Unlimited Fun and Adventure: The Ultimate Guide to Recreation Unlimited

Kind Reader, if you want to experience the ultimate source of endless outdoor fun and adventure, then look no further than Recreation Unlimited. This premier destination for recreation enthusiasts is all about living life to the fullest and enjoying the great outdoors to the maximum. With a wide range of activities and amenities to choose from, Recreation Unlimited offers something for everyone, no matter what their interests or skill levels may be. So why wait? Come join the fun today and discover all that Recreation Unlimited has to offer!

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History of Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,History of Recreation Unlimited,thqRecreationUnlimitedhistory

Recreation Unlimited was founded in 1988 by a group of individuals who had a vision for providing an environment where people with disabilities could experience outdoor activities and develop new skills. Since its creation, Recreation Unlimited’s mission has been to provide year-round programs in sports, recreation, and education that enrich the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

The Founding of Recreation Unlimited

The founders of Recreation Unlimited were individuals with personal ties to disability. They wanted to create a place where people with disabilities could enjoy activities outside of hospitals and institutions. They wanted them to have a place where they could go to socialize, learn, and grow. After months of planning and fundraising, the first summer camp was held in 1989.

The Evolution of Recreation Unlimited

Over the years, Recreation Unlimited has evolved to serve more than just summer camp. Today, the organization offers year-round programs for all ages and abilities. Programs include archery, fishing, horseback riding, swimming, art, music, and much more. Recreation Unlimited has also expanded its facilities over the years to include an adaptive sports complex, fishing pond, and nature trails.

Programs Offered by Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Programs Offered by Recreation Unlimited,thqRecreationUnlimitedprograms

Recreation Unlimited offers a variety of year-round programs for all ages and abilities. Programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptive, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in activities they enjoy.

Summer Camp

Recreation Unlimited’s summer camp program offers eight weeks of overnight camp experiences for children and adults with disabilities. The program is staffed by trained counselors and volunteers who are dedicated to ensuring a safe and fun camping experience. Campers can participate in a variety of activities such as swimming, horseback riding, art, and sports.

Adaptive Sports Complex

Recreation Unlimited’s adaptive sports complex is a state-of-the-art facility designed for individuals with physical disabilities. The complex offers a variety of adaptive sports such as basketball, tennis, and sled hockey. The facility also includes an indoor pool, weight room, and locker rooms.

Nature Trails and Fishing Pond

Recreation Unlimited has several nature trails and a fully stocked fishing pond. The trails are accessible and safe for individuals with disabilities. The fishing pond is stocked with a variety of fish and includes several accessible fishing docks.

Volunteering with Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Volunteering with Recreation Unlimited,thqRecreationUnlimitedvolunteer

Volunteers are an essential part of the Recreation Unlimited community. They help with programs, events, and fundraising activities. Volunteers can choose to work directly with campers or assist with administrative tasks.

Becoming a Volunteer

To become a volunteer with Recreation Unlimited, individuals must complete an application, attend an orientation session and pass a background check. Volunteers can commit to a variety of time frames, from a single event to an entire summer.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering with Recreation Unlimited provides individuals with the opportunity to give back to their community and make a difference in the lives of others. It also allows volunteers to develop new skills, form new friendships, and gain valuable work experience.

Funding for Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Funding for Recreation Unlimited,thqRecreationUnlimitedfunding

Recreation Unlimited relies on donations and grants to support its programs and services. The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, meaning that donations are tax-deductible.


Recreation Unlimited accepts donations of all sizes, from individuals and corporations. Donations can be made online, by mail, or in person. The organization also accepts in-kind donations, such as equipment and supplies.


Recreation Unlimited applies for grants from a variety of sources, including foundations and government agencies. Grants help support the organization’s programs and services.

No Grant Source
1 Ohio Department of Development Disabilities
2 United Way of Central Ohio
3 Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities
4 Autism Speaks

Activities at Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Activities at Recreation Unlimited,thqActivitiesatRecreationUnlimited

Recreation Unlimited offers a plethora of activities for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities. Here’s a closer look at some of the activities:


Recreation Unlimited organizes several adaptive sports, including archery, basketball, cycling, fishing, and kayaking. They have a range of adaptive equipment to ensure everyone can fully participate and have fun in these activities. The organization also hosts sports camps and clinics regularly.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a way to explore creativity and express oneself. Recreation Unlimited offers several art classes, including painting, pottery, and jewelry making. Individuals with disabilities can showcase their talent and even make a career out of their work.

Nature and Adventure Programs

Recreation Unlimited’s nature and adventure programs allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors. They can go on nature trails, camp, and participate in gardening and horticulture activities.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a fun activity that has various benefits, including improving balance, coordination, and mental health. Recreation Unlimited offers horseback riding lessons and organizes horse shows regularly.

Pool Activities

Recreation Unlimited’s pool is equipped with several amenities, including a wheelchair lift, a zero-entry ramp, and a water slide. Individuals with disabilities can have fun in the water and even take swimming lessons.

Recreational Games

Recreation Unlimited organizes several games that promote teamwork, physical activity, and fun. These games include bocce, cornhole, giant Jenga, and many others.

