10 Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas That Will Make Your Employees Beg For More

Kind Reader, planning a company picnic is an exciting opportunity to boost employee morale and strengthen team relationships. One key aspect of any successful company picnic is the giveaway, which provides a chance to show your appreciation for your team’s hard work throughout the year. If you’re struggling to come up with creative ideas for your company picnic giveaway, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explore some fun and unique company picnic giveaway ideas that are sure to impress your employees and make your picnic one to remember.

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Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas for Adults

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas for Adults,thqCompanyPicnicGiveawayIdeasforAdults

Company picnics are a great time to bring the staff together outside the office environment. Adult attendees are sure to love some of the following giveaway ideas:

1. Quality Beach Towels

A favorite of many adults is a large, quality beach towel. Staff can use them for company picnics or take them on their personal vacations.

2. Insulated Water Bottles

Keeping hydrated is important, especially during the hot summer months. An insulated water bottle is practical and useful, and it will remind the staff of the company picnic.

3. Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are another great gift. They can be used for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage. Insulated travel mugs will keep drinks hot or cold.

4. Personalized Picnic Baskets

Picnic baskets customized with the company logo are a unique and practical gift. The baskets can have plenty of room to store all kinds of items, and you can include items that the staff can use during the picnic.

5. Quality Sunscreen

Quality sunscreen is a must-have item for outdoor activities. Staff members will appreciate this useful and thoughtful gift.

Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas for Kids

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas for Kids,thqCompanyPicnicGiveawayIdeasforKids

Kids often attend company picnics with their parents. Including them with specific items can also keep them entertained. Below are several giveaway ideas for kids:

1. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are loved by kids of all ages. They can cuddle them in the car or at bedtime, and your staff’s children will appreciate them.

2. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is a perfect gift for a picnic. Kids can be creative and draw on the pavement to entertain themselves while parents socialize.

3. Compact Bubble Machines

Many kids love bubbles. These small, portable bubble machines will provide hours of entertainment at your picnic and beyond.

4. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are an excellent way to exercise and stay fit. Giving them away as gifts helps promote an active lifestyle, and kids will have fun practicing their jump rope skills.

5. Frisbees

Frisbees come in countless designs, colors, and sizes, and they are sure to be a hit with children of all ages. They also provide hours of entertainment at the park or beach long after the company picnic has ended.

Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas: Food and Beverage Gift Baskets

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Food and Beverage Gift Baskets,thqfoodandbeveragegiftbaskets

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like delicious food or refreshing beverages? Gift baskets are an excellent way to show your employees that you appreciate them, and what better way to do that than with food and beverages? These company picnic giveaway ideas will make everyone excited for the next company picnic.

1. Fruit Baskets

One of the most popular types of gift baskets is the fruit basket. They are healthy, delicious, and perfect for a company picnic. You can add a variety of fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, and many more. Moreover, if you want to make them feel extra special, you can go for a premium fruit basket that includes exotic fruits such as mangoes and kiwis.

2. Wine and Cheese Baskets

If your employees enjoy a good glass of wine, then a wine and cheese basket is an excellent option. This company picnic giveaway idea includes a bottle of wine and a selection of cheeses. You can customize the basket to include their favorite wine or cheese. This way, they will know that you put some extra thought into the gift.

Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas: Outdoor Games

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Outdoor Games,thqoutdoorgames

Company picnics are all about having fun and enjoying the great outdoors. Outdoor games are perfect for team building and can make your company picnic even more exciting. Here are some company picnic giveaway ideas for outdoor games that your employees will love:

1. Cornhole

Cornhole is a classic outdoor game that everyone loves. You can get customized cornhole boards with your company logo on them. This will make your employees feel proud to represent their company while having fun. You can even have a cornhole tournament and award the winners with prizes.

2. Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is a popular game that is perfect for outdoor events. You can make your own giant Jenga set with some wooden blocks. Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made set that is easy to assemble. Your employees will enjoy watching this game especially if they have never played it before.

No Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas
1 T-shirts with the company logo
2 Reusable water bottles with company branding
3 Lawn games (cornhole, giant Jenga, etc.)
4 Customized picnic blankets
5 Coolers or insulated tote bags
6 Beverage tumblers with straws
7 Frisbees or flying discs
8 Sunglasses with company branding

Customized Apparel

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Customized Apparel,thqCustomizedApparel

Customized apparel is another great idea when it comes to company picnic giveaways. T-shirts, caps, and hats can be customized with your company logo, picnic dates, and other designs that reflect your company’s values. These giveaways can serve as souvenirs and promote team spirit.

