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Kind Reader, if you are looking for the perfect recreational vehicle to make your next adventure one to remember, then look no further than Wilkins Recreational Vehicles. With a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, Wilkins RV has been providing top-quality RV sales and service for over 50 years. From motorhomes to travel trailers, Wilkins RV has everything you need to explore the great outdoors in style and comfort.

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History of Wilkins Recreational Vehicles

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,History of Wilkins Recreational Vehicles,thqHistoryofWilkinsRecreationalVehicles

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles has been a trusted name in the RV industry for many years. Established in 1972, the company started as a small family-owned business that specialized in selling and servicing RVs. Over the years, Wilkins Recreational Vehicles has grown into a major player in the RV industry and is now one of the most well-known names in the business.

The Beginnings of Wilkins Recreational Vehicles

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles was founded in 1972 by John and Mary Wilkins. The couple started their business by selling and servicing RVs out of their home in California. They quickly gained a reputation for providing excellent service and high-quality RVs.

Expansion and Growth

As the years went on, Wilkins Recreational Vehicles continued to expand and grow. The company opened several new locations throughout California and expanded its product line to include a wide range of RVs, including motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. Today, Wilkins Recreational Vehicles is one of the largest and most respected RV dealerships in the country.

Types of RVs Offered by Wilkins Recreational Vehicles

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Types of RVs Offered by Wilkins Recreational Vehicles,thqTypesofRVsOfferedbyWilkinsRecreationalVehicles

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles offers a wide range of RVs to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a motorhome, a travel trailer, or a fifth wheel, Wilkins Recreational Vehicles has something to offer.


Wilkins Recreational Vehicles offers a variety of motorhomes, including Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious motorhomes, while Class B motorhomes are smaller and more compact. Class C motorhomes are somewhere in between.

Travel Trailers

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles also offers a range of travel trailers, including lightweight travel trailers and toy haulers. Lightweight travel trailers are ideal for those who want to tow their RV with a smaller vehicle, while toy haulers are designed for those who want to bring their toys with them on their RV adventures.

Fifth Wheels

Fifth wheels are large and spacious RVs that are designed to be towed by a pickup truck with a fifth wheel hitch. They are a popular choice for those who want a lot of living space and all the comforts of home while they’re on the road.

Explore the Wilkins Recreational Vehicle Models

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Wilkins Recreational Vehicle Models,thqWilkinsRecreationalVehicleModels

If you are looking for a reliable vehicle that can accommodate your family or friends on your next adventure, Wilkins has a lineup of recreational vehicles that can suit your needs. From the spacious and luxurious Class A motorhomes to the compact yet versatile Class C, there is a vehicle that can provide you with comfort and style while on the road. Here are some of the models from Wilkins:

Class A Motorhomes

Wilkins offers four Class A motorhome models, each with its distinct features and amenities. These motorhomes are built on a heavy-duty chassis, making them sturdy and durable enough to handle long trips. They also have spacious interiors with various layouts and designs to choose from, depending on your preferences:

No Class A Motorhome Models
1 Odyssey
2 Pursuit
3 Encore
4 El Dorado

Class C Motorhomes

For a more compact and agile option, Wilkins has four Class C motorhome models that are easy to maneuver and handle, perfect for first-time RVers. These motorhomes are built on a van chassis and offer a good balance of performance and fuel efficiency. They also have amenities and features that can make your trip comfortable and enjoyable:

No Class C Motorhome Models
1 Gemini
2 Compass
3 Leprechaun
4 Chateau
No Information
1 Business Name
2 Location
3 Type of Business
4 Products/Services offered
5 Price Range
6 Target Market
7 Contact Information
8 Operating Hours
9 Payment Options

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles: What Makes Them Stand Out?