Therapeutic Programs

Recreation Unlimited has several therapeutic programs that help individuals with disabilities improve their mental and physical health. These programs include music, horticulture, and occupational therapy.

No Category Activity Options Days Open Cost
1 Sports & Recreation Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Mini Golf, Hiking, Archery, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing Monday-Saturday (Closed on Sundays) $10 per person per day (half-price for individuals with disabilities)
2 Camping & Lodging Cabins, RV Sites, Tent Sites, Picnic Shelters Monday-Sunday Varies by accommodation type
3 Summer Camp Adventure Camp, Sports Camp, Arts & Crafts Camp Varies by program Varies by program
4 Events & Parties Birthday Parties, Corporate Retreats, Weddings, Family Reunions Varies by event Varies by event

Outdoor Activities at Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Outdoor Activities at Recreation Unlimited,thqOutdoorActivitiesatRecreationUnlimited

Recreation Unlimited is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities, surrounded by nature’s beauty and fresh air. Here are some of the outdoor activities provided by Recreation Unlimited:


A campfire is a great way to gather with friends and family, tell stories, sing, and toast marshmallows under the stars. You can have a campfire at Recreation Unlimited’s outdoor fire pit, which is accessible to everyone.


Fishing is a relaxing and calming activity that you can enjoy at the fishing pond. The pond at Recreation Unlimited is stocked with fish, which means it is ideal for fishing. Fishing is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical ability.

Sports and Games

Recreation Unlimited offers various sports and games, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, and frisbee. Guests can enjoy these activities in the outdoor arena.


Swimming is a fun and refreshing activity that you can enjoy in the heated outdoor pool. The pool features a ramp, pool lift, and zero-depth entry, making it accessible to people with disabilities.

Nature Walks

Recreation Unlimited’s nature trails allow you to experience the beauty of nature while taking a relaxing walk. Along the trails, guests can view and appreciate nature’s beauty. The trails are wheelchair-accessible and equipped with benches.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at Recreation Unlimited is a great way to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings. The equestrian center offers horse riding lessons and trail rides for all skill levels.


Recreation Unlimited’s camping facilities cater to all campers and include RV sites, cottages, and accessible cabins. The peaceful surroundings make for an enjoyable camping experience.

Summer Camps

recreation-unlimited,Summer Camps,thqSummerCamps

Recreation Unlimited offers summer camps for children with disabilities. They run from June to August, and there are multiple sessions available. Each session is a week long and provides opportunities for campers to participate in activities such as swimming, horseback riding, zip-lining, and fishing. Each camper is assigned a counselor to help them navigate the camp experience and ensure their needs are met.

Activities Offered

There is a wide range of activities offered at Recreation Unlimited summer camps. These include:

No Activities
1 Swimming
2 Horseback Riding
3 Fishing
4 Zip-Lining
5 Arts and Crafts
6 Outdoor Sports
7 Music and Dance
8 Nature Exploration


Each camper is assigned a counselor, who is typically a college student studying special education or a related field. They are responsible for ensuring their camper’s needs are met and helping them navigate the camp experience. Counselors receive extensive training before camp starts to prepare them for the role, including CPR and first aid training, behavior management strategies, and disability awareness training.

Family Weekend Programs

recreation-unlimited,Family Weekend Programs,thqFamilyWeekendPrograms

Recreation Unlimited offers weekend programs for families with children with disabilities. These programs provide opportunities for families to spend time together and participate in activities such as swimming, horseback riding, and arts and crafts. These programs happen monthly, typically over a Saturday and Sunday.


Each family weekend has a different focus, but some examples of programming include:

No Programs
1 Swimming and Water Activities
2 Horseback Riding
3 Nature Exploration
4 Arts and Crafts
5 Outdoor Sports
6 Dinosaurs and Science
7 Sensory Friendly Weekend
8 Kids Only Weekend


Recreation Unlimited provides different types of accommodations for families attending these weekends. There is a lodge on the property that has different sized family suites, and there are also cabins available for families who need more space. The property is also fully accessible, with wheelchair ramps and other accommodations for people with disabilities.

Activities offered by Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Activities offered by Recreation Unlimited,thqActivitiesofferedbyRecreationUnlimited

Recreation Unlimited offers a wide variety of activities for individuals with disabilities. These activities not only provide entertainment but also help participants develop various skill sets. Let’s take a look at some of the popular activities offered by Recreation Unlimited.

Camp Activities

The recreational camps organized by Recreation Unlimited is a great way for individuals with disabilities to experience various outdoor activities in a controlled and safe environment. The camps usually last for a week and provide facilities for various activities like swimming, horseback riding, zip-lining, archery, and more.

Adaptive Sports

Recreation Unlimited offers adaptive sports activities that are designed to cater to individuals with various disabilities. Some of the popular adaptive sports offered by Recreation Unlimited include basketball, soccer, volleyball, and softball. The organization has staff members trained in providing adaptive sports opportunities and modifying the games to suit each individual’s needs.

