally, the park has several trails that you can explore with your partner during your picnic. The trails lead to a small pond, grotto, and waterfall that are perfect for photo opportunities.

Mount Bonnell

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Mount Bonnell,thqMountBonnell

For couples who are seeking a breathtaking view of the city while enjoying a romantic picnic, Mount Bonnell is an excellent choice. Located in West Austin, Mount Bonnell is a popular spot for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in a peaceful and picturesque environment.

View of Austin Skyline

At the top of Mount Bonnell, you’ll enjoy a stunning panoramic view of downtown Austin and the surrounding landscape. The view is particularly magical during the sunset and gives you an opportunity to make unforgettable memories with your loved one.

Picnic Tables and Seating

Mount Bonnell offers several picnic tables and seating options, so you and your partner can enjoy your meals comfortably. If you want to elevate your picnic experience, bring a cozy blanket to sit on and unwind while enjoying the stunning views.

Mount Bonnell

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Mount Bonnell,thqMountBonnell

Mount Bonnell is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic as it offers breathtaking views of the city of Austin. With an elevation of 775 feet, it presents a mesmerizing panorama from the highest point in the city. Its peace and tranquility make it an ideal place for couples seeking to escape the city’s noise and immerse themselves in nature’s bounty.

History of Mount Bonnell

Mount Bonnell was named after George W. Bonnell, who was an early settler and journalist. The area was also formerly known as Antoinette’s Leap and was named after a woman who leapt to her death from the cliff top. The area has a plaque commemorating the death of Antonette who allegedly took her life in despair due to separation from her lover.

Facilities and Accessibility

Mount Bonnell is one of Austin’s oldest tourist attractions and easily accessible via a hilly climb of around 100 stairs, which provides a bit of adventure for couples. The area is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm and has picnic benches to sit, rest and enjoy the view. However, due to its popularity, the area can be crowded, so it’s good to arrive early or during the weekdays to secure a spot for a romantic picnic.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

romantic-picnic-spots-in-austin,Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center,thqLady20Bird20Johnson20Wildflower20Center

A picnic is not just about food, but also about the surroundings. One spot that can provide a stunning view to gaze at while having your quality time together is the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The wildflower center is a mecca for native plants and grasses. It boasts of an extensive collection of wildflowers, which provide an excellent opportunity for the couple to bask in the serene beauty of nature.

The Story behind Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center was founded to celebrate the love of First Lady Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, fondly known as Ladybird, for the native plants of the Texas Hill Country. Located in Southwest Austin, it provides opportunities for visitors to learn about native plants and conservation practices

Facilities and Accessibility

The center offers picnic tables and an ample area to lay a blanket. Picnics are permitted in designated areas, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks, as no food service is available at the center. It also features wheelchair accessibility. The center is open daily, except on certain holidays, so it’s essential to check before embarking on a romantic picnic.

FAQ on Romantic Picnic Spots in Austin

Planning a romantic picnic in Austin, but not sure where to go? Check out our list of frequently asked questions for all your concerns and anxieties about finding the perfect spot for your special date.

1. What are some of the best romantic picnic spots in Austin?

Austin has many great romantic spots for picnics such as Zilker Park, Mount Bonnell, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Mayfield Park.

2. Is it necessary to make a reservation for picnic spot in Austin?

It is not necessary to make a reservation but it is better to check beforehand if any permit is required or if the area has any specific rules or regulations.

3. What is the best time to go on a romantic picnic in Austin?

Early morning, late afternoon or evening is usually the best time for a romantic picnic in Austin.

4. Can I bring a pet with me to a romantic picnic spot in Austin?

It depends on the picnic spot and their rules, but some parks do allow pets on a leash.

5. Is it safe to go to picnic spots at night in Austin?

It is best to go to picnic spots during daylight and avoid going at night for safety reasons. However, If you do plan to go at night, it is better to choose a well-lit area.

