Rent Picnic Tables and Elevate Your Outdoor Gathering Experience

Hello Kind Reader! If you’re planning a fun-filled outdoor event with your friends and family, then you’ll most likely need to rent picnic tables. This is especially true if you anticipate a large crowd. Picnic tables are a fantastic way to bring everyone together and enjoy a meal or snack in nature. But where do you begin your search for the perfect rental picnic tables? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll guide you through the basics of renting picnic tables for your next event.

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Why Renting Picnic Tables is a Great Option for Your Event?

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Picnic tables are an essential element for any outdoor event. They provide the perfect platform for people to gather and socialize, whether it is a family picnic, corporate event, or a community festival. Many people opt to buy picnic tables for their homes, but renting picnic tables for your event is a great option for several reasons.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons to rent picnic tables is that it is cost-effective. When you purchase a picnic table, it is an investment that you may not use frequently. In contrast, renting a picnic table allows you to only pay for what you need, which means you can save money. You can rent the tables for the duration of your event and return them once you’re done. This means you don’t have to worry about storage or maintenance either.


Renting picnic tables gives you the convenience of having them delivered and picked up at your event location. No more struggling to fit large picnic tables in your vehicle or trying to lug them around. The rental company takes care of it all, giving you less hassle and more time to focus on other aspects of your event.


Another great benefit of renting picnic tables is the variety of options available. Different events require different table configurations, and rental companies cater to all the needs. You can choose from different materials, sizes, and styles to match your event. For instance, wooden picnic tables are perfect for rustic-themed events, while plastic or aluminum tables are ideal for more casual events.

Factors to Consider When Renting Picnic Tables

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Now that you’re planning to rent picnic tables, there are several factors to consider before making your final decision to ensure you get the best deal.

Event Venue

The venue of your event plays a crucial role in determining the right picnic table to rent. Consider the size and the layout of the venue to determine the number of tables you need and the table configurations that will fit correctly.

Table Material

As mentioned above, picnic tables come in different materials. Your choice of material depends on your event. For instance, wooden tables may require more maintenance, while plastic tables are lightweight and more durable.

Table Size

The size of your picnic table will depend on the number of guests you’re anticipating. Typically, standard tables can accommodate six to eight guests. However, if you need more space, it’s advisable to rent larger tables or benches.

Why Renting Picnic Tables is a Good Idea

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If you’re thinking about having an outdoor event, renting picnic tables is a great idea. Here are some reasons why:

1. Convenience

Renting picnic tables can make your event planning process much more convenient. You won’t have to worry about purchasing tables and chairs, transporting them to your event location, and then setting them up. Instead, the rental company will handle all of that for you.

2. Options

When you rent picnic tables, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are different sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from. You can also rent chairs, linens, and other accessories to make your event even more comfortable.

3. Cost-effective

Renting picnic tables can be more cost-effective than purchasing them, especially if you’re only planning on using them for one event. Buying tables and chairs can be expensive, but renting them allows you to get what you need without breaking the bank.

4. Hassle-free

Setting up tables and chairs can be a hassle, especially if you’ve never done it before. When you rent picnic tables, the rental company will set everything up for you. This means less work for you and more time to focus on other aspects of your event.

5. Professional Appearance

When you’re hosting an event, you want it to look professional and put together. Renting picnic tables can give your event a cohesive look and ensure that everyone has a place to sit and relax.

6. Easy Cleanup

When your event is over, the rental company will take care of cleaning up the tables and chairs. This means that you won’t have to worry about breaking down and transporting the tables and chairs yourself.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Many rental companies use eco-friendly and sustainable materials for their tables and chairs. By renting instead of purchasing, you’re contributing to a more sustainable environment by reducing waste and conserving resources.

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Rent Picnic Tables for Your Event

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If you’re planning an outdoor event, picnic tables are a must-have. They provide a comfortable and practical place for guests to sit and enjoy the day. However, buying picnic tables just for one event can be a waste of money. That’s why renting is an excellent option, especially if you don’t have the storage space or have infrequent events.

Advantages of Renting Picnic Tables

There are several advantages to renting picnic tables. First, it saves you money. Purchasing picnic tables can be expensive, especially if you only need them for a single event. By renting, you pay only for the tables you need. You can also choose from a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your event.

Renting picnic tables is also convenient. You don’t need to worry about storing the tables between events. This is particularly beneficial for individuals and small businesses without ample storage space. Renting also takes the hassle out of transportation, since the rental company will deliver and pick up the tables for you.

Finally, renting picnic tables is environmentally friendly. The rental company will maintain and repair the tables, so they will remain in good condition for future events. This reduces the number of tables that end up in a landfill, making it a sustainable option.

Things to Consider When Renting Picnic Tables

Before renting picnic tables, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

No Consideration
1 Location – Ensure you have enough space to place the tables. Take into account the extra area needed for people to move around comfortably.
2 Number of guests – Have an accurate idea of how many guests you will have to determine the right number of picnic tables to rent. Consider additional tables if you’re serving food and drinks.
3 Type of event – Decide the style and size of the picnic tables that will fit the theme of your event and the comfort of your guests.
4 Budget – Compare rental prices and your budget. Make sure there are no hidden costs, and everything is transparent in the contract.