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Wilkins Recreational Vehicles,thqWilkinsRecreationalVehicles

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles, also known as Wilkins RV, has been a trusted name in the industry since 1936. The company’s decades of experience have allowed it to establish itself as a popular choice among RV enthusiasts. Here are some of the factors that make Wilkins Recreational Vehicles stand out:

Exceptional Customer Service

Wilkins RV is known for its exceptional customer service, which is why the company has been able to maintain a loyal following for over 85 years. The company’s knowledgeable staff is always ready to help customers pick the right RV that suits their needs and budget.

Top-Quality RVs

Wilkins RV only offers top-quality RVs that are designed to last. The company offers new and used RVs from some of the most respected brands in the industry, including Forest River, Keystone RV, and Coachmen RV, to name a few. Wilkins RV also has its own line of custom-built RVs that are tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

Affordable Prices

Despite offering top-quality RVs, Wilkins RV’s prices are competitive, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. The company also offers financing options that can help make owning an RV more affordable.

Extensive Inventory

Wilkins RV has a vast inventory of RVs that caters to the needs of different customers. From compact travel trailers to luxurious motorhomes, the company has something for everyone. This extensive inventory ensures that customers can find an RV that fits their lifestyle and budget.

RV Parts and Accessories

Wilkins RV also offers a wide range of RV parts and accessories that customers can use to upgrade or maintain their RVs. This one-stop-shop approach allows customers to get everything they need in one place.

Family-Owned and Operated

Wilkins RV is a family-owned and operated business, which means that customers can expect a more personal touch when dealing with the company. The family’s values are reflected in the way the company conducts its business, making it a trustworthy choice for anyone looking to buy an RV.

Excellent After-Sales Support

Wilkins RV understands that owning an RV is a significant investment, which is why the company offers excellent after-sales support. The company’s skilled technicians are always ready to assist customers with any concerns or issues they may have with their RVs.

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles: Quality and Durability

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Quality RVs,thqQuality20RVs

When it comes to recreational vehicles, quality and durability are two of the most important factors to consider. Fortunately, Wilkins Recreational Vehicles has built a solid reputation in the RV industry for providing high-quality, durable RVs that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you’re a full-time RVer or a weekend warrior, you can rely on Wilkins RVs to provide you with a comfortable and safe home away from home.

Quality Craftsmanship

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles is committed to providing RVs that are built to last. The company uses only the highest-quality materials and employs experienced craftsmen who take pride in their work. This attention to detail ensures that every Wilkins RV is not only beautiful but also structurally sound and able to handle the rigors of life on the road.

Durable Construction

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles are designed to be durable and reliable. The company uses advanced engineering techniques to create RVs that can withstand extreme weather conditions and rough roads. From the frame to the roof, every component of a Wilkins RV is designed to be strong and long-lasting. You can rest assured that your investment in a Wilkins RV will provide you with many years of worry-free travel and adventure.

Best-Selling Wilkins Recreational Vehicles

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Best Selling RVs,thqBest20Selling20RVs

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles offers a wide range of RVs, each designed to meet the unique needs of different types of travelers. Over the years, some RV models have stood out from the rest due to their popularity among RV enthusiasts. Here are some of the best-selling Wilkins Recreational Vehicles:

Wilkins Journeyer Fifth Wheel

The Wilkins Journeyer Fifth Wheel is a popular choice among RV enthusiasts due to its luxurious and spacious interior. This RV is designed for full-time living and features a king-size bed, large kitchen, and plenty of storage space. Its high-quality construction ensures that it can stand up to the demands of full-time use, making it a great investment for those looking to live on the road.

Wilkins Minnie Drop Travel Trailer

The Wilkins Minnie Drop Travel Trailer is a compact and lightweight RV that is easy to tow and perfect for weekend getaways. It features a cozy interior, a queen-size bed, and a kitchenette. Despite its small size, the Minnie Drop is built to last and can withstand years of travel and adventure.

Wilkins Solitude Fifth Wheel

The Wilkins Solitude Fifth Wheel is a top-of-the-line RV designed for luxury and comfort. It features a spacious interior with a gourmet kitchen, a fireplace, and a king-size bed. The Solitude is also designed for full-time living, with insulation and features that make it suitable for use in all kinds of weather conditions.

