Discover Exciting Recreation Jobs Near Me That Will Energize Your Career

Kind Reader, if you are looking for recreation jobs near me, you have come to the right place. This article will give you insights into the various types of recreational jobs available in your area and the qualifications required to excel in them. Whether you are a college student looking for a part-time job or a professional seeking a career change, there are plenty of opportunities to explore in the field of recreation. From working as a lifeguard at a local pool to guiding outdoor excursions, recreation jobs offer a fun and rewarding way to earn a living.

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Types of Recreation Jobs Near Me

recreation-jobs-near-me,Types of Recreation Jobs Near Me,thqTypesofRecreationJobsNearMe

If you are looking for recreation jobs near me, you’ll be happy to know that there are many types of jobs available. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Recreation Coordinator

A recreation coordinator is responsible for planning and organizing recreational activities for a group of people. This can be anything from weekend trips to local tourist attractions to group outings to sporting events. They also ensure that all equipment and supplies are ready for these activities and handle all the logistical details.

2. Recreation Leader

Recreation leaders are similar to coordinators, but they focus more on leading and instructing groups in recreational activities. This can include things like teaching a dance class, leading a hiking or camping trip, or organizing a sports league. They are responsible for overseeing the activities to make sure everyone is safe and having fun.

3. Lifeguard

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of people at the pool or beach. Their primary job is to watch for potential hazards and react quickly if someone is in danger. They are also responsible for enforcing pool rules and maintain the cleanliness of their designated area.

4. Recreation Attendant

recreation-jobs-near-me,Recreation Attendant,thqRecreationAttendant

A recreation attendant is responsible for managing and maintaining recreation facilities. They ensure that everything is clean, safe and in good working order. They may also help to organize events and schedule activities. Attendants can be found in a variety of different locations, including community centers, swimming pools, and parks.

5. Camp Counselor

If you enjoy working with children, then being a camp counselor might be the perfect job for you. Camp counselors are responsible for leading and organizing activities at summer camps and other recreational programs. This can include anything from arts and crafts to outdoor games and sports. They also help to provide a safe and fun environment for the children.

Recreation Jobs Near Me: The Pros and Cons

recreation-jobs-near-me,Recreation Jobs Near Me,thqRecreationJobsNearMe

Before you start your job hunt for recreation jobs near me, it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into. Here are the pros and cons of working in this industry:

1. Pros

No. Pros
1 You get to work in a fun and exciting environment
2 There are many different types of jobs available
3 Flexible work schedules are often available
4 You can make a positive impact on people’s lives through recreation programs
5 You can enjoy outdoor activities and sports as part of your job

2. Cons

No. Cons
1 Many jobs are seasonal or part-time, leading to uncertainty
2 Pay can be relatively low, especially for entry-level positions
3 Dealing with difficult or demanding clients can be challenging
4 Some jobs may require working evenings, weekends, or holidays

Ultimately, whether or not working in recreation is right for you will depend on your individual personality, interests, and goals. However, by weighing the pros and cons of the industry, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to pursue a job in this field.

Types of Recreation Jobs Near Me

recreation-jobs-near-me,Types of Recreation Jobs Near Me,thqTypesofRecreationJobsNearMe

If you are considering a career in the recreation industry, it’s important to note the different types of recreation jobs that are available in your area. Whether you prefer working outdoors or indoors, with children or adults, there is a recreation job that is perfect for you. Below are some of the most common types of recreation jobs near you:

1. Park Ranger

As a park ranger, your duties can range from managing the park’s natural resources, leading guided tours, enforcing rules and regulations, and attending to park visitors. This job also requires knowledge of the park’s history, geology, geography, and flora and fauna.

2. Sports Coach

If you love team sports, becoming a sports coach can be a rewarding career path. You’ll be responsible for teaching team members the basics of the sport, developing team strategies, and ensuring the safety of the players. Sports coaching jobs are available in schools, colleges, and community centers.

3. Fitness Trainer

If you’re passionate about helping others improve their health and fitness, becoming a fitness trainer might be right up your alley. You’ll be responsible for creating workout plans, guiding clients through exercises, and providing helpful advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Fitness trainer jobs are available in gyms, health clubs, and community centers.

4. Camp Counselor

As a camp counselor, your job is to lead camp participants in various activities such as hiking, swimming, canoeing, and making craft projects. You’ll also be responsible for managing the safety and well-being of the campers and ensuring they have a fun and memorable experience.

5. Event Coordinator

If you have excellent organizational skills and love planning and managing events, a career as an event coordinator may be for you. As an event coordinator, you’ll manage all aspects of events such as conferences, weddings, corporate meetings, and other social events.

