New Canaan Recreation: Discover the Ultimate Fun and Adventure!

Kind Reader, if you’re looking for recreational activities in New Canaan, you’re in the right place. New Canaan Recreation offers a variety of programs and facilities for individuals and families to stay active and engaged in the community. From sports and fitness programs to arts and cultural events, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re new to the area or a longtime resident, New Canaan Recreation has something to offer.

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Activities for All Age Groups at New Canaan Recreation

new-canaan-recreation,Activities for All Age Groups at New Canaan Recreation,thqActivitiesforAllAgeGroupsatNewCanaanRecreation

New Canaan Recreation, also known as Parks & Recreation Department, offers an enormous variety of programs for all age groups. From small children to the elderly, there are activities available for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Programs for Kids: Learning While Playing

Children in New Canaan can participate in a wide range of programs that are designed specially to foster learning while playing. From “Mommy & Me” programs to sports clinics for children, New Canaan Recreation has something available for kids of all interests. The organization has a beautiful playground, skating rinks, and pools that are open all year-round.

Programs for Adults: Finding New Hobbies

Keeping adults entertained is no easy task, but New Canaan Recreation has plenty of offerings in this category. The organization offers exercise programs like yoga, Pilates, and dancing, as well as music classes like guitar lessons and even a community choir. Adults who love the outdoors can take advantage of the walking, hiking, and biking trails available in the parks.

Senior Programs: Socializing and Staying Active

New Canaan Recreation also offers programs specifically for seniors to participate in. The community center features fitness classed aimed at maintaining good health and socializing with other residents are organized. Classes like pottery making, quilting, and painting are offered to inspire creativity and broaden horizons.

New Canaan Recreation Summer Camp: Fun and Learning

new-canaan-recreation,New Canaan Recreation Summer Camp,thqNewCanaanRecreationSummerCamp

New Canaan Recreation Summer Camp is a popular program that provides an unforgettable summer experience for kids aged 3-15. This outdoor camp features a wide variety of activities ranging from field games, swimming, and nature exploration, to sports, arts & crafts, theater, and music. A balanced mix of educational and recreational activities makes the summer camp program an ideal place to develop new interests and abilities while making new friends.

Session Options and Dates

The New Canaan Recreation Summer Camp runs weekly from June through August every summer. Parents and guardians have two options to choose from:

• Full-day camp: ages 5-15 years, runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

• Half-day camp: ages 3-4 years, runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, with no extended hours.


No New Canaan Recreation Summer Camp Activities
1 Field Games
2 Swimming
3 Arts & Crafts
4 Theater
5 Music
6 Nature Exploration
7 Sports Clinics
8 Cooking
9 Pottery
10 Fitness Activities

The summer camp is held at Waveny Park location, which has everything needed for fun and learning.

Explore New Canaan Recreation Options

new-canaan-recreation,Explore New Canaan Recreation Options,thqExploreNewCanaanRecreationOptions

If you are looking for fun and exciting recreational activities in New Canaan, you won’t be disappointed. The town has a wide variety of options that cater to all interests and ages. Here are some of the options that you may want to consider:

Waveny Park

Waveny Park is one of the most popular recreational spots in New Canaan. It boasts a wide range of activities that include hiking trails, sports fields, a swimming pool, and a playground. The park also hosts several annual events that attract many visitors.

Sports Fields

New Canaan has an impressive range of sports fields that cater to all types of sports, including soccer, baseball, football, and lacrosse. These fields are well-maintained and provide an excellent opportunity to get involved in local sports.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a favorite activity in New Canaan. The town has several ice rinks that offer skating lessons, public skating, and hockey games. The most popular ice rink in New Canaan is the Darien Ice House, which is located just a few miles away from the town.


New Canaan has many golf courses that offer excellent golfing opportunities. Among the most popular courses are the Country Club of New Canaan and the Silvermine Golf Club. Both of these courses have 18 holes and are accompanied by beautiful scenery.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a favorite activity in New Canaan, thanks to the picturesque countryside surroundings. World-class equestrian facilities, such as Twin Brooks Farm and Four Winds Farm, offer riding lessons, training, and boarding services.


Fishing is a popular activity in New Canaan, thanks to its proximity to the Norwalk River. Recreational fishing enthusiasts can enjoy fishing for trout, bass, and other species. There are many excellent fishing spots in New Canaan, such as Mead Memorial Park and Waveny Pond.

No Important Notes
1 Fees may apply to some recreational activities
2 Some activities are seasonal and might not be available year-round
3 Be aware of safety precautions and regulations for each activity
No Key Information
1 Location
2 Services
3 Programs
4 Facilities
5 Membership
6 Hours of Operation
7 Contact Information
8 Website

Outdoor Recreation in New Canaan

new-canaan-recreation,Outdoor Recreation in New Canaan,thqOutdoorRecreationinNewCanaan

New Canaan provides the perfect summer destination with its abundant parks and outdoor recreational spaces. Here are some of the popular outdoor activities you can enjoy while in New Canaan:

Hiking in Waveny Park

Spread over 300 acres, the Waveny Park offers exciting hiking trails where you can explore the scenic beauty of the town. The park has a Nature Center that offers guided tours and nature programs.