Design and Quality

When choosing customized apparel as a giveaway, companies should ensure that the designs are unique and eye-catching. Using high-quality materials is also essential to ensure that the clothes last and provide comfort to the person wearing them.

Size and Style

Companies should make sure to offer a variety of options when it comes to the size and style of the customized apparel. This ensures that everyone gets something that they like and fits them comfortably. Men, women, and children should all have options to choose from.

Healthy Snack Packs

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Healthy Snack Packs,thqHealthySnackPacks

Many people love snacking, especially when on a picnic. Giving out healthy snack packs as a giveaway is a great way to promote healthy eating within the workplace. Such a giveaway can also show that the company cares about its employees’ well-being.

What to Include

The snack pack must include healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, energy bars, and dark chocolate. A water bottle or a reusable tote bag can also be included to encourage eco-friendliness. Companies can also include a note or tag to emphasize the importance of healthy eating and staying hydrated.

Precautions to Take

Companies should be mindful of any allergies or dietary restrictions when choosing the snacks to include in the pack. The snacks should also not spoil easily, especially if the picnic will be held outdoors on a hot day. A variety of options should also be provided to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Food and Drink Items

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Food and Drink Items,thqFoodandDrinkItems

Food and drink items are always a hit with company picnics, and can be the perfect giveaway for attendees. While considering these items, it is important to keep in mind the dietary restrictions of employees. For example, if you know that a lot of employees are vegan or vegetarian, providing only meat-based dishes could be a turn off.

Reusable Water Bottles

Not only does this option reduce waste, it also provides a lasting gift for attendees that they can use on a daily basis. Reusable water bottles come in various sizes, materials, and designs, and can even be customized with a company logo or event date.

Catered Food Stations

Catering food stations provide a unique and personalized experience for attendees. Employers can select various food vendors and make each station a themed experience, with options ranging from a taco bar to an ice cream truck. Station meal vouchers can be handed out as a giveaway item, creating a memorable experience for attendees.

Outdoor Picnic Accessories

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Outdoor Picnic Accessories,thqOutdoorPicnicAccessories

For a company picnic that is taking place outdoors, providing picnic accessories for attendees could be a hit. Consider providing items that would be useful for the picnic environment, such as sunscreen, blankets, and outdoor games.

Pop-Up Tents

If you are hosting your company picnic outside, you may want to consider giving away pop-up tents. These tents are perfect for providing shade or covering food from the sun. You can also choose to have the company logo or event information printed on the tent.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor games, such as cornhole, can provide a fun and relaxed environment for attendees. You can personalize the cornhole boards with the company logo or event date, making a lasting impression on employees.

Outdoor Games and Activities for a Company Picnic Giveaway

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Outdoor Games and Activities for a Company Picnic Giveaway,thqOutdoorGamesandActivitiesforaCompanyPicnicGiveaway

For most company picnics, outdoor games and activities are some of the most anticipated parts of the event. These not only provide entertainment but also encourage social interaction and team building. Here are some outdoor game and activity ideas that you can include in your company picnic giveaway:

Frisbee Toss

A frisbee toss can be an exciting game for all ages, and it’s easy to set up. Create a target using hula hoops or cardboard boxes with different point values. Divide the participants into teams and assign points to each hit target. You can increase the level of competition by introducing different rounds and eliminating the lowest scorers at each round.


Tug-of-war is a classic game that requires teamwork and strategy. Divide the participants into teams of equal size and strength, making sure that the rope is evenly pulled from both sides. The goal of the game is to pull the other team over the line dividing the two sides. However, if someone falls or loses their grip on the rope, they are disqualified.

Bracelet-making Station

A bracelet-making station is a creative and relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by all participants, whether working adults or their kids. Simply set up tables with different colored beads and strings. The option to create necklaces or bracelets will create less mess than other art activities and can be an enjoyable staycation-style way of feeling productive.

Three-legged Race

A three-legged race is a classic game that requires coordination and teamwork. In pairs, participants will tie one of their legs to their partner’s leg and race to the finish line. The team that reaches the finish line first wins. For an added challenge, you can incorporate obstacles such as cones or pools.