No Wilkins Best-Selling RVs
1 Journeyer Fifth Wheel
2 Minnie Drop Travel Trailer
3 Solitude Fifth Wheel

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles for Rent

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Motorhome rental,thqMotorhomerental

If you are looking for a way to experience the joy of RVing without the commitment of buying one, renting a Wilkins Recreational Vehicle might be the perfect solution. Wilkins RV has a great selection of RV rental options for your next adventure, whether you want to go on a short weekend trip or an extended cross-country journey.

Motorhome Rental

If you are looking for a spacious and luxurious RV, a motorhome rental might be the perfect fit for you. Wilkins RV offers Class A and Class C motorhomes for rent, both of which come equipped with all the amenities you need for a comfortable trip. Class A motorhomes are the largest and most luxurious RVs on the market, with features like multiple slide-outs, full-size refrigerators, king-size beds, and more. Class C motorhomes are smaller and more maneuverable, making them a great option for first-time RVers or those who prefer a more compact RV.

Travel Trailer Rental

If you are looking for a more affordable RV rental option, a travel trailer might be the way to go. Wilkins RV has a variety of travel trailers for rent, ranging in size from 20 to 35 feet. These trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home, including a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and sleeping quarters. They can be towed by most SUVs and trucks, making them a great option for those who want to save on gas or only need a small amount of living space.

RV Financing Options

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,RV financing,thqRVfinancing

Wilkins RV understands that buying an RV is a big investment, which is why they offer a variety of financing options to make the process easier. Whether you are looking to finance a new or used RV, Wilkins RV can work with you to find the best financing solution for your needs.

RV Loan

One of the most popular financing options for RVs is a traditional RV loan. With an RV loan, you borrow a set amount of money and then pay it back over a set period of time, typically ranging from 10 to 15 years. The interest rates on RV loans tend to be lower than other types of loans, making them an affordable option for many buyers.

RV Lease

If you are not ready to commit to owning an RV, a lease option might be the way to go. With an RV lease, you pay a monthly fee to essentially rent the RV for a set period of time, typically ranging from one to five years. At the end of the lease term, you have the option to return the RV or buy it outright. This can be a great option for those who want to try out RVing before committing to owning one.

RV Refinancing

If you already own an RV but are struggling with high monthly payments or interest rates, RV refinancing might be a good option for you. With RV refinancing, you work with a lender to pay off your existing loan and replace it with a new one that has better terms and rates. This can help you save money on your monthly payments and reduce the overall cost of your RV over time.

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles: Finding the Perfect Model

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,RV models,thqRVmodels

When searching for the perfect recreational vehicle, there are a number of things to consider. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of trip are you planning to take? Are you going on a short weekend getaway, or are you planning on living on the road for months at a time? Answering these questions can help you to narrow down what type of RV will be best suited for your needs.

Class A Motorhomes

If you are looking for a spacious, luxurious recreational vehicle, a Class A motorhome might be the right choice for you. These vehicles are typically the largest and most expensive RVs on the market. They can range in length from 26 to 45 feet and can come equipped with all the bells and whistles, including full kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and even multiple bedrooms. They are perfect for long-term travel or for those who simply want to live in luxury on the road.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are a great option for those who want the convenience of an RV without the hassle of driving a large vehicle. These trailers can be hitched to the back of most SUVs or trucks, making them perfect for weekend getaways. They come in a range of sizes and can sleep anywhere from 2 to 10 people, depending on the model.

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,travel trailers,thqtraveltrailers

Before selecting a travel trailer, however, it is important to research the towing capacity of your vehicle to ensure that it can safely tow the RV you are interested in.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Fifth-wheel trailers are similar to travel trailers in many ways, but they are larger and have a unique hitch design. They are typically built for long-term travel and are equipped with all the amenities of a Class A motorhome. They are also a popular option for those who want to set up camp and leave their RV in one location for an extended period of time.