Golfing in New Canaan Country Club

New Canaan Country Club is a perfect place for golf enthusiasts to relax and have fun. The club offers an 18-hole golf course designed by Walter Travis, a famous golf course architect.

Playing Tennis in Mead Park

Mead Park has eight lighted tennis courts available for public use. The courts are open from dawn to dusk and can be used for playing singles or doubles.

Skating in Outdoor Rink at Saxe Middle School

The outdoor skating rink at Saxe Middle School is a perfect place for ice-skating enthusiasts. The rink is open to the public and is equipped with lighted facilities, making it the perfect place for night skating.

Visiting Irwin Park

Spread over 30 acres, Irwin Park offers picnic areas, natural trails for walking or jogging, and two ponds that can be used for fishing or boating. The park also has an open playing field for soccer, baseball or any outdoor activity.

Playing Basketball at Waveny Park

Waveny Park has a beautiful basketball court for basketball enthusiasts. The court is open to the public and can be used for playing basketball in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Enjoying a Picnic at Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park provides the perfect place for families to enjoy a picnic. The park has picnic tables and barbecue grills available for public use. The park also has a playground and a maze garden for kids to have fun.

Facilities for Children

new-canaan-recreation,Facilities for Children,thqNewCanaanRecreationPlaygrounds

New Canaan Recreation offers many facilities and activities designed for children of all ages. For younger children, there are several playgrounds where they can safely run and play. The playgrounds are fully equipped with swings, slides, and other playground equipment, and they are separated by age group to make sure that all children can play safely. The Waveny Playground is particularly popular, thanks to its modern design and location in the heart of Waveny Park.

Playground Safety

While all New Canaan playgrounds are equipped with safety features like soft padding and sturdy fencing, it’s still important to supervise children closely while they play. It’s also important to dress them appropriately for the weather and to make sure they bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Youth Sports Programs

New Canaan Recreation offers a wide range of organized sports programs for children of all ages. From T-Ball for toddlers to basketball for teenagers, there’s a program to fit every child’s interests and skill level. Programs are available throughout the year, with different sports being offered during different seasons.

Participating in sports helps children develop important life skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance, all while staying active and having fun!

No Youth Sports Programs
1 T-Ball
2 Soccer
3 Basketball
4 Volleyball

Outdoor Recreation in New Canaan

new-canaan-recreation,Outdoor Recreation in New Canaan,thqOutdoorRecreationinNewCanaan

New Canaan is home to a plethora of outdoor recreational activities that are perfect for families, couples, and solo adventurers. With its rolling hills, lush forests, and sparkling lakes, the town is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Hiking and Biking Trails

One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of New Canaan is by hitting the town’s hiking and biking trails. The New Canaan Land Trust maintains over 400 acres of land, including seven nature preserves and three working farms, which offer ten different trails for hikers and bikers of all levels.

One of the most popular trails is the Bristow Bird Sanctuary and Wildwood Preserve Trail, which winds through a forested area and offers stunning views of the bird sanctuary’s pond. Another favorite is the Hicks Meadows Trail, which features a beautiful, renovated barn and a series of meadows filled with wildflowers.


For those who love golf, New Canaan is home to two top-notch golf courses, the Country Club of New Canaan and the Silver Spring Country Club. Both courses offer stunning views, challenging holes, and excellent facilities.

The Country Club of New Canaan has been recognized by Golf Digest as one of the “Best Places to Play” in the United States and was named “Club of the Year” by the Connecticut State Golf Association. The Silver Spring Country Club, on the other hand, is a beautiful 18-hole course that features tree-lined fairways and fast, undulating greens.

No Name of Trail Length (in miles)
1 Bristow Bird Sanctuary and Wildwood Preserve Trail 1.5
2 Hicks Meadows Trail 2

Nature Trail and Parks

new-canaan-recreation,Nature Trail and Parks,thqNature-Trail-and-Parks

If you’re seeking a more natural recreational experience in New Canaan, you might want to check out the town’s many parks and nature trails. Among the most popular in the area are the Orchard Hills Nature Preserve, the Waveny Park, and the Canaan Parish.

Orchard Hills Nature Preserve

Located at 2 Shepard Drive, Orchard Hills Nature Preserve is a 39.3-acre public park that offers a range of leisure activities for residents and tourists alike. The park features biking and hiking trails, benches, picnic tables, and a pond.

Waveny Park

Waveny Park is a historic park that covers 250 acres of space. It is located at 677 South Ave in New Canaan, CT. The park is home to more than just recreational activities as it also houses the Waveny House, a Spanish style building that is often used as a destination for weddings and galas.