6. Museum Curator

If you have a passion for history and culture, becoming a museum curator might be the perfect job for you. As a museum curator, you’ll be responsible for creating exhibits and programs that educate visitors about art, history, and culture. Curators also manage collections, research artifacts, and work with public or private institutions to showcase their exhibits.

7. Recreation Supervisor

As a recreation supervisor, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the operation of recreational facilities such as community centers, parks, pools, or other public spaces. You’ll manage staff and organize programming for the community to enjoy.

No Job Title Company Location Salary Range (per hour)
1 Outdoor Activities Coordinator City of Seattle Seattle, WA $24 – $28
2 Recreation Leader YMCA San Francisco, CA $16 – $18
3 Camp Counselor Boy Scouts of America Austin, TX $12 – $15
4 Event Coordinator National Parks Conservation Association Washington, D.C. $20 – $25
5 Swim Instructor The Yards Cycling & Strength Studio Boston, MA $15 – $20

How to Find Recreation Jobs Near Me?

recreation-jobs-near-me,Find Recreation Jobs Near Me,thqFindRecreationJobsNearMe

If you are currently seeking for recreation jobs near you, here are some things you can do to increase your chances of landing your desired position:

1. Utilize Online Job Boards

There are various online job boards that cater specifically to the recreation industry, such as CoolWorks, Adventures in Good Company, and Outdoor Ed. You can easily tailor your search and filter through job listings based on your location and preferences. Make sure to update your profile and resume before applying.

2. Attend Job Fairs

Job fairs are great opportunities to meet and network with potential employers face-to-face. Check out local and industry-specific job fairs in your area. Make sure to bring copies of your resume and dress appropriately.

3. Reach Out to Recreation Companies Directly

If there are specific recreation companies or organizations that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out to them directly and inquire about any job openings. Even if there are no current openings, they may keep you in mind for future opportunities.

4. Use Social Media

Social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook, are also great tools to find job openings and network with professionals in the recreation industry. Join groups and follow pages related to recreation jobs to stay updated on industry news and job listings.

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1 Outdoor recreation jobs near me
2 Recreation therapist jobs near me
3 Local recreation center jobs
4 Summer recreation jobs near me


Finding recreation jobs near you may seem difficult at first, but with the right tools and persistence, you can land your dream job! Use online job boards, attend job fairs, reach out to companies, and leverage your social media network to increase your chances of finding relevant job openings.

Job Search Engines for Recreation Jobs Near Me

recreation-jobs-near-me,Job Search Engines for Recreation Jobs Near Me,thqJobSearchEnginesforRecreationJobsNearMe

Looking for recreation jobs near me should not be so hard, thankfully there are many job search engines that can help you with this. Most of the job search engines that will be listed below allows you to filter your search to find jobs that are closer to your location. Some of them even offer mobile applications to help you find recreation jobs from your phone.


Indeed is a popular job search engine that has a vast database of jobs posted by employers. You can easily search for recreation jobs near you by entering your preferred keywords and location. The website also allows you to set up alerts so you get a notification every time a new job is posted which matches your search.


Glassdoor is a job search engine that also gives you access to company reviews, salaries, and interview processes. You can search for your preferred recreation job and you will be provided with salary estimates, and employees’ reviews of the company. It is an excellent platform to get to know an employer before you actually apply for a job.


SimplyHired gives job seekers access to millions of job openings aggregated from other job boards, company career pages, and more. SimplyHired job search engine allows you to filter your job search by the desired location and check job stars and employer information.


ZipRecruiter is another job search engine that has a vast database of job postings. It is one of the fastest-growing job sites and it offers a user-friendly interface for job searchers. You can easily search for open recreation jobs near your location, upload your CV and even get notified of new job postings that match your search.


CareerBuilder has a vast database of jobs posted by employers. Job seekers can easily search for recreation jobs near me by location and job type. You can save jobs, keep track of your application history, and receive job alerts through email.


Monster is one of the oldest job search engines on the internet and another realm of millions of posted jobs. The Monste job site allows you to search for recreation jobs by location or job title. It also offers career advice and job descriptions that will be of help to any job seeker in their job search.


Snagajob is a job search engine that gives you access to hourly jobs based on your preferred location and also makes it easy for you to apply. The platform provides job opportunities for various job roles including recreation jobs like babysitting and other hourly jobs. The website also offers flexible and part-time job opportunities the searchers can adapt to their schedules.