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,fifth wheel,thqfifthwheel

No Pros Cons
1 Luxurious living space Expensive upfront cost
2 Can travel long distances without stops Higher maintenance costs
3 More convenient for large families Requires additional permits/insurance

Toy Haulers

If you are interested in bringing along ATVs, motorcycles, or other outdoor toys, a toy hauler might be the perfect choice for you. These RVs come equipped with a storage garage in the back, making it easy to transport your gear and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. They also typically come equipped with living quarters, so you can sleep and eat comfortably while on the road.

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,toy hauler,thqtoyhaulerpidApirs1

When selecting a toy hauler, consider the size of your toys and the amount of living space you need. Toy haulers can range in size from small and simple to large and luxurious, depending on your needs and budget.

Pop-Up Trailers

Pop-up trailers are a great option for those who want the convenience of an RV without the high cost. These trailers are lightweight and easy to tow, making them perfect for weekend getaways. They typically come equipped with sleeping quarters and a small kitchen, but they are much more affordable than a traditional RV.

Truck Campers

If you already own a truck, a truck camper might be the perfect option for you. These small and lightweight campers fit in the bed of your truck, making them easy to transport and set up. They typically come equipped with a bed, kitchenette, and small bathroom, making them perfect for short trips or weekend getaways.

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,truck camper,thqtruckcamperpidApirs1

Overall, selecting the right RV largely depends on your budget, travel plans, and individual needs. By doing your research and carefully considering your options, you can find the perfect recreational vehicle to meet your needs and help make your travel dreams a reality.

Types of Wilkins Recreational Vehicles

wilkins-recreational-vehicles,Types of Wilkins Recreational Vehicles,thqTypesofWilkinsRecreationalVehicles

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles offers a variety of RVs to cater to diverse recreational needs. Here are some of the most popular Wilkins recreational vehicles:

1. Fifth-wheel trailers

Fifth-wheel trailers are a popular type of RV, primarily because they provide ample floor space and can accommodate large families. The fifth-wheel trailers offered by Wilkins recreational vehicles typically range between 24 to 40 feet in length, making them spacious enough for a comfortable living experience.

2. Motorhomes

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles offer two types of motorhomes: Class A and Class C. Class A motorhomes are larger and offer more living space, while Class C motorhomes are more compact and easy to maneuver. Depending on your recreational needs, you can choose from a range of floor plans and features such as rooftop solar panels and backup cameras.

3. Travel Trailers

If you’re planning to travel light and explore different terrains, travel trailers offered by Wilkins recreational vehicles are perfect for you. These trailers are available in various lengths, styles and floor plans, so you can choose a model that suits your needs. Moreover, their small size makes them easy to tow, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on narrow or winding roads.

4. Toy Haulers

A toy hauler is an ideal option for those who want to bring their favorite toys along with them. These types of recreational vehicles come with a cargo area that can be modified to accommodate anything from dirt bikes to kayaks. With a toy hauler, you’ll have everything you need in one place and don’t have to worry about leaving the things you love behind.

No Wilkins RV Features
1 Fifth-wheel trailers
  • Ample floor space
  • Can accommodate large families
  • Available in various lengths
2 Motorhomes
  • Class A and Class C models
  • Various floor plans available
  • Features such as rooftop solar panels and backup cameras
3 Travel trailers
  • Perfect for travelers who want to explore different terrains
  • Available in various lengths, styles and floor plans
  • Easy to tow
4 Toy haulers
  • Cargo area can be modified to accommodate favorite toys
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Can bring along kayaks or dirt bikes

Wilkins Recreational Vehicles FAQ

Here are some common questions and concerns about Wilkins Recreational Vehicles.

1. What types of recreational vehicles does Wilkins offer?

Wilkins offers a range of RVs including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes.

2. Can I finance my purchase of a Wilkins RV?

Yes, Wilkins offers financing options through various banks and credit unions.