Canaan Parish

Canaan Parish is a preserved area located on Canaan Parish Ln, New Canaan, CT 06840, United States. It offers many hiking trails, fishing spots, and a large picnic area.

Summer Programs for Kids

new-canaan-recreation,Summer Programs for Kids,thqNewCanaanRecreationKidsPrograms

Keeping kids active during summer is a top priority for New Canaan Recreation. Starting from June 2021, the town is offering a variety of outdoor programs that cater to the interests of all children aged 2 to 14. Parents can choose from a variety of programs, such as Preschool camps, Tennis Camp, and Sports & Specialty Camps, designed for kids who want to learn or enhance new skills on basketball, soccer, golf, and more.

For kids who love nature, Adventure Camp provides a series of activities to learn about the surrounding environment. This includes fishing, hiking, orienteering, and canoeing. For more artistic children, there is a range of Arts & Crafts Camps. These camps teach kids new skills in painting, drawing, pottery, and more.

New Canaan Recreation Department has measures to ensure the health and safety of all participants. Children are required to maintain social distance and follow mask-wearing protocols when indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces. Programs are also intentionally planned in smaller groups to minimize contact.

Preschool Camp

To enroll in the Preschool Camp program, children must be between the ages of 3-5 years. Participants get the chance to engage in developmentally appropriate activities that encompass Nature and Science, Art, Sports & Games, and more. At this age level, programs are designed to foster a sense of curiosity and self-discovery in children, preparing them to attend school full-time.

Sports & Specialty Camps

Sports enthusiasts will love the Sports & Specialty Camps. New Canaan Recreation offers basketball, soccer, girls’ lacrosse, golf, and field hockey camps. Specialty camps such as dance, chess, and science are also available.

No Summer Programs for Kids
1 Preschool Camp
2 Sports & Specialty Camps

Frequently Asked Questions about New Canaan Recreation

1. What programs does New Canaan Recreation offer?

New Canaan Recreation offers a variety of programs including sports, fitness classes, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, and special events.

2. How do I register for programs?

You can register for programs online through the New Canaan Recreation website or in-person at Waveny House.

3. What is the cost of programs?

The cost of programs varies depending on the activity. Prices are listed on the New Canaan Recreation website.

4. Is financial assistance available?

Yes, financial assistance is available. Contact New Canaan Recreation for more information.

5. Can I reserve a park or facility?

Yes, you can reserve select parks and facilities through the New Canaan Recreation department.

6. Are there any age restrictions for programs?

Age restrictions vary depending on the program. Check the program information for details.

7. Are there any fitness centers or gym facilities?

Yes, New Canaan Recreation operates the New Canaan YMCA with fitness centers, pool, and gym facilities.

8. What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy varies depending on the program. Check the program information for details.

9. How do I find out about upcoming events?

Check the New Canaan Recreation website or social media pages for information about upcoming events.

10. Can I volunteer for New Canaan Recreation?

Yes, New Canaan Recreation welcomes volunteers for various programs and events.

11. What is the refund policy?

The refund policy varies depending on the program. Check the program information for details.

12. What should I wear to programs?

Wear comfortable, appropriate clothing and footwear for the specific activity.

13. Can I bring my pet to programs?

Pets are not permitted at New Canaan Recreation programs, unless it is a service animal.

14. Is transportation provided for programs?

Transportation is not provided for most programs. Check the program information for details.

15. What if I have a medical condition or special need?

Contact New Canaan Recreation to discuss accommodations for medical conditions or special needs.

16. Can I rent equipment for programs?

Equipment rental is available for select programs. Contact New Canaan Recreation for more information.

17. How do I report a problem with a park or facility?

Contact New Canaan Recreation to report any problems with a park or facility.

18. Can I suggest a new program or event?

Yes, New Canaan Recreation welcomes suggestions for new programs and events.

19. Are there any restrictions on park or facility use?

Yes, there are restrictions on park or facility use. Check with New Canaan Recreation for specific details.

20. What should I do with lost and found items?

Lost and found items should be turned in to New Canaan Recreation.

21. What if I have a complaint or concern?

Contact New Canaan Recreation with any complaints or concerns.

22. How do I contact New Canaan Recreation?

You can call, email or visit in-person at Waveny House.

23. What are the operating hours?

Operating hours vary depending on the program and facility. Check with New Canaan Recreation for specific details.

24. Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee, but some programs require a fee.

25. Can I request a brochure or program guide?

Yes, you can request a brochure or program guide from New Canaan Recreation.

Looking for fun and exciting outdoor activities in the New Canaan area? Check out New Canaan Recreation website for information about local recreation facilities and programs, as well as upcoming community events.

Thank You, Kind Reader

We hope this article has given you a taste of the wonderful recreational opportunities available in New Canaan. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, we encourage you to explore all that our town has to offer. From picturesque parks and trails to exciting classes and events, New Canaan Recreation has something for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read about our programs, and we invite you to visit us again soon for more updates and information. Happy exploring!

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