Jobs in State and National Parks

recreation-jobs-near-me,State and National Parks,thqStateandNationalParks

If you are looking for recreation jobs near me in natural settings and have a passion for the great outdoors, then working in a state or national park may be an ideal option. There are numerous recreation job opportunities available in state and national parks, which includes but not limited to:

Park Ranger

One of the most popular careers in state and national parks is a park ranger. Park rangers provide services to visitors, maintain law and order, perform search and rescue missions, and ensure that natural resources and wildlife are protected. Qualifications for state and national park ranger jobs typically include a degree in park management, environmental science, wildlife biology, or a related field.

Wildlife Biologist

If you love animals and have a degree in biology, working as a wildlife biologist in a state or national park may be the perfect fit for you. Wildlife biologists conduct research on the behavior, distribution, and habitat of animals and help manage and conserve wildlife populations in national parks and other natural areas.

Park Interpreter

Another critical person you’ll encounter while exploring a park is a park interpreter. These individuals provide education and interpretive services to visitors, sharing information on the park’s history, wildlife, and natural features.

No State and National Park Jobs
1 Forest Firefighter
2 Conservation Scientists
3 Seasonal Park Ranger
4 Ecologist
5 Resource Management Specialist

State and national park jobs offer excellent benefits, flexible work hours, and the opportunity to work in some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. To learn more about available opportunities, visit the U.S. National Park Service website, and your State’s Parks and Recreation department page.

Popular recreation jobs near me

recreation-jobs-near-me,Popular recreation jobs near me,thqPopularrecreationjobsnearme

Recreation jobs are becoming increasingly popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. Here are some of the most popular recreation jobs near me:

1. Lifeguard

If you’ve got a passion for swimming and a desire to help keep others safe, becoming a lifeguard might be the perfect job for you. Lifeguards are responsible for monitoring swimmers, performing rescues when necessary, and enforcing safety rules at public beaches, pools, and other aquatic facilities.

2. Park Ranger

If you love spending time outdoors and have a desire to protect and preserve natural areas, a job as a park ranger could be a great fit. Park rangers are responsible for managing and maintaining parks and other protected areas, ensuring that visitors adhere to park rules, and providing education and guidance on the local flora and fauna.

3. Camp Counselor

If you’ve got a knack for working with kids and enjoy the outdoors, becoming a camp counselor could be a great way to make a difference in young people’s lives. Camp counselors are responsible for leading activities, providing guidance and mentorship, and ensuring the safety and well-being of campers at summer camps.

4. Fitness Instructor

If you’re passionate about fitness and enjoy helping others achieve their goals, becoming a fitness instructor could be a fulfilling career choice. Fitness instructors lead classes in a variety of activities, from yoga and Pilates to kickboxing and spinning, and help people of all ages and fitness levels get in shape.

5. Tour Guide

If you’re a history buff or love sharing interesting facts with others, becoming a tour guide could be a great way to make a living. Tour guides lead groups of visitors on tours of museums, historic sites, and other attractions, sharing their knowledge and expertise along the way.

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5 tour guide jobs near me

Recreation Jobs in Government Sector

recreation-jobs-near-me,Government Recreation Jobs,thqGovernment-Recreation-Jobs

Aside from the private sector, there are government recreation jobs available for interested individuals. Local, state, and federal government agencies typically hire for recreation jobs to support their programs and services for the community.

Local Government Recreation Jobs

Local government recreation jobs can be found in parks and recreation departments, community centers, and other local facilities. Some common recreation jobs in this sector include park rangers, recreation coordinators, sports coaches, lifeguards, and more. To apply for a local government recreation job, check out your city or county’s job listings website or career pages on their official website.

State and Federal Government Recreation Jobs

The state and federal government also offer various recreation jobs related to parks, forests, and wilderness areas. Some examples of jobs available include park rangers, trail guides, visitor center staff, and forest workers. To find these jobs, check out the official job websites of state and federal agencies, such as the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and more.

No Government Recreation Jobs
1 Local government recreation jobs include park rangers, recreation coordinators, sports coaches, lifeguards, and more
2 State and federal government recreation jobs offer positions such as park rangers, trail guides, visitor center staff, and forest workers

Recreation Jobs in Non-Profit Organizations

recreation-jobs-near-me,Non-Profit Recreation Jobs,thqNon-Profit-Recreation-Jobs

For those who want to make a difference while enjoying a fulfilling career in the recreation industry, non-profit organizations offer various opportunities. Non-profit organizations aim to provide programs and services to the community to support health, wellness, and other causes.

Youth Programs

Non-profit organizations often run youth programs, such as after-school activities, summer camps, and sports leagues. Recreation jobs available in this sector include program coordinators, coaches, activity leaders, and more. Non-profit organizations that focus on youth development include the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more.