6. What are some essential items to pack for a romantic picnic in Austin?

A basket or cooler with food, drinks, utensils, a blanket, bug spray and sunscreen are some of the essential items to pack for a romantic picnic in Austin

7. Can I have alcohol during a picnic at a public park in Austin?

In Austin, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in most public parks. Check the rules of your chosen picnic spot beforehand.

8. Can I have a BBQ during my picnic in Austin?

Some picnic spots have designated BBQ areas, but most public parks in Austin do not allow BBQ. Check the rules of your chosen picnic spot beforehand.

9. How can I keep my food from getting hot or cold during my picnic in Austin?

You can wrap hot or cold items in aluminum foil or thermal bags to help keep them at the desired temperature during your picnic in Austin.

10. Can I play music during my picnic in Austin?

Playing music might be a disturbance to others, so it is better to keep it low or use headphones during your picnic. Check the rules of your chosen picnic spot beforehand.

11. What if it rains during my romantic picnic in Austin?

Check the weather report before going for your picnic and have a contingency plan in place. You can choose a place which has covered pavilions, or reschedule your picnic to another day.

12. How long can I stay at a picnic spot in Austin?

You can stay as long as you like unless there are specific park rules regarding hours of operation.

13. Are there restrooms available at all picnic spots in Austin?

Most public parks have restrooms within their boundaries. Check the rules of your chosen picnic spot beforehand, if restrooms are not available, you will have to make other arrangements.

14. Can I bring plants or flowers with me to decorate my picnic area in Austin?

Decorative items like flowers, balloons, and other non-living things are usually allowed in picnic spots, but It is better to check the specific rules in advance.

15. Can I take photos during my picnic in Austin?

Yes, you can take photos of yourself or your surroundings during your picnic. Just make sure you are not disturbing others in doing so.

16. Can I reserve a spot at a picnic area in Austin?

Reserving spots at picnic areas varies in Austin. Check with the specific park or picnic spot you wish to go for more information.

17. Is there a fee to use picnic spots in Austin?

Some picnic areas might charge a fee, while others are free to use. Check the specific rules of your picnic spot before going.

18. Can I bring my own chairs for a picnic in Austin?

You can bring chairs unless the park or picnic spot has specific rules against it.

19. Can I go for a swim during my picnic in Austin?

Some picnic spots have nearby rivers or lakes which are open for swimming but It is better to check the specific park or rules before going.

20. Can I fly a drone over a picnic area in Austin?

No, Drones are prohibited in most public parks and open for administrative penalties. Check specific park rules before flying a drone over a picnic area in Austin.

21. Is it okay to invite friends to a romantic picnic in Austin?

Yes, but make sure to keep the number of guests under control, and make it a point to respect others in the public park.

22. Can I light candles during my romantic picnic in Austin?

Many parks strictly prohibit the use of candles and open flames. Check the specific park or rules before bringing candles.

23. Can I set up a pop-up tent during a romantic picnic in Austin?

Most parks prohibit pop-up tents or require a permit to set it up. Check the specific park or rules before setting up a pop-up tent during your picnic.

24. What should I do with my trash after a romantic picnic in Austin?

You should always clean up after yourself and dispose of your trash by putting it in the designated receptacles in picnic areas or else carry it with you and dispose of it when you get home.

25. Can I cancel or change the date of a reservation for a picnic area in Austin?

The policies for cancellations and changing dates for picnic spots varies in Austin. You should enquire and confirm the policies from the specific park or administration office.

For couples searching for a romantic picnic spot in Austin, look no further than this list for ideas on where to go. From breathtaking parks to serene lakeshores, there’s something for everyone looking to enjoy a picturesque afternoon with their significant other.

Enjoy Your Romantic Picnic in Austin

Kind Reader, we hope you enjoyed reading about the top romantic picnic spots in Austin. Whether you prefer a scenic riverside setting or a lovely rose garden, Austin has a diverse range of outdoor spots to share a picnic with your loved one. Don’t forget to pack your favorite food and drinks and create a memorable experience. We invite you to come back and visit us later for more exciting articles about fun things to do in Austin. Thanks for being with us!

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