No Adaptive Sports
1 Basketball
2 Soccer
3 Volleyball
4 Softball

Recreation Unlimited Facilities

recreation-unlimited,Recreation Unlimited Facilities,thqRecreationUnlimitedFacilities

Recreation Unlimited offers a variety of facilities that are ideal for retreats, events, and outdoor activities. One of their most popular facilities is the Activity and Adventure Center, which features a rock wall, zip line, and ropes course. Guests can challenge themselves physically and mentally while building trust and teamwork skills.

Rustic Cabins

The rustic cabins at Recreation Unlimited provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for guests to relax and unwind. Each cabin is equipped with a wood-burning stove, comfortable beds, and a front porch. The cabins are perfect for groups or families looking for a unique outdoor experience.

Lakeside Pavilion

The Lakeside Pavilion is a beautiful open-air facility that offers stunning views of the lake. It is an ideal location for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. The Pavilion can accommodate up to 300 guests and features a large stone fireplace, restrooms, and a kitchen.

Events and Activities at Recreation Unlimited

recreation-unlimited,Events and Activities at Recreation Unlimited,thqEventsandActivitiesatRecreationUnlimited

Recreation Unlimited offers various events and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. These programs are designed to cater to people of all ages and abilities. And as an added bonus, each activity is led by trained staff members, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Camp Programs

Recreation Unlimited offers various kinds of camps, including day camps, overnight camps, and adult camps. The day camps and overnight camps are for kids and teenagers with certain illnesses or disorders, while the adult camps are for individuals with disabilities. These camps provide an opportunity for campers to participate in outdoor activities like archery, fishing, hiking, swimming, and horseback riding.

Special Events

Recreation Unlimited also hosts a number of special events throughout the year, such as their Annual Benefit Auction and the Harvest Festival. The annual benefit features a live auction, silent auction, and raffle, with proceeds going towards supporting Recreation Unlimited’s mission. The Harvest Festival, on the other hand, is a family-friendly event that includes pumpkin painting, a petting zoo, hayrides, and much more.

No Special Events
1 Annual Benefit Auction
2 Harvest Festival

Frequently Asked Questions about Recreation Unlimited

Find answers to your questions or concerns about Recreation Unlimited below.

1. What is Recreation Unlimited?

Recreation Unlimited is an organization that provides recreational activities and services for people with disabilities.

2. What types of activities do you offer?

We offer a wide range of activities including horseback riding, swimming, fishing, arts and crafts, sports, and outdoor adventures like kayaking and camping.

3. Do you offer programs for all ages?

Yes, we have programs for people of all ages, from children to adults.

4. Are your programs open to people with all types of disabilities?

Yes, our programs are open to people with all types of disabilities, including physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities.

5. Do you provide transportation to your programs?

No, we do not provide transportation to our programs. Participants are responsible for their own transportation.

6. Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own equipment to our programs.

7. Is there a cost to participate in your programs?

Yes, there is a cost to participate in our programs. Please visit our website for more information.

8. Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, we offer financial assistance for those who qualify. Please contact us for more information.

9. How do I register for a program?

You can register for a program through our website or by contacting us directly.

10. Is there a deadline to register?

Yes, there is a deadline to register for each program. Please register as early as possible to ensure your spot.

11. What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy varies for each program. Please review the program details for specific cancellation policies.

12. What should I bring to a program?

Each program may have different requirements, so please review the program details for a list of what to bring.

13. Is there a dress code for your programs?

No, there is no specific dress code. Please wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing.

14. Do you offer food and drinks during programs?

We provide snacks and water during our programs, but participants are responsible for bringing their own meals.

15. Are pets allowed at your programs?

No, pets are not allowed at our programs, with the exception of service animals.

16. What if I have special dietary needs?

Please let us know about any special dietary needs when you register for a program. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

17. Is there medical staff at your programs?

We have a nurse on staff, but participants are responsible for their own medical care and bringing any necessary medications or medical equipment.

18. What if there is inclement weather?

We try to hold our programs rain or shine, but we may cancel or reschedule a program if there is severe weather.

19. Can I bring a friend or family member with me?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or family member to our programs.

20. Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, we have volunteer opportunities available. Visit our website for more information.

21. Is there a minimum age to volunteer?

Yes, volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

22. Do you provide training for volunteers?

Yes, we provide training for our volunteers.

23. Can I donate to Recreation Unlimited?

Yes, we accept donations. Visit our website to learn more about how to donate.

24. Is Recreation Unlimited a non-profit organization?

Yes, Recreation Unlimited is a non-profit organization.

25. How can I contact Recreation Unlimited?

You can contact us by phone, email, or through our website. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Learn about the activities available at Recreation Unlimited and plan your next adventure.

That’s Recreation Unlimited for You, Kind Reader!

Thank you for joining me in exploring the many ways Recreation Unlimited brings fun and joy to people’s lives. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures like kayaking or indoor activities like cooking classes, this is the perfect place to find it all. I hope you enjoyed reading about this amazing organization, and I encourage you to visit their website to learn more and get involved. Until next time, kind reader – may your days be filled with laughter and good times!

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