Community Outreach Programs

Non-profit organizations also create community outreach programs that provide recreational opportunities for underprivileged communities, individuals with disabilities, and special needs. Recreation jobs available in this sector include program coordinators, instructors, coaches, and more. Non-profit organizations that focus on community outreach include Special Olympics, National Alliance for Youth Sports, and more.

No Non-Profit Recreation Jobs
1 Non-profit youth development organizations offer roles as program coordinators, coaches, activity leaders, and more
2 Non-profit community outreach organizations provide opportunities for roles such as program coordinators, instructors, coaches, and more

Recreation Jobs Near Me FAQ

Find answers to frequent questions about recreation jobs available in your area.

1. What Are Recreation Jobs?

Recreation jobs refer to positions that involve planning, organizing, and facilitating various recreational activities, programs, and events for individuals or groups.

2. What Types of Recreation Jobs Are Available Near Me?

Common recreation jobs in most areas include camp counselor, fitness instructor, lifeguard, tour guide, park ranger, event coordinator, and sports coach among others.

3. Where Can I Find Listings for Available Recreation Jobs?

You can check online job boards such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and CareerBuilder, or visit the websites of parks, fitness centers, sports facilities, and recreation departments in your area.

4. What Are the Basic Qualifications Required for Recreation Jobs?

Most recreation jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent, prior experience in a related field, strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills, and a passion for sports or outdoor activities.

5. Do I Need Any Special Certifications for a Recreation Job?

Certifications such as CPR, First Aid, and lifeguarding are often required for recreation jobs that involve interaction with the public or risk of injury.

6. Are There Any Age Restrictions for Recreation Jobs?

Some recreation jobs may have age restrictions due to factors such as legal liability, safety concerns, or the need for specialized skills. Check with the employer for any age requirements.

7. Can I Work Part-Time in a Recreation Job?

Many recreation jobs offer part-time schedules, particularly during the summer months.

8. Do Recreation Jobs Pay Well?

Salaries for recreation jobs vary depending on the type of job, level of experience, and geographical location.

9. Are There Any Benefits Associated with Recreation Jobs?

Some recreation jobs offer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

10. How Do I Apply for a Recreation Job?

You can typically apply for a recreation job online, in person, or by submitting a resume and cover letter by email.

11. What Should I Include in My Recreation Job Application?

Include information such as your name, contact information, education, work experience, and any relevant certifications or qualifications.

12. How Long Does It Take to Hear Back After Applying for a Recreation Job?

The time it takes to hear back after applying for a recreation job varies depending on the employer’s hiring process. Follow up with the employer after submitting your application to check on the status.

13. Are There Opportunities for Career Advancement in Recreation Jobs?

Most recreation jobs offer opportunities for career advancement, with the potential to move up to supervisory or managerial positions.

14. What Are Common Work Hours for Recreation Jobs?

Work hours for recreation jobs can vary, depending on the employer and the job. Many recreation jobs require evening, weekend, and holiday work.

15. What Are Common Interview Questions for Recreation Jobs?

Common interview questions for recreation jobs include questions about your experience, your qualifications, your knowledge of recreational activities, and your ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

16. Is It Possible to Volunteer in a Recreation Job?

Many recreation facilities and programs welcome volunteers, particularly during busy seasons or special events.

17. Can I Work in a Recreation Job If I Have a Disability?

Employers must make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities and cannot discriminate against qualified candidates based on disability.

18. What Are the Physical Requirements for a Recreation Job?

Physical requirements for a recreation job vary from job to job, but many involve some level of physical activity such as standing for long periods, swimming, or leading hikes or tours.

19. Can I Work as a Recreation Job with a Criminal Record?

Employers may conduct background checks as a condition of employment, but having a criminal record does not necessarily disqualify you from a recreation job.

20. Is It Possible to Work Remotely in a Recreation Job?

Most recreation jobs require on-site work, but there may be some opportunities for remote work in roles such as event planning or administrative support.

21. Are There Seasonal Recreation Jobs Available Near Me?

Many recreation jobs are seasonal, particularly those that involve outdoor activities or summer camps.

22. How Do I Know If a Recreation Job Is Right for Me?

Consider your interests, skills, knowledge, and career goals when deciding whether to pursue a recreation job.

23. Do I Need to Have Experience to Get a Recreation Job?

Prior experience in a related field is often helpful but not always required for entry-level recreation jobs.

24. What Is the Hiring Process for a Recreation Job?

The hiring process for a recreation job typically involves filling out an application, undergoing an interview process, and potentially undergoing a background check or drug test.

25. What Should I Wear to a Recreation Job Interview?

Dressing professionally is recommended for a recreation job interview, unless otherwise specified by the employer.

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