Types of Picnic Tables to Rent

There are different types of picnic tables to choose from when renting:

Rectangular Picnic Tables

Rectangular picnic tables are a classic choice for outdoor events. They offer ample seating and typically feature a metal frame with wooden seats and tabletop. They’re available in different sizes and colors and come with or without an umbrella hole.

Circular Picnic Tables

Circular picnic tables are ideal for smaller groups, such as families or intimate gatherings. They’re an excellent option for hosting small events like birthday parties or family reunions. They feature a circular tabletop and seats attached to the frame.

Why Renting Picnic Tables Is a Good Idea

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When planning outdoor events, a major concern is seating. Picnic tables are a great option for seating large groups, and they provide a comfortable way for guests to dine and socialize.


Buying picnic tables can be expensive, especially if you only need them for a short period. Renting tables is a cost-effective solution, and it can save you money in the long run. Rental companies have different pricing options, including daily, weekly or monthly rates, so you only pay for the time you need.


When you rent picnic tables, you have the flexibility to choose the quantity and style of tables you need. Rental companies have a wide range of options, including traditional wooden picnic tables, round tables, and folding tables. You can also choose tables that come with attached benches or separate chairs.

Renting picnic tables is a great option for those who need an outdoor seating solution for a limited time. It is both cost-effective and flexible, offering a range of styles to suit your event needs.

Where to Rent Picnic Tables?

Where to Rent Picnic Tables?

Now that you know the benefits of renting picnic tables and the types of picnic tables to choose from, you might be wondering where to rent them. Here are some options for you:

1. Party Rental Company

Many party rental companies offer tables, chairs, decor, and tents for rent. You can check your local party rental companies and see if they have picnic tables available for rent. Some companies even offer discounts for bulk rentals or package deals for party supplies.

2. Event Venue Rental

If you’re renting an event venue for a party or celebration, they might have picnic tables available for rent as well. Check with the venue coordinator to see if they have table rentals or if they can recommend any party rental companies that they’ve worked with before.

3. Hardware or Home Improvement Store

Some hardware or home improvement stores offer rentals for small tools, equipment, and outdoor furniture. You can check with your local store to see if they have picnic tables available for rent. This option might be more suitable for small outdoor gatherings or DIY home projects.

4. Online Rental Marketplace

Online rental marketplaces like RentMyItems or Fat Llama allow individuals or businesses to rent out their belongings to others. You can search for picnic table rentals in your area and see if there are any available for rent. Be sure to read the item description, rental terms, and ratings before renting from someone online.

5. Local Park or Community Center

Some local parks or community centers might have picnic tables available for public use or rent. Check with your local park or community center office to see if they have any picnic table rental options, reservation requirements, or restrictions on use.

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Important Note:

When renting picnic tables from someone, make sure to inspect the condition of the tables and agree on the rental terms, such as delivery or pick-up time, rental period, deposit, and liability agreement. Keep a copy of the agreement and contact information of the renter for future reference.

Choose the Perfect Picnic Table for Your Event

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If you’re hosting an outdoor event, be it a wedding, family reunion, or corporate event, you’ll want to ensure you choose the perfect picnic table. Below are some tips to assist you:

Consider the Event’s Theme

When choosing the ideal picnic table for your event, it’s important to consider the pattern and color scheme that will go along with your event theme. Buying or renting tables of a similar color to your chosen theme adds a touch of elegance. However, you should also take into consideration the durability of the table, which is why most event planners prefer wooden tables. They are visually appealing, but also sturdy.

Table Shape and Size

There is a wide variety of picnic table shapes and sizes in the market. You should choose a shape and size that best fits your event layout. Rectangular, round, and square shaped tables are popular, depending on the event’s style.

When it comes to size, you should choose tables that will accommodate all your guests easily. If you are renting tables, you should also consider the size of the vehicle that you’ll be using to transport them to the event location.

Rent Picnic Tables for Corporate events

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If you’re planning a company picnic or outdoor team-building event, renting picnic tables can be a smart decision. Not only will it provide an area for your employees to relax and socialize, but it will also make your event look professional and well organized. There are several different styles and sizes of picnic tables available for rent, so you’re sure to find something that will meet your specific needs.

What to consider when renting picnic tables for corporate events

When renting picnic tables for a corporate event, there are a few factors to consider to make sure you get the most out of your rental. First, consider the number of attendees you expect at your event. You’ll want to make sure you have enough seating to accommodate everyone comfortably. Next, think about the style of picnic table you want to rent. Do you prefer rectangular tables or circular ones? Finally, consider the location of your event and whether you’ll need to rent additional items like tents or trash cans.