3. Is there a warranty on Wilkins RVs?

Yes, Wilkins offers a limited warranty on all their RVs.

4. Can I order custom features on my Wilkins RV?

Yes, Wilkins offers custom options on their RVs. Contact them for more information about customization options and pricing.

5. Does Wilkins offer RV rentals?

No, Wilkins does not offer RV rentals.

6. How do I properly maintain my Wilkins RV?

Refer to the owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions but generally regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of systems like brakes, tires, and plumbing is recommended.

7. Can I bring my Wilkins RV to any mechanic for repairs?

It is recommended to bring your Wilkins RV to an authorized Wilkins dealer for repairs. Contact Wilkins for a list of authorized dealer and service locations.

8. What is the maximum weight my vehicle can tow?

Refer to the specifications for your vehicle or consult an expert to determine the maximum weight your vehicle can tow safely.

9. Are there any discounts or promotions available for purchasing a Wilkins RV?

Wilkins occasionally offers promotions and discounts. Visit their website or contact them for current promotions.

10. Can I live full-time in a Wilkins RV?

Yes, many people choose to live full-time in their RVs. However, make sure to check local laws and regulations regarding full-time RV living and park accommodations.

11. Can I use my Wilkins RV during the winter?

Wilkins offers RVs with winterization features but make sure to properly prepare your RV for winter conditions before using it in winter weather.

12. How do I prevent water damage in my RV?

Make sure to properly seal seams and windows, check for and repair any leaks, keep good ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens, and use a dehumidifier if necessary.

13. Can I bring my pets in my Wilkins RV?

Yes, many people bring their pets with them in their RVs. However, make sure to properly train, supervise, and clean up after your pets inside and outside the RV.

14. How do I properly store my Wilkins RV?

Refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions about storage but generally keep your RV clean, empty tanks and lines, cover or store inside if possible, and take necessary security precautions.

15. Can I install solar panels on my Wilkins RV?

Yes, many RV owners choose to install solar panels for free energy generation. Contact Wilkins or an authorized dealer for more information about solar panel installation on your specific RV model.

16. How do I properly dispose of waste in my RV?

Use designated dump stations and follow EPA and local guidelines for waste disposal.

17. Can I use my Wilkins RV for tailgating?

Yes, many RV owners use their RVs for tailgating events. Make sure to properly prepare your RV and follow event guidelines and regulations.

18. How do I properly level my Wilkins RV?

Use a leveling system or manual jacks to level the RV from side to side and front to back.

19. Can I use my Wilkins RV to travel internationally?

Make sure to check the laws and regulations of the countries you plan to travel to regarding RV travel and parking.

20. Can I purchase extended warranty for my Wilkins RV?

Contact Wilkins or an authorized dealer for information about extended warranty options and pricing.

21. Can I finance accessories for my Wilkins RV?

Contact Wilkins or an authorized dealer for information about available financing options for RV accessories.

22. Can I trade in my old RV for a new Wilkins RV?

Yes, Wilkins offers a trade-in program. Contact Wilkins for information about trade-in pricing and requirements.

23. Can I request repairs under warranty at any time?

Refer to your warranty for information about repair requirements and coverage.

24. How do I know which type of RV is best for me?

Consider factors like budget, size, storage, number of travelers, towing capacity, and specific needs like wheelchair accessibility when choosing an RV. Talk to or consult with experienced RV owners or experts for advice and tips.

25. Can I test drive a Wilkins RV before purchasing?

Yes, Wilkins offers test drives on their RVs at authorized dealer locations. Contact them to schedule a test drive.

For those looking for recreational vehicles, check out Wilkins recreational vehicles that offers a variety of options for your next adventure on wheels.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader

Thank you for reading about Wilkins Recreational Vehicles! We hope you found this article both informative and enjoyable. If you’re in the market for a new RV or just looking to upgrade your current one, definitely give the Wilkins team a look. They have a great selection and are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget to check back for future updates and news about the latest in RV technology and trends. Thanks again for reading!

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