Obstacle Course Challenge

Obstacle Course Challenge can be accomplished using large, inflatable obstacles or smaller ones that you already have also with some cardboard and string. Participants can be timed or go at their own speed before being awarded prizes for their performance. They will promote fitness and also teamwork.

No Company picnic giveaway ideas of the outdoor games and activities
1 Frisbee Toss
2 Tug-of-War
3 Bracelet-making Station
4 Three-legged Race
5 Obstacle Course Challenge

DIY Giveaway Ideas

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,DIY Giveaway Ideas,thqDIYGiveawayIdeas

If you want to add a personal touch to your company picnic giveaways, consider some DIY projects that will wow your employees and their families. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Custom Tote Bags

Gifting your employees with custom tote bags is not only a thoughtful gesture, but it also provides a practical use for them. Purchase plain canvas bags and let your employees decorate them with fabric markers or iron-on transfers. Add your company logo or a fun picnic-related design to make them even more special.

2. Herb Garden Kits

Send your employees home with a kit to start their own herb garden. Include small planters, soil, and seeds or starter plants for herbs like basil, parsley, or thyme. Add a personalized note with care instructions and you have a thoughtful and eco-friendly giveaway.

3. Mason Jar S’mores Kits

A s’mores kit is a classic choice for a picnic giveaway. But take it up a notch by creating individual kits in mason jars. Layer the ingredients, including graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, and tie a ribbon or twine around the jar with instructions on how to make the perfect s’mores at home.

4. Custom Drinkware

Create personalized drinkware for your employees to enjoy all summer long. Purchase blank tumblers or water bottles and allow your employees to decorate them with paint, vinyl decals, or permanent markers. Not only will they have a useful item, but they also have a one-of-a-kind piece that reminds them of their company picnic experience.

5. Tie-Dye Kits

Capitalizing on the tie-dye trend, you can gift your employees with tie-dye kits to create their own custom shirts and fabrics. Kits typically include the dyes, gloves, and rubber bands needed to produce a variety of tie-dye patterns.

No DIY Giveaway Supplies
1 Plain canvas tote bags
2 Small planters, soil, and seeds or starter plants
3 Small mason jars and s’mores ingredients
4 Blank tumblers or water bottles
5 Tie-dye kits

Fun and Unique Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas

company-picnic-giveaway-ideas,Fun and Unique Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas,thqFunandUniqueCompanyPicnicGiveawayIdeas

Company picnics are great opportunities for team-building, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors with your colleagues. They can also be a perfect occasion to give away gifts to your employees and show how much you care. Here are some fun and unique company picnic giveaway ideas that will make your picnic more memorable:

1. Picnic Backpack

A picnic backpack is a great gift idea for a company picnic because it’s both practical and fun. You can pack up some sandwiches, salads, and drinks, grab the picnic backpack, and head out for a fun day outdoors. Your employees will appreciate this gift, and it will remind them of the wonderful time they had at the company picnic whenever they go on a picnic in the future.

2. Customized Water Bottles

A customized water bottle is not only an excellent gift but also a practical one. Your employees can use them during the company picnic and beyond. Customization also gives you the opportunity to add your company logo, slogan, or motto, which will serve as a constant reminder of the company’s brand and values.

3. Mini Table Games

If you want to gift your employees something fun and entertaining, why not go for mini table games? Tabletop games like cornhole, Jenga, and ladder toss are great options. Plus, they can be played anywhere, from a backyard to a park. You can even set up a mini-tournament during the company picnic and award the winners with a prize.

4. S’mores Kits

Who doesn’t love s’mores? Gift your employees a s’mores kit, complete with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Employees can use it during the company picnic and later at home with their friends and family. This gift idea is both delicious and practical, and your employees will thank you for it.

5. Customized Sunglasses

Customized sunglasses are not only cool but also necessary for a sunny day outdoors. You can add your company logo or slogan, and your employees will remember this gift every time they put on their sunglasses. It’s a great way to promote your brand and keep your employees happy.

6. Picnic Blankets

A picnic blanket is always a great gift idea for a company picnic. Your employees can use it to sit on during the picnic, or they can take it home for a relaxing day at the park with their family. You can even customize the picnic blankets with your company logo or slogan for an added touch!