Benefits of renting picnic tables for corporate events

There are several benefits to renting picnic tables for corporate events. First, it provides a convenient space for employees to gather and socialize. This can be especially helpful for team-building events. Additionally, it creates a professional and organized look for your event. Finally, renting picnic tables can actually be more cost-effective than purchasing them outright, particularly if you only need them for occasional events.

Rent Picnic Tables FAQ

Everything you need to know about renting picnic tables for your next outdoor event.

1. How do I rent picnic tables?

You can generally rent picnic tables from party rental companies, event venues, and parks departments. Start by contacting your local rental companies or parks department and inquire about their rental policies and availability.

2. How much does it cost to rent picnic tables?

The cost of renting picnic tables can vary depending on several factors, such as the location, quantity, and duration of the rental. On average, tables can cost anywhere from $10 to $40 each.

3. How many people can fit at a picnic table?

A standard picnic table can usually seat six to eight people comfortably. Keep in mind the size of your guests and make sure there is plenty of elbow room at each table.

4. Can I rent tablecloths or other decorations with my picnic tables?

Some rental companies may offer tablecloths or other decorations for an additional fee. Be sure to ask about these options when inquiring about picnic table rentals.

5. Do I need to rent chairs as well?

Most picnic tables have built-in seating, but you may need to rent additional chairs if you have more guests than tables available. Consider renting a few extra chairs to ensure everyone is comfortable.

6. Can I pick up the picnic tables myself?

It depends on the rental company’s policies. Some companies may require delivery and pickup for liability reasons. Others may allow you to pick up the tables yourself, but be sure to have a large enough vehicle to transport them safely.

7. How far in advance should I rent my picnic tables?

It’s best to reserve your tables as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. Peak rental times, such as holidays and summertime, may require even more advanced notice.

8. What happens if it rains?

You should have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Some rental companies may offer weather-related cancellation policies or allow you to reschedule for a later date.

9. Can I decorate the picnic tables myself?

Most rental companies allow you to decorate the tables yourself, but be sure to ask about any restrictions such as candles or open flames.

10. Is there a minimum rental duration?

It depends on the rental company’s policies. Some may require a minimum rental duration of several hours or a full day.

11. Are there different types of picnic tables available?

Yes, there are several types of picnic tables available, such as traditional wooden tables, plastic tables, and folding tables. Choose the type that best suits your event and needs.

12. Can I request a specific table layout?

Most rental companies will work with you to create a layout that works best for your event, such as long rows of tables or round tables.

13. How do I ensure the picnic tables are clean before my event?

Most rental companies will clean the tables before delivery, but it’s a good idea to inspect them yourself once they arrive. If they need additional cleaning, you can use soap and water or a disinfectant spray.

14. What are the delivery and pickup policies?

Make sure you understand the delivery and pickup policies before renting your tables. Some companies may charge extra fees for delivery or require a minimum order for delivery.

15. Can I cancel my rental?

Most rental companies have cancellation policies, so be sure to ask about these policies before reserving your tables. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case of unexpected changes or cancellations.

16. What happens if a picnic table gets damaged during my event?

You may be responsible for any damage or replacement costs. Be sure to discuss damages and liability policies with the rental company.

17. Can I rent picnic tables for a park or public space?

Many parks and public spaces have picnic tables available for public use, but you may also be able to rent additional tables for your event. Check with your local parks department for availability and rental policies.

18. How do I know how many picnic tables I need?

A good rule of thumb is to seat six to eight guests per table. Consider the number of guests you have and the size of your event space to determine how many tables you’ll need.

19. What if I’m not there when the rental company delivers the picnic tables?

Make sure you arrange for someone to be available to accept the delivery and confirm that the tables are in good condition. Some rental companies may charge additional fees if they have to come back for another delivery attempt.

20. Can I move the picnic tables during my event?

Most rental companies prefer that you keep the tables in one location for liability reasons. If you do need to move the tables, make sure you do so safely and with the help of several people.

21. Are there any safety guidelines I need to follow when using picnic tables?

Make sure the tables are set up on a level surface and that they are stable and secure. Have guests sit facing outward to avoid tipping. Follow any additional safety guidelines recommended by the rental company.

22. Do I need to provide my own trash cans?

Most rental companies will not provide trash cans, but you should make sure to have plenty of trash and recycling bins available for your guests.

23. How do I pay for my picnic table rental?

Payment policies can vary by rental company. Some may require a deposit or full payment in advance, while others may accept payment at the time of delivery or pickup.

24. What if I need additional tables or chairs during my event?

If you find that you need additional tables or chairs during your event, contact the rental company to see if they have any available for rent. Keep in mind that additional fees may apply.

25. What should I do if I have additional questions or concerns about my rental?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact the rental company for more information. They should be happy to answer any questions and ensure that your rental experience is a positive one.

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Until Next Time, Kind Reader!

We hope you found this article informative and helpful in planning your next outdoor gathering. Renting picnic tables is a cost-effective and convenient option that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about seating arrangements. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your party rental needs. Thank you for reading and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our website soon!

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