Company Picnic Giveaway Ideas FAQ

If you’re planning a company picnic, you might be wondering what giveaways to offer your guests. Here are some frequently asked questions about company picnic giveaways and some ideas to get you started.

1. Why should I offer company picnic giveaways?

Giving away small gifts or prizes at your company picnic is a way to show appreciation for your employees and can boost morale.

2. How many giveaways should I offer?

This depends on the size of your picnic and your budget. You could offer one giveaway per person or just a few prizes for games or contests.

3. What are some affordable giveaway ideas?

Some affordable options include: koozies, water bottles, sunglasses, frisbees, and stress balls.

4. What are some more unique giveaway ideas?

You could consider personalized or branded items like: picnic blankets, phone chargers, travel mugs, or customized hats or bags.

5. How can I personalize giveaways?

You could add your company logo or the date of the picnic to items like hats, bags, or blankets. You could also create custom t-shirts for your employees to wear at the picnic.

6. What are some game or contest prize ideas?

You could offer prizes like gift cards, extra vacation days, or tickets to local attractions. You could also give out a gift basket filled with snacks or goodies.

7. Should I offer giveaways for kids too?

If you’re inviting employees’ families to the picnic, it’s a good idea to have some fun items for kids to enjoy like: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or coloring books.

8. How can I make sure everyone gets a giveaway?

You could assign someone to hand out items as guests arrive or you could have a raffle or game where everyone has an equal chance to win a prize.

9. Should I announce the giveaway winners?

It’s up to you, but announcing winners can add to the excitement and fun of the picnic.

10. How can I make sure the giveaways are fair?

If you’re doing a contest or game, make sure the rules are clear and everyone has an equal chance to win. Consider having a neutral party, like a non-employee or HR representative, to oversee the giveaway portion of the picnic.

11. What are some food-related giveaway ideas?

You could offer small jars of honey, packets of gourmet popcorn, or sets of grilling tools.

12. How can I tie the giveaway theme to the picnic theme?

If your picnic has a theme like “beach bash” or “outdoor adventure,” you could give away items like beach towels or camping gear.

13. What are some environmentally-friendly giveaway ideas?

You could offer reusable water bottles, tote bags, or bamboo utensil sets.

14. Should I ask for feedback on the giveaways?

Yes! Asking for feedback can help you improve next year’s picnic and show your employees that you value their opinions.

15. How can I make sure the giveaways are age-appropriate?

Consider offering different items for kids and adults. For example, kids might enjoy a small toy or coloring book while adults might prefer a travel mug or gift card.

16. What are some tech-related giveaway ideas?

You could offer phone/tablet stands, charging cables, or portable speakers.

17. Should I offer different giveaways for different departments or teams?

It’s up to you, but offering different items for different groups can add some friendly competition and make the giveaways more personalized.

18. What are some DIY giveaway ideas?

You could make DIY bath bombs, candles, or herb gardens.

19. How can I make the giveaways more interactive?

Consider having a scavenger hunt or “clue” game where the final prize is a special giveaway item.

20. Can I offer giveaways that promote wellness?

Yes! You could offer yoga mats, water bottles, or exercise bands.

21. What are some budget-friendly large giveaway ideas?

You could give away a company-branded bike, grill, or other large item at the end of the picnic.

22. How can I include giveaways for remote employees?

You could mail a care package or gift card to remote employees or have a remote version of a picnic game or contest with a virtual prize.

23. Should I offer a variety of giveaway options?

It’s a good idea to have a mix of items so that everyone can find something they like or can use.

24. How can I make the giveaway process run smoothly?

Make sure you have enough staff or volunteers to help with the giveaway process and have a clear plan in place for handing out items or announcing winners.

25. Should I put extra thought into the giveaway packaging?

Adding some creative packaging can make even a small giveaway feel special. Consider adding a ribbon or sticker to the item or giving it away in a small tote bag.

For some octagon picnic tables, check out Listmixer’s list of options available for purchase. Adding an octagon-shaped table can add more variety to your outdoor picnic setup.

Until Next Time, Kind Reader!

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions for company picnic giveaway ideas. Remember, your employees will appreciate a thoughtful gift that shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication to your company. By giving gifts that are functional and fun, you’ll create a positive atmosphere that fosters teamwork and camaraderie. So, next time you’re planning a company picnic, be sure to keep our ideas in mind. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again soon!

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